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COWBOY HATS, PRINCESS BUBBLEGUM AND PIGS…welcome to a Supernatural convention - Dallas style.

Part 1 – Friday panels and Karaoke.

Hi everyone!

So, I’m currently on the road in Texas! I’ve not been to Texas before – well apart from a horrific transit through DFW airport from Mexico once… Actually, this trip also started with a bit of a travel nightmare…hey Texas, what gives? Okay, I know it’s not your fault – I forgive you, because apparently you’re awesome!

My Dallascon trip started with a lovely 25-hour journey. I was travelling with my buddy Hazel, another friend Shelley and also on our flight was another Aussie fangirl pal, Rebecca. We were at the gate, about to board, when Qantas announced there was an, ‘engineering issue’ with the plane. Well, there’s a couple of words you really don’t want to hear when you’re about to board what essentially is a pipe bomb soaring through the sky for 15 hours! We were told there’d be about an hour delay…then about half hour later, a delay of unknown time frame, please stay seated and stay tuned…then shortly there after…um sorry the plane is broked, we’ve got to get you a new one, here’s a 30 buck food voucher now please go away for about 5 hours! What? We were supposed to take off at 1.30 Thursday afternoon but ended up sitting in the airport until 7pm and taking off at about 7.30. Which meant that instead of arriving in Dallas around 1.30 Thursday afternoon (because I’m from the future), we arrived about 7.45pm. Yes, agreed, far better to find out that some seal thingy is letting air into the engine when we’re on the ground rather than 38,000 feet in the air, but hey Qantas, how about checking the plane out more than 5 minutes before we’re due to board? Just sayin! Then…because obviously we weren’t in any kind of hurry apparently, when we get to Dallas we’re standing at the baggage claim thingy wondering what on earth is taking so long when the announcement comes over the PA saying that our bags are currently trapped on the plane because the replacement plane (AKA crappest-plane-ever) is having issues with a blocked baggage door. Yup. Did they not understand? We’re fangirls! On a mission! In the home State! We needed to be with our people! Plus we’re Australian and (one kiwi), we had drinking to do! Geesh. Thankfully my friend Rebecca had a car waiting, which thankfully turned out to be an SUV. The driver did look a tad confused when his booking for 1 turned into a booking for 4 girls with 8 bags between them – but he was cool with it! So, once the bags were finally set free from their bondage, we all piled into Rebecca’s magical car and headed to the Westin, where the convention was being held. 25 hours after our travel day began, hello Dallascon!

The first person we ran into was Rick Worthy. He was by the lifts in the lobby, surrounded by a posse of fangirls – which is pretty much how you’ll always find him – follow the cluster of fangirls and I can guarantee you there will be a Rick Worthy at the centre of it! As we headed up to our rooms we swung by for a quick hello and big cuddle. Rick took Hazel and I out to lunch in March when we were in L.A., so it was great to see him again and have a quick catch-up and Rick-hug. Then we went upstairs dumped our gear and headed to registration before heading barward. 

This was the 6th Creation convention I’ve done and I get used to seeing lots of familiar faces, but Dallascon felt a little different. There weren’t nearly as many people there that I knew – yes, sure there were a bunch, like Lynn from Fangasm, who got an Aussie sized hug from me – but at Vegascon, every second person was like “Hey, how are you?” Not so much at Dallascon. There seemed to be way more newbies there and way more local people. In fact, I think at least half or maybe more of the audience was from Texas. Which was super cool. It was also cool, because it meant I got to meet lots of new people over the weekend. Including…our very own st50! We got to chat and hangout a lot over the weekend. I was super stoked to be there with her for her first convention and super stoked to be there with her when she had her first Jared experience… 

Flash forward to Sunday…

Me: “How was it?!”

st50: “--------“ 

Me: “Haha! How was your J2? How was it seeing Jensen too?”

st50: “-------- um-------- I’m sure Jensen was there…”

HAHAHA! Yay! Oh the first time is always so good (and the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th…).

Down in the bar I could hear a kafuffle over in another part of the lobby so I went and popped my head over to see what was going on. Rick was there, holding court, as was young Osric Chau! Looking like Osric Chau! Which was the only time I’d see him looking like Osric Chau that weekend! More on that later. But I’m sure you already know!

