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(Photo of Jared and Jensen courtesy of Fangasm)

This past Sunday, I was fortunate enough to attend Q and A sessions for both Jared and Jensen in Washington D.C. (my neck of the woods).  It’s a little treat I give myself, and since I only bought a Sunday general admission ticket this year, I decided to go for it.  Here are the highlights of those sessions - AKA a general summary with no direct quotes so the Creation Meet and Greet Police don’t come after me.

The Meet and Greets are always (at least for the cons I have attended) sandwiched in between the photo ops, so that part of the day is quite the whirlwind of activity.  Getting to everything on time is exciting and nerve-racking at the same time.

Jared’s Q and A was first, and as always, we drew numbers to see where we would sit.  It doesn’t really matter, though, because every seat is a good one.  Even so, a fan in the first row switched seats with another in the second, so that girl could sit next to her best friend (who she met through a love of Supernatural), which was a very sweet thing for the first fan to do.

There’s a palpable excitement in the air when sitting and waiting for the cast member right before the Q and A starts.  Sunday was no different, and everyone was smiling when Jared bounced through the door, waving cheerfully at all of us.   

Jared was his usual bubbly self.  He seems to like to chat for a while before taking questions.  He talked about the fun activities he did with Gen and his boys after coming to D.C. a bit early.  He was asked about his kids, and he told us some cute stories, including Tom’s adorable mispronunciations and love of the movie Frozen, and Shep’s insatiable hunger, because apparently, he’s already built like his daddy.   

It was very endearing that any time someone said something about parenting that Jared didn’t want to hear (it doesn’t get easier, teens want nothing to do with their parents), Jared would put his hands over his hears and sing LaLaLaLa to escape from listening (and that doesn’t count as a direct quote!).  It made us laugh every time he did it.  

A question was asked, in light of the recent NY Times article, what Jared thought the secret of Supernatural lasting for so long was, and Jared credited the fans’ support and investment with the show’s unusual longevity, as well as the theme of the human struggle in the backdrop of a supernatural world.  He and Jensen weren’t sure how the article would be perceived because they were both joking when being interviewed, and to their surprise, the writer printed some of the jokes, but he was assured by us that the article was received very well by fans.   

Jared is always vocal about his appreciation of the fans, and he was here as well, marveling at how rare such a reciprocal relationship between fans and those that make the show (writers, producers, actors and crew) is, and how wonderful it’s been.

Someone asked about nightmare auditions, and Jared has had a bunch, including having to read for a part when the casting people were distracted.  The gist of the answer was the whole process is difficult, often because of logistics, but also because in reality, an actor is being judged on the spot, which always feels uncomfortable.

Jared also spoke eloquently of how if his legacy as an actor was Supernatural (versus big movies, awards, or things of that nature), then he would be content and proud.  After 10 years of making fans happy, I can safely say I think everyone in that room agreed.   

Speaking of movies, the subject of a Supernatural movie was brought up.  It sounds like something that could very well be brought to fruition, which is very exciting.  The characters and story would be able to be explored in a unique way, so we’ll have to wait for word on that.

It was asked if Jared would lend his vocals to an upcoming friend’s album.  This may actually come to pass, so from the sound of it, some exciting things may be on the horizon for Supernatural fans.  

Jared is so open and talkative when answering questions (and adorably, one story often leads to another…), that there was only time for a few questions to be asked.  So way too soon, Jared thanked us and left the room, blowing us kisses on his way out.

Time with Jensen

Jensen’s Q and A was in the afternoon, and after not having had the time to ask Jared anything, I was armed and ready with my Jensen question.  He walked in, looking relaxed – and yes, very stunning.  He took questions right away.  The first inquired about the difference between playing hero Dean and a darker side of Dean (like when influenced by the Mark of Cain).  It seems he thinks both are interesting, and the key is to find the common denominator in both of those versions, so Dean is still Dean regardless of what else is surfacing.   

Another question was asked regarding the evolution of the Mark of Cain storyline (that for fans it was sometimes hard to wait for the visible signs of its progression), and if Jensen himself thought it was explored to a desirable extent.  Jensen responded that these last few episodes will really delve into its effects, so that movement is definitely coming.

More questions were asked continuing on the MOC storyline, and Jensen likened the desire for power that was stemming from the Mark analogous to a heroin addiction in that it manifested itself in an overwhelming craving that once felt, was extremely difficult to conquer.   

