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(Photo courtesy of K Brady)

Day Three: Sunday October 13th

Destination:  Westin Harbour Castle Convention Centre

Welcome to Day Three of Superstock (Supernatural Woodstock).

With most of the panels I have only put responses from questions being asked. With so much going on and at times being so captivated by the guest stars I sometimes forgot to take notes. So I don’t have anything word for word or have all the questions.

I woke up to a rainy day, but it didn’t dampen my spirits as it was J’s Day today.  I was very excited but also nervous because I had a Sandwich Picture with them. 

YIKES! What was I thinking when I bought that ticket?

My daughter helped me get ready, made sure my hair and the outfit that she helped me assemble looked good. Believe me I needed the help.

The Sandwich Pictures started at 11:45am so I didn’t have to be there until 11:30am.

I was stunned when I first went into the Theatre. All weekend there were so many of the general admission seats empty. Today every seat was filled. The place was packed.  I went to my seat and talked to my seating friends. We discussed how nervous we were getting with the pictures. The Nurse had done her Jensen picture and said how nervous she was and that some girls had gotten weepy over meeting Jensen.   I mentioned that I was worried I was going to back out of the picture. I could see myself being next in line and turning around and walking right back out

The 17 year old volunteered to take the picture with them for me. We all laughed.

She didn’t have any picture tickets as she couldn’t afford them. I told her I’d have her come in with me but I didn’t think it was aloud. However I was informed that the ticket did allow two per ticket. The only thing was they only printed out one copy of the picture. To get another print you had to go online and pay 10 dollars. I turned to her and asked if she wanted to go in with me. She kind of had that ‘Deer in the Headlight’ look before she finally asked if I was serious. I told her I was very serious, so she said yes. She decided she wanted to change and came back in her Castiel costume.

It wasn’t long before our ticket was called up. We stood in line for about 15-20 before we were outside the room where the pictures were being taken. When it was our turn to enter the room I was in awe of seeing both Jared and Jensen. They looked so surreal for me. When it was our turn my young friend asked if she could be next to Jensen. I told her she could. So it was Jared, me, my friend and Jensen. Jared asked me how I was doing, I told him fine and I asked how they were surviving. He said they were doing great. We then had the picture taken and as we left I thanked them. We then left the room. We both headed back to the theatre.


Richard came out to announce our first panelist Heywood Jalblowmie otherwise known as

Rob Benedict

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(Photo courtesy of K Brady)

Rob came out and greeted us all. He then explained how he was named Heywood. When actors are staying at a hotel they will give them an alias so they can keep their privacy. Richard had picked Rob’s alias and has told him what it was. When Rob went to the hotel and gave his alias he struggled a bit with the last name until he realized what he was actually saying. Heywood Jalblowmie was ‘Hey wood Ja blow me’.

Another time at one of the Conventions Rob had a Class Reunion going on in the same town. So he informed Creations boss Stephanie that he would be offsite for a bit. Richard had overheard this and when Rob was gone, he had Stephanie give him her phone. He called Rob as Stephanie saying ‘Where are you? The Convention is running late, Jensen is ready to walk out’. So Rob races back all apologetic only to find out it was a joke.

Richard them commented “Could you imagine if Rob ran into Jensen. He would have been all ‘sorry man don’t walk’ and Jensen would have been ‘What are you talking about.“

The following is responses to the questions being asked by the audience.

Rob finds acting harder than making music.

His favourite song to perform is ‘Medicated’ and he likes his new song ‘Eskimo’

He is overwhelmed by the fandom; he can’t describe it to others. He thinks it’s great.

He believes Chuck reads all the fan fiction but he himself does not.

Apparently during the Cocktail Party he was asked when he was going to sing, he had responded with ‘Ask me again Sunday’. It was pointed out that this was Sunday. So Rob sang a verse of one of his songs.

(I had never heard his music before, He’s really good.)

Rob’s not sure why things didn’t work out with Becky. He said that he has done a couple of Conventions with Emily. They will joke on stage like they are still together. When Emily talks about how wonderful it was to work with Jared, Rob will intervene and say ‘Hey I’m right here.’

Just as the next person was to ask a question a voice with a British accent came over the micro phone dragging out a question. Next thing Richard, Misha and Ty came out on stage and lifted Rob off the ground and had him upside down a few seconds. They joked with him and talked about their time in Rome when they had a few drinks. Rob was taunting Ty and Ty finally put Rob in a head lock. Rob’s safe word became ‘Banana Hammock’.   

