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Day Two: Saturday October 12th

Destination:  Westin Harbour Castle Convention Centre

Welcome to Day Two of Superstock (Supernatural Woodstock).

I headed out about 08:30am to catch my bus. I needed to take three buses to get to Bay and Harbour. Since this was a new route for me I gave myself a little more time. When I got to Bay Street I started walking to the hotel and I ran into Sylvie at the Second Cup Coffee Shop. I got myself a coffee and we both walked to the hotel and sat and chatted for a bit. Before the festivities started I made a quick trip to the Harbour Front to get a quick peek of the Lake. I just loved the view and how relaxing it was.

I then headed back to the theatre to take my seat. However the Creation people had played a trick on us. Yesterday they had the seats numbering 1-34 going from right to left. Today they had the numbering going from left to right. Now being the type of person that can get confused very easily it took me a moment to figure out why people were in my seat. I went back around and took my seat. I greeted my new group of friends I had met yesterday. They had gone to Karaoke and said it was a lot of fun. 

My two empty seats 21 and 22 were here today, they had arrived last night from Montreal just in time for Karaoke.  And seats 18 and 19 also showed up today. I didn’t get a chance to talk to them, as they didn’t show up for every panel, only a couple.  

Before I start I want to remind everyone that I don’t have any pictures. Also with each panel I have only put responses from questions being asked. With so much going on and at times being so captivated by the guest stars I sometimes forgot to take notes. So I don’t have anything word for word or have all the questions. 


Our MC Richard Speight Jr. came out and greeted us all. He asked who just came today. A few put up their hands. He gave them a hard time for not being here yesterday. He mentioned how much fun Karaoke was last night.


Richard Speight Jr., Matt Cohen and Rob Benedict Panel 

KA4526BFE21 1000139KA4526BFE21 1000141
(Photos from K Brady)

Matt joined Richard on the stage but Rob hadn’t arrived yet.  Matt and Richard joked that Rob was sleeping in due to a hangover. Matt advised that Rob was getting pretty happy last night. When Rob has a few drinks he will start giving hugs and pecks on the cheek.  However the more drinks Rob had the closer his pecks were reaching Matt lips. Matt had to admit that he himself was one drink from giving Rob tongue.

Matt then talked about his flight experience when coming to Toronto. They were all boarded on the Air Canada flight when it was announced that there would be a delay as they needed to do some repairs on the brakes. After two hours they were informed that the brakes were fixed ‘good enough’.  Matt had a few drinks to calm his nerves.

Rob then came in. Richard and Matt started giving him a hard time. Rob mention that he didn’t get the memo with the start time. 

The following is responses to the questions being asked by the audience.

Rob's hangover remedy was Advil water and going back to sleep.

They all agreed they would team up with Misha if there was a Zombie Apocalypse.

Rob feels that Chuck was not God but Kripke. That since Kripke was the creator of the show he was kind of a God for Supernatural.

Rob was cool with Chuck being replaced by Kevin.

Richard advised they come up with the theme for Karaoke. They decide what would be funny. Richard was the one who came up with Matt wearing the skirt. 

Next year’s theme is Dick and Matt’s Excellent Adventure. Ode to  the 80’s.

Rob’s favourite scene was hitting Jared with the plunger. He joked that Jared didn’t feel a thing even after a few takes.

Matt’s favourite scene I didn’t hear very clear. He said the scene didn’t make the cut but he mouth kissed Jen.  Now I don’t know if he meant Genevieve or Jensen. 

Since Monday is a holiday in Canada (our Thanksgiving). All three would consider extending the Toronto Convention to Monday.

Richard didn’t know that the Trickster was Gabriel until Changing Channels and does not know when or if the Trickster/Gabriel will be back.

What element would they bring to Supernatural from one of their favourite shows?

Rob’s would bring the Survivor element had have each week someone elected off the show.

Richards like Judge Judy and would have some kind of court case worked in.

Matt had nothing to add. He just wanted to come back.

If they could choose a way for their character to die

Rob advised he would have the Trickster die by dismemberment.

John would die by erotic fixation

Chuck would die by a drug overdose.

Richard’s favourite prank by the Trickster was the bad tacos.

With the last question they brought the woman up on stage and had her sit down. All three had their mics in her face and were leaning up against her. Richard started drumming his fingers on her forehead. They kept asking her to repeat her question but she just couldn’t get it out from laughing.

These guys were fantastic together. The banter and chemistry between these three was so much fun to watch. If they were to travel together doing shows, I would pay to see them.  

