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(Photo courtesy of Fangasm)

Anyone that's ever read Bardicvoice's tweets from a Supernatural con knows that she is very thorough with her information!  She tweets live from all the panels and events and always has plenty of great information to share.  Bardicvoice is at Salute to Supernatural in Washington D.C. the entire weekend and here, thanks to Storify, is all her tweets from Friday's events.  

Richard Speight Jr. (The Trickster/Gabriel) is the weekend host (as he is for all the cons), and Rob Benedict's band Louden Swain (aka Elastic Waste Band) is the house band for the weekend.  Friday panel guests were Kim Rhodes, Osric Chau, Corin Nemec, Gil McKinney (at his very first con), and Chad Lindberg.  Plus there's the very infamous Karaoke hosted by Richard and Matt Cohen.  

Below are all of Bardicvoice's tweets from the day.  The first day of the con was certainly an event!