Richard explained how Ty got his nickname ‘Silver Back’. Apparently in Rome they escort Ty had was trying to get Ty into the green room as his panel was coming up. Ty was sitting in the bar and wanted to finish his drink. Of course he kept ordering more. So his escort finally tells him that there is Vodka in the green room. Richard then mimics Ty as being a huge Ape. ‘Where’s Vodka, suppose to be Vodka here.’

So he was named after the Silver Back Gorilla. 

Ty and Misha leave so Rob can get back to his panel.

Rob is currently working on a movie called ‘Sidekick’ and is also working on a new Album.

Rob tells a story when he was at the Perth Australia Convention with Richard. This girl was overwhelmed meeting Richard. Rob was just standing there quietly when Richard told the girl that Rob hated Perth. Rob was like ‘I never said that, I love Perth!’

Since it was the Canadian Thanksgiving Rob said he was thankful for his family and kids, his 18years of marriage, being here and being alive.

His ringtone is ‘Talking Heads song Once in a life time.’

He was 16 when he decided he wanted to act.

With him always getting picked on by the guys he does sometimes think of ways to get them back.

Get in the odd zinger. However he just lets them have their fun. He thinks it great. His brother is 6’4” so he’s use to being picked on.

If he could do a prank without getting retaliation he would do a ‘pantsing’.

Richard then came out to tell us Robs Panel was over.


Richard came out to introduce the next panel Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki.


(Photo courtesy of PKayla.  All her great Toronto Con photos can be found here:

The guys came out and greeted everyone. Jared was amazed by the size of the room and took pictures of the audience.

They sat down and started doing the questions right away.

Q- What is your opinion of John Winchesters parenting now that you’re both fathers?

Jared – Jokes ‘It sucked.’

Jensen – Feels he was a good father, he did what he could.

Q- What’s it like looking back from you first meeting each other.

Jensen - They met during the rehearsal. Usually during rehearsals there will be 3 to 5 others in the waiting room, but this time it was just him and Jared. They were both called in to read and after that, they were told to go back into the waiting room. After a few moments they were called back in. When they went in the staff started applauding and congratulating them on getting the roles.

Usually they have to wait to hear from their agents to find out if they have the job or not. This time it was them calling their agents to let them know they had it.

Q – In the French Mistake Jared owned a Alpaca would he want one?

Jared – He would love to own one.

Q – Are you happy with where the characters are going?

Both said they were.

Jared said he and Misha were discussing this year and both feel it’s going to be really, really good.

Q – Sam has the nickname of ‘Moose’ but Dean doesn’t have one.

Jared – Sure he does it’s ‘Squirrel’.

(Photo courtesy of PKayla)

The look on Jensen’s face was priceless. He was far from impressed with this nickname.

Q – What are you dressing the kids up for Halloween?

Jared – Thomas is going as a dinosaur. Apparently he hates it, because the costume covers his hands.

He doesn’t like anything on his hands. Jared and Jensen started demonstrating, Thomas’s reaction when Jared was trying to get a picture of Thomas in the costume.  Jared is walking backwards trying to take a picture while Jensen has his hands up crying as he’s walking towards Jared.  It was quite funny to watch.

Q - For Jared ‘What do you do for your hair’

Jared – Anything that is available. Today he used Hotel shampoo.

He wears a toque (cap) year round to keep his hair down.

Q – What was your favourite death?

Jared – Pipe through the stomach.

Jensen – death by tacos

Q – For Jensen ‘did he receive any advice from Jared about being a dad’

Jensen – Basically if he had a boy ensure to put TP on the PP. But since he had a girl he didn’t need to use it.

Q – What are their feelings of the MOL

Jared – Sam is now finally apart of something. Sam sees it as a place of business, where Dean sees it as a home, a security he has never felt.

Q- Supernatural set is known for being more lax and with its pranks. What’s it like for new people to the set.

Jensen – One lady found it hard because they were all joking around and when the director yelled action they all immediately got serious and into their roles. The lady was like “Who are you guys?” She found it difficult to switch into character like that.

Q- What is their favourite thing about Toronto?

Jared – Loves Toronto, he stayed here when filming “That Movie” that Jensen likes to tease him about.

Q- Any other shows would they like to play in.

Jared – Doesn’t watch a lot of TV so couldn’t come up with an answer

Jensen – Would like to play Dean in Gilmore Girls. Would’ve liked to have done an episode in Seinfeld.

