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Last weekend I attended the Sydney leg of the All Hell Breaks Loose 4 convention.
Our special guests were Misha, Richard, Matt, Rob, Mark Sheppard and Sebastian. You might as well have called it The Bad Boys of “Supernatural” tour!

The lads had all arrived on various days. Sebastian had been in Sydney for about a week, as his girlfriend is a Sydney girl and he was catching up with family. Rob, Rich, Matt and Misha all arrived on Thursday and caught some of the sights around town and Mr Sheppard arrived Friday…missing his birthday all together, when he crossed the international date line, his birthday simply disappeared!
Officially the convention was Friday night and all day Saturday, but my convention started a little bit earlier…
It was Thursday night and I was just crawling into bed to watch a bit of “Supernatural” (what else) when Sebastian Roche tweeted….

Well crikey. Let’s just say, I laughed out loud, a lot. You see this show is produced where I work! Talk about brilliant!
So I headed off to sleep knowing that the next day there’d be a pretty good chance of having a pretty good day! I was already excited for the convention, now I was excited to be going to work! Who ever heard of such a thing.
Friday morning came and I got to work a bit early, slipped up to the studio at about 9 to accost someone to find out when the lads would be on and walked straight into Ginger Spice! Literally. Geri Halliwell was on the show too. I found out the guys were going to be on just after 10, just Misha and Seb, so I proceed to try and busy myself while I waited…concentration levels were at an all time low!
About 15 minutes before they were due on the show I headed up to the studio with a couple of colleagues, both of whom I’d introduced to “Supernatural”. We slipped into the studio and I could see that Misha and Sebastian were already in there getting mic’d up. I must have been feeling pretty brave, being on home turf and all, so I went straight over to where they were standing. When Seb was by himself I went up and said hi. He shook my hand, said it was nice to see me and then I said how I’d seen him tweeting last night and said, “Are you shitting me? I work there!” He went, “You work here? That’s amazing, are you coming to the convention?” and I told him, yep, I’d be there tonight in fact for cocktails and he said lovely, we could have a drink later. Then someone came and spoke to him so I backed away and turned to face Misha.
Now as most of you know, I’ve been to a few conventions. Misha has got to the point where he recognises me at those events and teases me (for some reason), so I was expecting him to probably recognise me a little…but… he looks up and sees me, looks completely taken by surprise and goes… “Hey…Hi! What are you doing here?” Lunges for me, wraps me in a big hug and plants a massive smooch on my cheek! I smooched his in return! O.M.G. Flail! Weirdly, I stayed collected…on the outside…and said, “I came to see you!” and he said “You came here to see us?” and I said…”Well yeah, up the stairs, I work here!” and Misha goes, “You’re shitting me!” I said, “I am not shitting you and that’s exactly what I just said to Sebastian!” Anyway we stood there for a few minutes chatting, I introduced him to both of my friends and he shook their hands and apologised on my behalf that I’d introduced them to “Supernatural”. He said, “Let me apologise for her, I’m so sorry she did that to you.” Idiot! Then we grabbed a couple of photos and the guys went on set.
I stood in the studio and watched as they did their segment. There were quite a few people in the studio who had come up specifically to see the guys. When they came off set, I said goodbye and they both said they’d see me that night, and then they got grabbed by all the other people wanting pics with them. Which was AWESOME! I stood there watching, as they were absorbed into the small crowd of TV professionals who’d come in specifically to see the hotties from “Supernatural”! I felt super proud. I then went back to work, sort of…after about an hour of running around and gushing to anyone who would listen!