We had a few drinks – which then ended with a few more drinks in our room with another Aussie fangirl friend, Jamie. There was a pretty good Aussie contingent at Dallascon, I ended up sitting next to 3 Aussie newbies! Then it was bed, finally, after what was one hell of a day – I figure being up for around 35 hours was probably enough. Thankfully, Friday was a cruisy day with a late start. Thankfully. Many, many thanks for that one. Many.


Friday kicked off how every con should kick off, with the wonderful Richard Speight Jr. Oh how I have come to adore this man. He opened the con and then welcomed on stage his bromantic buddy, Rob Benedict. Oh how I have come to adore this man. I love the Rich and Rob show. They’ve become such great friends on the Supernatural convention circuit. It’s one of the special things about the conventions, that the cast has a similar experience to the fans. So many of us have made close friendships through the show and attending the cons and so many of the cast have done the same. It’s really kinda of awesome, right?

IMG 4065edit

Rich started by instantly changing Rob’s name to Phil McKrevis – with Creation quick as a whip to put Rob’s new name up on his photo on the big screen. Rob then told us all about how when the cast stay at the con hotels they’re booked in under a fake name and one time Richard played a great trick on Rob. He told him he was booked under the name Heywood Jablowme. Rob took ages struggling to figure out the correct pronunciation of Jablowme. Having to repeat the name over and over to the front desk. Heywood. Jablome. Hey. Wood Jablome. Hey wouldjablowme…. OH-OHHHH. Gold! They then told a story that had us all doubled over with laughter, about their trip to Italy this year.

They were travelling with Rich’s brother-in-law and another friend and were staying in Milan. Rich’s brother-in-law had booked 3 rooms for the 4 of them, but somehow Rob and Rich got the room with the King bed. There was a room with 2 doubles, but they got the King. Rich straight away said let’s change rooms but Rob was all, why, what’s wrong with this room, we’re here now. Rich is like, it only has one bed. Rob was, so, it’s a King it’s huge. Rich was, but we can have a room with 2 beds, Rob was, what’s wrong with this one, I don’t want to move! Rich goes, IT’S ONLY GOT ONE BED! Rob goes, SO! They were completely cracking up. We were completely cracking up. They literally had a fight about sharing a bed. Rob was totally fine with sharing, Rich was totally not fine! Rob seemed a bit offended that Rich was horrified about the sharing a bed with him thing! They ended up switching rooms and apparently Rob sat on the end of his bed and pouted – well according to Rich! Oh these two. I think it’s kind of sweet that they would even be sharing a room. It’s sooooo cute. Their bromance is a beautiful thing! And the way Rob so easily laughs at himself is the best. My friend Shelley and I got an op with Rob – because he’s gorgeous and I always do. It’s adorable, of course!

Next up was Rick and he was on fire, with vampire alien baby impregnation, learning to dance the two step, sucking cupcake icing off a fan’s finger! Yep. Everyone bought him food and/or booze! When he walked off, he walked off laden with goodies!

IMG 5012edit

Rick talked about how disappointed he was that he never got the call for season 8 after the “see you next season” line. He says he’s let it go now, but he’s still hoping that there might be room to have his character back some time. He’d love to do an episode with Ty – but he knows if that happens, one of their characters wouldn’t survive it, so it’s a double-edged sword. Rick also took a moment to call a fan, who was unwell, Mary – many of us know her. Unfortunately she didn’t pick up, but Rick left her a lovely message.



Next on stage was Princess Bubblegum. AKA Osric Chau! Osric told us via his twitter, that he was planning on cosplaying for the weekend – but wouldn’t say as what. I must admit, it was sure not what I expected! Osric came on is full cosplay drag – dripping from head to toe in pink, included pink painted skin, as he channelled his inner Princess Bubblegum from Adventuretime! It was so awesome! Osric is a fanboy, a big gamer and someone for whom fandom – multiple fandoms, is a part of his life.

Osric talked his martial arts and how he got into acting – via his martial arts. He was originally doing stunts, but ended up landing a role where they needed an actor who could do his own stunts and it all went from there. He was influenced by Jackie Chan and Jean Claude Van Damme and later, Jet Li. Osric studied in Beijing and basically just ate and slept school and Wushu. Once back home in Vancouver, he made it into the Canadian Wushu National team.