Q- What are their ringtones?


(Photo courtesy of PKayla)

Both just have the generic tones. When filming they are on vibrate.

Both tested their phones. Jared sounded like an old video game tune. 

Q – What is 5 dollar Friday?

They have something like a Swear Jar. Each week they pull a name to get the monies that were collected through the week.

Q – Which would they prefer do a movie for DC or Marvel Comics

Jensen – Whichever one was willing to hire him.

Q- If Supernatural was real who would scare them the most

Jared – Lucifer

Jensen – Death

Q- What would you want to be doing if you were not acting?

Jensen – Loves the sea, possibly a fisherman

Jared – To be a teacher. His mother was/is a teacher.

Someone yelled out A Stripper! The guys had a good laugh over that.

Q- What would they like to take with them when the show ends?

Jared – When they took down Bobby’s home he had taken they owls that sat on the fire place.

Apparently Jim Beaver wanted it, so Jared gave it to him.

Jensen – Said he wanted Dean’s pistol but the studio can’t give it to him because it is a real gun, so he’s having an identical one made.

Q – How do they want the show to end?


(Photo courtesy of PKayla)

Jensen – related a dream he had about the show ending. Sam apparently has died indefinitely. There is no bringing him back. Dean is driving along the road and pulls over. A stranger on a motor cycle pulls up beside him. They chat for a bit and then Dean hands the stranger the keys to the Impala and the guy give Dean the keys to the bike.  They both drive off in opposite directions.

Jared – The boys both need to die. If they are alive then they should be hunting.

Q – How do Sam and Dean dig the perfect graves?

Jensen – They apparently laugh over that too.

Q – Biggest pet peeves?

Jared – These new wave bathroom doors in hotels. They are like saloon doors they don’t close from top to bottom.

Jensen – people that text and drive.

Q – Dean has really close relationship, why doesn’t Sam

Jared – Sam does not really want to be in this life and doesn’t want to let people down, like how Cas not liking Sam because of the Devil thing.

Q – Dean doesn’t have anything happen to him.

Jensen – Deans protects and is a guide. Sam and Dean are Hans Solo and Luke Skywalker.

Q – What characteristics are the same as their characters?

Jared – He likes to do research like Sam.

Jensen – He will ask Jared about things like Dean ask Sam for information.


(Photos courtesy of PKayla)

Richard then reluctantly came out to tell us the Panel was over.

04:40 Autographs started for Jensen and Jared.

Rows A were called for Jensen and B called for Jared. When each was done they would go to the other side. 

Jensen line went lot faster than Jared’s so each row called after that, were to go to Jensen first
It was a good hour before my row was called for Jensen. 

I had brought a printout of a poem I had written called ‘Ode to the Metallicar’ for Jensen to sign. I was going to put it in the back of a picture of the brothers in the Impala.


(Photo courtesy of PKayla)

When it was my turn, I was surprised to see Jensen actually taking the time to read it. He then motioned me to a part of the poem. Apparently I had the engine size wrong. I apologized and said that I hang my head in shame. He signed it and said that I could probably fix it. I decided to leave it as is. I figured it went this long without anyone ever noticing, so what the hell. The important thing was Jensen not only signed it but read it.

I thanked him and wished him a safe trip home.

I then went into Jared’s line. For him I was having him sign a poem I had wrote called ‘Ode to Custos’, it was about “The Paisley Pearl”. Now if you’re wondering what the Paisley Pearl is, I’ll explain.

A few years ago Alice had held a contest for naming the shirt that Sam used to wear a lot. It was the white one with the purple Paisley design on it. I had submitted the name I picked with a poem.

With this signed poem I was putting in back of a picture of Jared/Sam wearing the shirt.


(Photo of Jared mimicking Jensen's nickname of "squirrel" taken by PKayla)

I finally reached the point where I had full view of Jared signing. The next person to have their article signed leaned over and started talking to Jared. I was looking around and then noticed that the line hadn’t moved yet. I noticed the same woman was still with Jared. He was signing the article that she had given him, he then stood up and signed her arm. When she was ready to leave he told her to hold on for a second. He then proceeded to take his plaid shirt off, leaving him with just his black T-shirt. The woman was so taken by his actions she was near sobbing when leaving. I don’t know what obstacles or tribulations this woman had been through but whatever it had been had touched Jared so deeply that he literally gave her the shirt off his back. I was in total AWE of this man. There’s a line in one of my favourite movies “Your men love you, if I knew nothing else about you that would be enough.” I felt the exact same for Jared at that moment, I wanted to go and give him a hug.