So that’s how my con weekend started!
Later that afternoon, I left work a bit early to head into the city. I was staying in town (even though I live in Sydney), as it’s just easier. I was meeting my convention pals at the hotel and we were going to have some drinks before the evening cocktail function. There ended up being about 12 of us all catching up! It was great to see everyone and I met a couple of new friends too. The friends you meet through conventions really is the best bit!
At 7pm the Platinum/VIP cocktail party kicked off. How the parties work here is very different to the Creation parties. This year there wasn’t even any sitting at tables, we just stood or sat on lounge chairs in a small function room. My friends and I all managed to snag a high table and propped ourselves up. The guests come and chat to you, but it’s not timed or anything. They hang out and then move on, sometimes you get a couple of people at once, or they crash each other’s chats, so it’s super laid back and easy, even more so this year.
We got to chat to everyone. Obviously Misha and Seb recognised me from the morning. Misha said to me he was surprised how many people had come up to the studio to see them and get photos with them. Bless. He seemed pretty chuffed. It turns out Seb was staying just around the corner from the studios as his girlfriend’s family is from that area, so he could have walked there that morning, but of course a car came and got him. Mark Sheppard was seriously jetlagged as he’d just arrived but he chatted to us about the show a little bit and about the finale. I asked him his thoughts on the script, specifically the Tet Offensive/Girls speech. He said he loved it and that’s what’s so great about the show, that they can do that kind of thing. Everyone sung him happy birthday at some point. Richard and I chatted about Vegascon and how next year, with it being 4 days, we’re going to have to go into training. Rob remembered he’d seen me recently and I said it was Vegas and he said, “Oh yeah, of course.” We chatted about that and how great it was having the band on stage and how he’s excited to do it all again. Matt told us how terribly jetlagged he was, so much so he felt drunk and so was avoiding alcohol! He said he body was really angry with him! Australia is the end of their tour. These guys had gone from New Jersey to Rome to Birmingham to Germany to Sydney (via LA)! I was surprised any of them were even standing!
For the first year, we had Karaoke! It was Rich and Matt’s idea…or rather their insistence. I think they told the organisers rather than asked! So after the drinks, we headed in to the other room to join the rest of the crowd. I bumped into Sebastian’s girlfriend in the doorway (Alicia) and she said hi because she recognised me from the morning and we got chatting. She happened to go to the same high school as my best friend! She knew her name, which was a bit odd. Small city, man. A few of us chatted to her for a while. She’s totally got Seb’s number by the way, she was pretty hilarious how she spoke about him and when he came over at one point she just teased the crap out of him! Super nice gal…of course, because she’s from Sydney!
Karaoke, as usual, was a blast. The funny thing was, the guys didn’t know half the songs because there were a lot of Aussie songs being sung. But in their usual style, they bounced around with astonishingly high levels of energy! Sebastian, Matt, Richard and Rob put on a great show. Mark hung out in the audience for a while, Misha stayed in the other room chatting to the Platinum and VIP ticket holders, we could drift in and out. The night wrapped up around 10.30 (very early) with a rousing rendition of Carry on Wayward Son. We all said our goodnights and headed off to try and get some sleep before the big day of panels.