It was just after 11:00am and the next Panel wasn’t until 1pm, so I had time to stretch my legs and visit the water front again. 


Richard came out to announce the next panelist

Silver Back or Typhoon Olsson.


(Photo courtesy of PKayla)

Ty came out and greeted everyone. He advised he lost his cell phone in the Lake. He dived in to get it but couldn’t find it. He also wanted to know if anyone found a red scarf that he was wearing last night. He seemed to have misplaced it.  

The following is responses to the questions being asked by the audience.

He had no issue doing the accent but apparently it would cause Jensen’s Texan accent to come out.

He is currently working on a new show called Tall People.

Ty believes that Benny did feed on a human. They had done a scene but was deleted that strongly implied that he did. He feels that if Benny did than it was someone that deserved it.

He believes that Benny had a family, since he had a granddaughter and that he may have been a pirate prior to becoming a vampire.

KA4526BFE21 1000159
(Photo courtesy of K Brady)

Ty mentioned that he played a prank on Samantha Smith this morning. He went to her hotel room and knocked saying he was room service. She called through the door saying she didn’t order room service. He knocked again saying Room Service. She again called out that she didn’t order room service. After he did it again she opened the door to find him standing there.

He feels that Benny gave up his life for Dean and because he wanted to go back to purgatory.

He would like to play a reluctant superhero.

The chemistry between him and Jensen was very natural. Jensen was very easy to work with.

If he was to meet the real Benny he would probably scream. He would ask him a lot of questions.

Ty sang “You are my sunshine” in his Benny accent.

He can also do an Irish accent. He did a demonstration and then Richard came out to inform us that Ty’s panel was over.


The Supernatural and Genre No Minimum Bid Auction.

I stayed for the auction. It was very interesting how much people were willing to pay for some of the items. Some of the banners went for $400. 


Richard came out to announce our next Panelist Jim Beaver.

KA4526BFE21 1000186

(Photo from K Brady)

He was quite overwhelmed when he received a standing ovation.

He eventually said “sit down idjits”, which we did.

He thanked everyone as he wiped his eyes. I couldn’t tell if he was just playing around, but it was sweet.

He advised he was going to be filming a movie in Toronto between March and May so if we saw him we were to say Hi and buy him lunch.

The following is responses to the questions being asked by the audience.

He didn’t come up with “Idjits” it was in the script.

He was surprised that Bobby was killed off. He figured it was Supernatural so how bad could it be.

Jim said he and Bobby were exactly the same except Bobby was brave. He would run faster and more often.

He felt Bobby coming back as a ghost was a good idea as it helped pay his mortgage.

Bobby’s heaven ‘Sure isn’t having Sam and Dean in it”. Some yelled out he would have manicures.

He said the hardest line he ever had to say was that he was a Tori Spelling fan.

He would like some other cast members in his heaven, a certain Sheriff and a Zombie wife.


(Photo from PKayla)

His daughter had signed him up in a Dating Website. He joked that is was called Geezer Match.  He said he had one reply ‘nice fellow name Stanley."  Jim figures either his daughter didn’t fill out the application properly or she has other ideas for him.  “6’2” long haul truckers and some of them are women” and some look like they came from a Woman’s prison site.

He said if he had a nickel for every time his daughter has asked him to talk about her on twitter he wouldn’t have to do Supernatural.

The movie he’s doing is Crimson Peak. The writer was a Deadwood fan and wrote the character for Jim to play. It’s a horror and gothic story based in England.

When in College after serving in the Marines, Jim became interested in acting and pursued it as a career.

He is close to both Jared and Jensen, he loves them both equally.

His most intense scene was having to say goodbye to Karen Singer.

If Bobby was alive his opinion about what has happened with Castiel and the Angels would be

‘Good going idjits.’ Jim did admit he hadn’t been watching the show since he left so he didn’t know anything about ‘Mergatron’.

When filming tough emotional scenes it takes about 14hours to get over a scene. ‘Your body doesn’t know it’s not real’

The most messed up thing that Jared or Misha have done was ‘They showed up’ and Jared has twisted his toes.

Richard came out to tell us that Jim’s panel was over. Once again we gave Jim a standing ovation.


Costume Contest.

There had to be 40 or more people dressed up and that’s not including all the Castiels add another 30 or so. I believe the Convention spokesman that was conducting the contest said that Toronto broke the record. The contest was to end before the next panel at 4:30pm. They were just judging the Castiels at around 4:40. The spokesman advised he had special judge to pick out the Castiel winner, Misha came out on stage and was swarmed by all the over excited Castiels. 