When it was my turn he took a quick look at my poem and signed it. I thanked him and wished him a safe trip and then left.

We had a bit of time before the next panel so I went and visited Sylvie. We talked about the J’s and our experiences. We said goodbye as we may not get a chance later.


Richard came out to announce the last and final panel, Jim Beaver.

He asked us to give the same reception as we did yesterday.

When Jim came out he received a standing ovation.

The following is responses to the questions being asked by the audience.

Jim would like to die by old age possibly killed in his 90’s by a jealous husband.

Mary Poppins was his inspiration of his role of Bobby.

He doesn’t share with Bobby’s paternal feelings towards Jared and Jensen. He feels more like best buddies. 

The easiest people to work with, was Kim Rhodes and Carrie Fleming.

Working with Stephen Williams was fun but was never sure what he was going to say as he didn’t always follow the script.

Working with Jared, Jensen and Misha was really fun to work with except for Fridays as the vino tends to flow before they wrap.

Doing serious scenes with Jared standing off screen could be difficult.

He had fun kissing Kim Rhodes but not so much with Mark.

If he could pull any prank it would be to Jared, payback. But he doesn’t do pranks he tends to cling to some professionalism.

The only life lessons Bobby learned from Sam and Dean was not to have any kids. He was just kidding.

Bobby went from not wanting any kids to being a father figure with the boys.

In ‘My heart will go on’ was the first time Jim ever saw the show consider having Bobby and Ellen together in a relationship.

Jim believes the real Bobby would have wanted Sam to fight for his life and not give in.

When asked what his Thanksgiving meal should not be without. He had to think about it.

He said if he was still married it would be fighting with the in-laws. 

He commented that Canadians don’t even know when Thanksgiving is. 

He finally decided on Dr. Pepper.

Jim didn’t know they were killing Bobby off until he got the script. He wasn’t impressed but he did get a great episode and a season on Justified. However he would have traded off the episode to still kick Winchester ass. He figures he will return by Season 13 and 14.

To pick his favourite kind of scenes to shoot he would pick drama over comedy

Rob came out to lets us know the panel was over instead of Richard. Richard followed shortly after saying the Convention was over and thanked everyone for being there.

I said my goodbyes to most of my seating friends as they had picked up their pictures already. 

I went and pickup my photo and gave my friend the serial number she would need to get her copy, we said goodbye and I left.

I just want to say that I love Supernatural, not only the show itself but the people that have been a part of it, both past and present.

Seeing the friendship and camaraderie that has developed between these actors simply amazes me.

Most of them never met or worked with each other until they did a convention together. 

But watching them on stage you’d think they have been together since The Pilot.

On top of that the people I met during this event, being able to share our views, our love for the show and the actors and also sharing a bit about ourselves has been wonderful. 

This experience truly was my own piece of Woodstock.

 Thank you all for reading and I hope you enjoyed it.

Cheers, Peace and Love!


A big thanks to K Brady and PKayla who offered their photos to us for this report.


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# BookLady 2013-11-01 21:29
Thanks for the article, Karen! I love hearing about convention experiences!

Thanks also for your kindness to your 17 year old friend. You gave her an unforgettable lifelong memory, I'm sure. It's great to see this side of the fandom.

Next time you see Jared, you might let him know that his generosity and kindness inspires you and I'll bet you'll make his day, especially after he's heard a story of trauma. He may just hug you!

Thanks again!
# Karen 2013-11-03 09:31
Hi BookLady
Thank you for your kind words. I too love reading peoples experiences at these conventions.
I know this fandom’s behavior can be questionable at times as there will always be some bad apples in the bushel.
But on the whole there is definitely a lot of good out there.
If I should ever get a chance to meet up with Jared again, I will let him know how his act of kindness affected me.
What he did for that woman showed what a kindhearted and gentle soul man he is.
# JuliaG 2013-11-03 15:42
Thanks for the report Karen. That was fun to read!

The girl who was given Jared's shirt posted a report here:

I thought you might want to read it!
# JuliaG 2013-11-03 15:47
Thank for the report Karen. That was fun to read!

The girl who was given Jared's shirt posted a report here:

I thought you might enjoy reading it!
# NOLANOLA 2014-08-11 11:12
I was in/out hospital in 2013 and beginning of 2014 so I missed this. thanks