The Aussie “Supernatural” con schedules the panels day a bit different to how other conventions work. We get all our photos done in the morning, then all the panels run back to back and then we do all the autographs. The venues are small – less than 500 this year – and in Sydney we were in an auditorium at a University.
Originally Corin Nemec was supposed to act as M.C., but he was unable to attend as he’s still recovering from the injuries caused by his horrific accident. Rob Benedict was a last minute replacement for Corin. So Rob was our host!

While we were all up and down getting various photos and photo combinations, Rob entertained us with Q&A, live commentary on “The Real Ghostbusters” and a couple of Louden Swain songs. Thankfully, he brought his guitar! It was all fantastic! The live commentary was particularly fun! Rob talked about how brilliant he thinks the Js are, that after 8 seasons you can still see them giving everything to every scene where as, in his experience, on other long running shows the stars are phoning it in by that stage. He also talked about how the direction for Emily whilst Chuck was destroying the ghost and Becky was looking at him longingly, was that she “felt hot inside”. It was hilarious watching that scene with Rob. He said it was wonderful to be onset watching Emily do that and knowing it was all for him!
I got photos with all the cast, plus a Misha/Richard double, a Richard/Rob double, which I named the bromance double…yes I said that to them – in their matching blazers. They were wearing nearly identical blazers. Richard said he was a trend-setter and Rob a trend-follower! God love their adorableness. I also got a photo with all the guests, which I shared with 3 of my friends.
I had an epic fail with Sebastian. I totally forgot I shoved his photo ticket down my bra before I had my photo with Richard. Richard had held on to me after the photo and had a bit of a chat. I walked away all buzzing and totally forgot to get the ticket out of my underwear and suddenly I’m in front of Seb and…yeah…the con volunteer asked for my ticket and…OH CRAP! So I said, “One moment please” and stuck my hand down my top. Sebastian goes, “What are you doing, darling?” and I pulled the ticket out and handed it to the girl and said, “Where else was I going to put it?” and he said, “Oh darling, I can think of plenty of other places to…put it.” By now he has his arms wrapped around me and I’m trying to get my face in order for the camera…but me being me I had to say, “Hmmm, yes, I bet you can” to which he replied, “Oh you naughty, naughty girl!” As I walked away he said, “Thank you darling, you naughty girl.” I was laughing so damn hard I could barely collect myself! Of all people to have that happen in front of!

Anyway, the first panel up was Sebastian and he was his normal, chaotic self. Rob stayed just off to the side of the stage the whole time, shaking his head in amazement, bewilderment and possibly shame! Sebastian answered a few questions (I was quite impressed), but mostly danced, funny walked, told random stories, had us fake orgasm as a crowd, broke out into random French sentences, made his penis talk…I don’t even know. It doesn’t matter how many times I see Seb do his thing, I’m always gleefully astonished by the audacity of him! He had us all in tears with his shenanigans! At one point he called Rob onto stage and said, “Come to daddy” and then grabbed Rob in a hug and preceded to dry-hump him! Rob pulled away going…in that squeaky Rob/Chuck voice…“That is not the relationship I have with my father! I’m going to need therapy!” Funny stuff.

Up next was Mark Sheppard. I adore Mark. He’s a fan boy at heart and he simply gets us. I love how he asks the next person in line for their question. In that cockney brogue of his he goes, “Go on you”. I freakin’ love that! He teased the life out of the people in the audience who hadn’t seen the finale, going back to them every so often and saying, “You really should watch the show.” He said that the scene between Crowley and Sam took 3 days to shoot and was exhausting. There was a lot more of Crowley speaking and changing than we saw. The scene was trimmed purely for timings and hopefully we’ll get to see more of the scene on the DVD because it was all really good.

Mark insisted that Crowley did not kill Sheriff Mills, however, he did skip out on the cheque! He said that we shouldn’t assume that Crowley is a demon just because of the Mrs Tran red eyes thing…you know how Mark loves to imply that Crowley could be something else. We’ve never seen Crowley’s eyes turn as Crowley, so Mark thinks we shouldn’t be so sure.
Someone asked to see the photo of him kissing Jim, which he still has on his phone, so he got it out and showed us a couple of the different versions. Rob was off to the side of the stage and he goes, “Wait, you kissed Beaver?” and Mark said, “Didn’t you know?” at which point Rob came on to stage to have a look and literally fell to the floor laughing! Literally. On the floor. It was a fantastic moment!
Mark ended with a speech about how doing the conventions is akin to the live theatre experience, in that we give back to him while he’s on stage. He told us how thankful he is that he has these opportunities with us and how we’ve enriched his life by being part of it. He told us that he loves us all. His eyes were all watery…mine were crying. I love Mark Sheppard to pieces. He gets us.

Next up were Rich and Matt…and Rob. This was the funniest of the panels. I laughed so hard at one point I had to massage my face because it was aching! These guys are all such good friends and it shows. They have such a wonderful time together. Matt and Rich gave Rob a “sandwich” or a mandwich. It was so cute!
They were all asked to show their dance moves, so Richard did a Cossack dance (he does it well…though he was joking that he may have dislocated a knee), Matt did…yes, the jerk and Rob did… well an eighties kind of thing shuffle thing. I don’t know. Then Rob and Matt danced together…it was all so energetic. Like this onstage frenzy!