He quickly picked a winner and he then went back off stage. Once the judging was over we were ready for our final panel of the day.

Richard came out and introduced Misha Collins and Mark Pellegrino. Having an Angel and the Devil on stage together was a fun concept.

KA4526BFE21 1000200
KA4526BFE21 1000214
(Photos from KBrady)

They decided to go straight to the questions.

Q - What was the funniest prank played on them?

Misha never found the pranks funny, they are irritating and not safe.

Jared last prank on Misha was unscrewing his roof racks. However someone had seen Jared doing it so Misha has been warned.

 Q - What would they have Sam hallucinate?

Mark – Sam being a belly dancer

Misha  - Sam and Jared being short

Q - Where do they think they go if they die in purgatory?

Misha – they go to the cast of Vampire Diaries

Q - When the series ends what would Misha like to happen with Castiel?

Misha said he would go to Poughkeepsie and would have a lot of wives. 

Q – Wanted to know if Misha thought the same as Jared about Castiel and Sam were not really friends.

Misha was deeply hurt hearing this. Said Jared is a monster in a shaky voice, trying not to cry.

Misha wondered how could he say that when he has fondled his balls.

Mark hearing this felt very left out.


(Photos from PKayla -

Q - Wanted to know why Lucifer was played differently between season 5 and 7.

Mark couldn’t answer as he didn’t realize that there was a difference in how they were portrayed.

Q - What happened to Nick?

Mark believes he is in hell but does hope that he did get into heaven.

Q - Now that Cas was in real clothes what is their favourite clothing

Mark – Armani and ready to kick some butt

Q - In the scene in "My Bloody Valentine" what were Cas/Misha eating?

It was Ground Veggie Round.

Q – Would Misha do another ‘Cooking with West’ video?

Yes Misha would like to do another video.

Q - Have you ever considered dating someone on the show?

Misha – Jared and Jensen are not great kissers, but they sure know how to fondle ones balls.

Q – Asked how Misha felt about the Trench coat be gone.

Despite all the years complaining about having to wear it all the time, he is kind of sad about getting rid of it. Mark was upset about the trench coat being gone.

Richard then came out to tell us the bad news that the panel was over.

It was 5:30pm and the autographs for Mark and Ty did not start until 7:10. I chatted a bit with the group of people I had made friends with and then went for a quick bite and took one more walk along the water front.


On one side of the theatre was Mark Pellegrino and Ty Olsson’s autograph which I was entitled to with my ticket. On the other side was Jim Beavers and Misha Collins to which I had purchase a ticket for Jim.

I knew I had a long wait but I had fun chatting with the gang.

I had Mark, Ty and Jim sign my Season 7 Companion book.

I was so thrilled to meet them all, especially Jim.

Well that’s Day Two.

Next is Day Three.

Here's the collection of Saturday photos.  A big thanks to K Brady and PKayla who offered our photos to us for this report.


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# Sylvie 2013-10-28 15:14
Thanks for the memories Karen. I wrote everything down in a diary not to forget, turns out I did forget quite a few things! Age, what can I tell ya! :lol: It was very nice meeting you. I appreciated having someone to chat with. Maybe I'll make it back there some day, not next year, but hopefully the year after...if our wonderful show is still on.
# Kilroy 2013-10-28 19:58
Is it possible that Misha Collins said 'Poughkeepsie,' not Takipsi? Poughkeepsie, despite the spelling, is pronounced Po-kip-si, at least by locals. It's a little north of New York City, and it's the butt of a lot of jokes, the idea being that when you get "old" (ie out of your 20s) and boring you get married and move to Poughkeepsie.

P.S. thank you for doing these write ups!
# Karen 2013-10-31 09:44
Hi Sylvie
It was wonderful meeting you too. Believe me I had to take notes as well. However going back and trying to decipher my writing was a real treat. :o
# Karen 2013-10-31 09:47
Hi Kilroy
Thank you so much for figuring out what Misha had said. I thought for sure he pronounced it with a T but for the life of me I couldn't the place anywhere. That's the only problem when you're trying to write everything down with also trying to watch them and fighting with the noice around you, It was still a lot of fun though,
# Karen 2013-10-31 09:50
Hi K Brady and PKayla
Thank you so much for sharing your photos of the convention with us. I deeply appreciate this.
Cheers to you both.
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# armani horloges 2014-08-11 02:42
Wow, perfect, lucky I found your website!