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Updated 8/4

These are links to videos in the press room that were given as part of the comments. I thought it would be best to put them all in one place.

These are from angel:

These are from Simon: 

(This is my favorite.  Why?  Look at the redhead with the teal shirt in the background on the left introducing herself at the other table to Sera Gamble.  Guess who???)

Me in pressroom

I had the pleasure of meeting some wonderful bloggers in the press rooms at Comic Con.  One of them was Annalee Newitz with, who was there with me in both the Fringe and Supernatural press rooms.  She ended up at another table in the Supernatural press room and in her article shares some wonderful info I didn't get to hear at my table.  For another totally refreshing point of view, I suggest checking out this article.


# angel 2009-08-05 13:31
thanxx sooooooo much!!!
these are all so great. i was so excited seeing my name there!! :D

luv them all! keep them coming.
the articles are amazing and i luv how you got a still of yourself in the background!