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Unlike some of our awesome staff, I am not as fortunate to make it to conventions solely dedicated to Supernatural, so I must resign myself to the more local geeky affairs. This does allow me to go on a quest, however.  Finding Supernatural collectibles and cosplayers at a convention dedicated to it is easy, but finding them at a general con?  That's when you start feeling like you're Sam or Dean, hunting things in the shadows...things that most people don't even know exist. Well, that's not completely true. There are some instances of Supernatural love out there but it's pretty hard to find among the more popular superhero craze. Still, I ended up with some really great stuff that I want to share with you, including web site information in case you want to get some of these for yourself, plus some priceless pictures of great Supernatural costumes!

Ironically at this year's FandomFest I ended up finding a bit less than at the smaller Derby City con.  It makes one wonder ... FF has been pretty good at getting fairly big name stars (Karl Urban this year!), yet Supernatural can't get ANYONE from its family to come by?  Come on guys, it's a 10 year old show, get some reoccuring guest stars into town already!

First though, it's no secret that I love Firefly almost as much as Supernatural (hmm... maybe I should change my username to Malcom Winchester) so I just had to share this pic of the cutest Kaylee since Jewel Staite.

I like to think Jayne loaned her his hat because he's such a softie at heart.

Now I know I promised once that I would try and get everything SPN related at a con.  Well one vendor made me break my promise - the evil, wicked, $10 & Under!  As you can see on their fledgling website, they had almost everything with SPN on it.  No lighters though, which was a shame.  However I was tickled to get a "demon hunting kit".  Yeah, I know it has a slight canon violation with the "key to heaven & hell" but the rest of it just hit that fandom nerve.  Also gotten:

The license plates were by Celebrity Machines and I've been bugging them for the Kansas one since LAST year's Fandomfest.  Now all I need is an impala...

I also got this poster:

Though how it got from the artist to the vendor I bought it from is... a mystery.
(the maker admits doing it in a hurry which is how I think Sam's height got messed up)

Also this:

And yes, that is a matching bumper sticker AND button with it!

Now for the sightings!  First up only two Croatoan infectees were located even though that dark day was the first day of the con.

But we did have an angel infestation about.  Our crack team of hunters (me, myself and I) did put in effort to confirm that these were true angels since Constantine is coming out soon (will a turf war break out between Cas and Con eventually?) and all did agree.

First up we not only have a Castiel, but a Bobby too!

(actually that may explain why there were so few Croatoans)

I'm calling this the S10 Cas since she's wearing the single-button coat of latest seasons with the white-wings which to my headcanon symbolize rebirth and new life which (I'm hoping) Cas will find then.

If Jimmy's daughter grew up then was taken over (again) by Castiel, I think she'd look like:

(I'd hate to be any demon on the wrong side of that death stare)

This Cas once slipped by me on the escalator but we found them again.

(I actually hope the SPN crew take a hint and really give Castiel a little pink backpack to carry around next season.)

Lastly, our winner for "best prop" is this fan:

Yep, she brought along a mini-burger.

(and some greatly-made wings)

Finally, I have to give a general fan award to:

(apologies for the bluriness, phone was dying on me)

Yes our 2nd Croatoan infectee, wearing a SPN shirt AND a devil's trap skirt.

As cosplay goes, she was the best of all of us!

Great touch all and please allow The WFB to give a hearty salute to all the distant members of our Supernatural Family!

Get any new ideas from these great costumes? Have any other leads on web sites or vendors that specialize in Supernatural gear? PIck up anything cool lately? Share your favorites with the rest of us so we can build up our collections!


# NOLANOLA 2014-08-10 15:36
This is just adorable. Why you hiding NATE? :) A baby as a shield. for shame, for shame :P
Nate Winchester
# Nate Winchester 2014-08-14 10:26
I don't actually exist, that's why you can't see me in any pictures. ;)
# LEAH 2014-08-10 16:08
I loved the pink backpack! I think the whole cast should wear them actually. Very handy for weapons. :D The costumes are pretty great. Thanks for sharing Nate.
C.E. Martin
# C.E. Martin 2014-08-13 22:40
So how many Supernatural fans are there in Louisville? I'm across the river in sunny Southern Indiana...
Nate Winchester
# Nate Winchester 2014-08-14 10:26
Hi CE! No idea. Myself and Tanya Hill (as seen on twitter) are two that I know of. Not sure if any of the angels above are natives or commuted to the con that day. Guess we need to figure out some way to put out a call. XD