He also talked about how much fun he has on set at Supernatural. How both the guys are great fun and tease him, but how Jared is a total goof and basically never leaves him alone – stroking his leg so that he continually cracks up, ending up with him not being able to get his lines out! He also talked about how Supernatural and the fandom has changed his life – that was a theme of this convention, the cast talking about how life changing this show has been for them.

Hazel and I got a photo with Osric. We planned to anyway, but seriously, how could we not when we saw what he was wearing. Simply adorable – our very own Kevin Tran princess! It's an awesome photo!

After the panels, we got our autos with Osric, Rick and Rob. I’m working on an Impala poster and so I got Osric and Rick to sign that – I already had Rob's on the poster, so I got him to sign a Louden Swain Kazoo. Which he loved. He was totally excited. He said, “I love that you have this!” I crush on Rob a little – okay, a lot.

Then we went and got ready for karaoke time! I actually got dressed up as a naughty school girl! Hee.


Karaoke was great fun as usual. These things get bigger and bigger. 
Rich looks hot in Jensen’s shorts, he wears them well and Matt looks smokin’ hot in a skirt. Smokin’. Hot. It doesn’t hurt that his top is a tad short so it's kind of a mid-drift top – excuse me while I objectify! Rick came along and had a blast and Rob was there wearing a nerd outfit, complete with taped up glasses and Princess Bubblegum can really rap! Mark Sheppard also dropped by later in the night!

Hazel and I got our photo with Rich and Matt in costume. Let’s just say – Matt’s tongue was awful close to my face in our photo – there may have been lollipops involved! It was a little on the distracting side. I was also ridiculously happy to be that close to Jensen’s “After School Special” shorts. I know, I know… I can’t help it…you must be used to me by now! And Richard was super sweet to me, saying "Nice to see you again, sweetie." It's always a gas when the guys remember you. 

After that it was bed and preparation for what was going to be a much bigger day. You operate on only a few hours sleep a night at these things, but the squee and love gets you through!

Next up – part 2: Saturday panels, with Rich and Matt, James Patrick Stuart and Mark Sheppard, and Mark Pellegrino and “Cowboy” Misha!

Please excuse the delay on these reports – I’m still travelling through Texas – actually I’m on a plane right now, flying back to Texas and into Austin – after a crazy 14hour trip to Reno to catch a singer we like! I will try and get Saturday and my beautiful, beautiful Sunday (meet and greets with both the Js) done as soon as I can. I do have some bad news about Sunday, my memory card with my Js photos seems to be corrupted. I haven’t given up hope just yet that what were epic photos, are recoverable, but I may not have the awesome photos that I was hoping, for when I finally get the Sunday report done for you guys – but who knows…fingers and toes crossed I will!

See you soon!



# Trucklady 2013-09-28 21:31
I just love, love, love your reviews sweetondean. It always makes me feel like I was right there with you. After attending my first con in Vegas earlier this year I can actually invision everything as you wrote it since I did the Karaoke night and saw the outfits you described in person. Sorry you had such a long caotic trip to get there but as always, it sure sounds like well worth the pain. Looking forward to the rest of the weekend review, especially the 2J reports.
# KELLY 2013-09-28 23:46
Great report! So much detail is missed just watching the panels. I love reading them. Thanks for taking the time in the middle of your trip. Very impressive.
# st50 2013-09-29 10:23
Oh Chuck! :oops:
That's pretty much what I said, isn't it.... :oops: :oops:

But you missed the REASON!:

I had asked for a sandwich hug, and turned to hug Jared. He squished me to his chest, then started to laugh, because I was facing AWAY from the camera. (Stupid fangirl. :P )
He turned me around, and I was blushing and laughing - and listening to him laugh through his chest! 8)
HOW do you expect me to concentrate on ANYTHING (even the glorious Mr Ackles) when I can FEEL - and hear - Jared laughing? And he was laughing with (ok, ok...AT) me! :oops: :o :o

I didn't even notice Jensen get in the picture.
Oops. :P

Thanks for the report, Sweetondean, the entire weekend is pretty much a blur - especially Sunday.
And thanks for sharing what may have been my favourite (even if rather embarassing) moment.
(Damn fangirls! :P )
# sweetondean 2013-09-29 10:37
Hee hee! #st50 it was just the best reaction! I totally relate. Even after having a few encounters I'm still discombobulated by them both! Maybe a little more by the glorious Mr Ackles - ok, a lot more! :P

