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(Photo of Misha Collins courtesy of Fangasm.  Follow them at @FangasmSPN for more!)

Just in case you haven't noticed, there's a pretty big "Supernatural" convention happening in Vancouver this weekend.  It's Creation Entertainment's annual Salute to Supernatural Vancouver, and WFB writers Tigershire, Far Away Eyes, and Bardicvoice have been there having all the fun.  No, I'm not extremely jealous at all.  :)  

Bardicvoice is especially notorious for her amazing and detailed tweets during the cons she attends, and she has managed to capture all the action for all the panels the last two days.  Thanks to sweetondean and her mastery of Storify, these tweets have all been captured in glorious and easy to read detail in one spot!  For those of you (us) that have been chomping at the bit for news out of Vancon, this will easily satisfy your craving.  

Bardicvoice's VANCON 2013 TWEETS - FRIDAY 

Master of Ceremonies for the entire weekend:  Richard Speight Jr. 

Panels held Friday: Rob Benedict and Emily Perkins, Chad Lindberg, DJ Qualls, and Alex Zahara

Bardicvoice's VANCON 2013 TWEETS - SATURDAY 

Panels held Saturday:  Producer Jim Michaels, Richard Speight Jr., Rob Benedict, and Matt Cohen, Locations Manager Russ Hamilton, Mark Pelligrino, Mark Sheppard, and James Patrick Stuart, Felicia Day, Sebastian Roche, and Misha Collins

The J's are at Vancon right now, so we'll have all the Sunday panel tweets up by tomorrow, including the Jared and Jensen panel.