A fan asked what storyline hasn’t been done that Jensen would like to see explored.  Jensen would enjoy a plot about John (and have him somehow return), but the odds of that happening aren’t very good.  I loved that Jensen inquired to the same fan, asking her opinion on what storyline she wanted to see.  He did that in the panel (regarding favorite episodes) as well.

Keeping on the topic of John, a fan asked whether Dean eventually becoming like his father would be a tragedy in Dean’s eyes.  The gist of the answer was that early on in the series, Dean had idolized his dad, but later came to realize that his father was only human.  Dean had to come to terms with his dad giving his life for the cause (and for his son).  Ultimately, Dean hadn’t resented his dad for anything, so even if he did eventually become like his father, the lack of resentment precluded it from being a tragedy in Dean’s eyes.

Someone was curious about what question Jensen had never been asked in an interview that he wished he had been asked.  Jensen joked that there were some questions he has been asked that he wishes he hadn’t.  One came to mind regarding an unanswerable question about his family.

I asked if Jensen could say anything about where the brothers’ relationship is headed in the last remaining episodes.  It seems the central issue will be how far Dean will be willing to go with the Mark, and how much it will worry Sam.  Also, just as Dean was troubled by not being able to protect his brother in Season Four (regarding the demon blood), and ended up having to put him on lock down – even though he never stopped loving him, Sam will feel the same way, and we’ll see that play out.  To digress, this makes me very excited for the season finale.  One more thing that makes me excited is Jensen’s own response after reading the season finale script.  I won’t quote it, but it was surprised. 

It was asked where Dean is at regarding Sam’s accusations in “The Purge,” and it was surmised that it probably initially played a role in Dean’s actions regarding the MOC, and that it may be addressed again in upcoming episodes.   

Someone asked about Jensen letting the work go at the end of the day, or if he takes Dean home with him.  Jensen sometimes unconsciously says something reminiscent of Dean, but it’s more often just feeling fatigue at the end of the day – be it from long working hours, shooting several action scenes, or from emotionally weighty material. 

Someone inquired about his daughter, and Jensen graciously showed us a picture of J.J. on his phone, walking around the room so everyone could see it.  He was also happy to share some short, cute stories about her with us.   

A fan praised Jensen’s ability to capture the emotional tone of a scene, and Jensen discussed finding just the right nuances (and how Kim Manners would look for that) during filming. Sometimes Jared and Jensen will find it after a few takes, and will roll again to capture the extra look, beat, or whatever it is that makes the scene come alive.

The last question inquired about antics on set with Misha, (that a certain author was privy to).  Jensen gave us the rundown on what happened, which was basically messing with Misha so much that he couldn’t get any of his dialogue out.     

With that, Jensen thanked us and left the room.  He was forthcoming and earnest in his answers, and I must say, the direct eye contact with you the whole time he answers your question is very nice.

I hope you enjoyed this look into the Q and A sessions with Jared and Jensen.  If you ever wondered if you should bid on one, they’re a worthy splurge that make a con extra memorable.  


# Lauren 2014-05-06 00:49
Thank you so much for the write-up. This was wonderful. The meet and greets are always the best part of the con. And you're right about how Jensen always makes direct eye contact when answering your questions. He seems to want to make sure everyone walks away satisfied and happy. Now you've got me so curious about that finale script he was talking about and his reaction to it! It must be a hell of a finale! I wonder if the Mark storyline will be resolved by the end or if there'll be something we didn't expect happening and it ends up carried over til next year.
# Marie 2014-05-06 01:29
Every time I read pieces of Jared's M&G s , I adore him even more if that's possible ! Love how friendly and informal his M&G sessions go and i don't think I will ever get tired of hearing or reading from him talk so lovingly about his family :) The other thing that constantly amazes me is his gratitude and positive mention of fans in every interview he's ever done ! ( like the recent NY Times article ) He also referred to Supernatural as his legacy and something that he's greatly proud which I want to agree wholeheartedly ! The 10 years running show and his amazing performance as a lead character on it is such a huge success in Jared's career , however i think he's so talented and certainly will do big movie roles after the show ending !
Thank you for the report and sharing the experience of a quite private meeting with fans like me on the other side of the planet ;)
# Mariepop 2014-05-07 06:45
Thank you so much for doing this kind of report for us. Because I could never live it live because, I do not understand enough English and I do pourais ever go to a convention, they do not in France. I'm happy for you and even a little jealous. Thank you.