It was so great to meet you and hang-out. I'm glad you had a brilliant first con. They are the best, huh? :lol:
# krystal 2013-09-29 10:59
Sweetondean - Love the report! You hit the highlights so well and summed up the atmosphere. Us newbie Texas girls were everywhere and soaking up everything! I feel like it was all just a dream and you haven't talked about Sunday yet! :-)

I never imagined I would get up on stage and sing karaoke - love that you had a picture that included me to prove that it was real! :lol:

Looking forward to the rest of your report. Continue to enjoy Texas!!!

st50 - I am totally with you when it came to the Jared and J2 photo op! I kinda forgot Jensen was there (how that it is even possible I do not know), but all I did was look into Jared's face and eyes! For my single one I must have looked crazy or something because when I said thank you very much, he responded with you're welcome sweetheart! And that's when I felt my weekend was complete!! :P Little did I know how much I would continue to fangirl with the rest of the days events still to come ... :D
# st50 2013-09-29 11:27
#4 - Yes, sweetondean, they are the best. So much more in real life even - how is that possible?
btw - you Aussie/Kiwi girls need to make sure you check out some of the Texas microbrewery beers. Some of them are pretty good!

#5 Krystal! It was so great to meet you! We Texas fans gotta stick together - except where it comes to karaoke. You're on your own with that one! ;-)
# eilf 2013-09-29 12:01
Oh Chuck! :oops:
That's pretty much what I said, isn't it.... :oops: :oops:

But you missed the REASON!:

I had asked for a sandwich hug, and turned to hug Jared. He squished me to his chest, then started to laugh, because I was facing AWAY from the camera. (Stupid fangirl. :P )
He turned me around, and I was blushing and laughing - and listening to him laugh through his chest! 8)
HOW do you expect me to concentrate on ANYTHING (even the glorious Mr Ackles) when I can FEEL - and hear - Jared laughing? And he was laughing with (ok, ok...AT) me! :oops: :o :o

I didn't even notice Jensen get in the picture.
Oops. :P

Thanks for the report, Sweetondean, the entire weekend is pretty much a blur - especially Sunday.
And thanks for sharing what may have been my favourite (even if rather embarassing) moment.
(Damn fangirls! :P )
So glad you decided to share your story ST! It really adds to the fun for those of us who get to see the conventions by proxy :D
Sweetondean this looks like it was one of the more fun cons from all the clips I have seen, it is great to get the con-goers stories!
# st50 2013-09-29 14:33
#7 - Thanks eilf.
Sorry for the smilie overdose!

I need more reports! Anticipation for sweetondean's DallasCon AND Far away eyes' VanCon is driving me crazy! LOL
leah d
# leah d 2013-09-29 16:52
Thanks so much sweetondean (and st50!) for sharing your experiences. How fun. I really, really hope to experience it someday firsthand! One of the things on my bucket list!

Oh and st50, can there really be too many smile(y's) in the world?? :D
# PENNY JAIME 2013-09-29 17:42
Good memory. Sorry I didn't get to meet you st50. I met so many nice people though. Most people there are very welcoming.
Don't feel bad about the picture being a blur. They are kind of like a "drive by" photo-op.
# Sylvie 2013-09-30 14:16
Thanks for the great recap of Dallas con Amy. I always get a hoot out of reading your excellent adventures. :lol: Looking forward to the rest of it.
# st50 2013-10-01 16:26
Hey Penny Jaime (#10). Sorry I missed you! If I knew you were going to be at DallasCon, I must've forgotten.
Opportunity missed! Shame on me!
I agree that most people (cast, creation employees, volunteers and fans) were very welcoming. I do have some great memories.
Already feels like a lifetime ago. Can't wait for SweetonDean's next installments!
# Copper 2013-10-02 13:29
Oh, gee! Sounds like you are having a fun time! My cousin... No, sorry. I'm not actually related to her, but my friend Emily was there. I'll have to ask her about it.
Hope you have fun in Texas! My whole family lived down there. Not me, sadly.
I am going to the convention in NJ early next year! I'm so excited. It'll be my first one.
I really didn't know what to expect, but after reading this- it gave me a better idea of it. Now I just can't wait!