I can barely remember what was going on during this panel because I was pretty much crying throughout. The funniest part was when a girl in the audience asked Rich and Matt if they had their own show, what would it be and she said, Rob could be a guest star. They preceded to improv a sitcom called “Damn You, Matt!” Basically everything that could go wrong was Matt’s fault and the catch phase yelled during the show would be, DAMN YOU, MATT! Matt pretended he was walking around half naked and rubbing oil over his body, Rob knocked on the fake door and came in (he was the hi-ho neighbour guy) and because of Matt’s oil habit, Rob slides all the way across the stage yelling, “DAMN YOU, MATT”. It was BRILLIANT! They improv’d a whole bunch of damn you, Matt scenarios…one of which Rob was dying because he was impaled on something, like a pole or something and no-one could work out why and they all started losing it on stage because it was so ridiculous. Oh gosh. They should have their own show. They really should.

Last but of course, in no way least was Mr Collins. He came on when the three guys were auctioning off t-shirts they’d decorated for charity. Misha did the auction. It was ridiculously disorganised! But somehow he managed to figure out who got which t-shirt. He then stayed on stage until one of the convention reps said they hadn’t played his intro tape and so he went, “Shit” and ran off the stage and hid while they played his intro, then he ran back on stage pretending he’d not already been there for 10 minutes!
I was in the front row and he looked down and saw me snapping away and kind of pulled this frowny face at me and then grinned like crazy (we can only take photos for the first 5 minutes) and so I pulled my camera away and gave him a cheesy grin back to which he said, “I’m just kidding, go on” and then totally struck a pose for me! Agh. I love Misha!


Somehow we ended up talking about the Easter bunny and Santa Claus with him. We yelled out about how we have the Easter Bilby (a small marsupial) and kangaroos pull our Santa’s sled and he thought we were teasing him so the audience gave him a quick rendition of an Aussie Christmas song called “Six White Boomers” (a boomer is a roo). He said it was one of the more bizarre conversations he’d had at a convention! I think we all felt proud!
By the way, a fan made Misha’s sock monkey tie. She gave it to him at AECON4 and then started seeing the photos of him wearing it at the Aussie con and was SO EXCITED!

Of course, one of the big things that came out of Misha’s panel was that Ben Edlund was not returning for season 9. It was a CLANGER! I’m pretty sure he wasn’t supposed to tell us and I’m pretty sure the minute he did he regretted it because the gasp from the audience was shocking. He was standing almost in front of me when he told us and I gasped and put my hand on my heart. He saw me and then looked around at the rest of the audience, with their faces ashen and their jaws agape and said, “Oh shit, you didn’t know that? Oh shit.” To be honest, it took me a fair amount of time to regain my equilibrium. I nearly burst into tears! The panel got back on track (though I never quite did) and ended in the normal Misha wrongness style when he had to decorate a t-shirt and, well, let’s just say he drew a used feminine hygiene product on it…why? I do not know. Seb drew a naked effigy of himself…that made perfect sense!
Then the panels were over. After that it was autographs and our last chance to thank the guys for a totally great day.
The Aussie convention is an exhausting and frenetic affair, being all crammed into one day. After Sydney, the guys all got on a plane that night to head to Melbourne where they had to do the whole thing again on the Sunday. I have to say; I always love the Aussie con because in many ways, it’s so relaxed. That’s just kind of us though and the guests all role with it and seem to enjoy that laidback thing we have going on.
So, I said goodbye to all my friends on Sunday morning as we all headed off to various parts of Australia. Hilariously, my friends Shelley and Scott live only an hour flight away up north, but we were like…”Hey see you in a few months in Texas!” because our next stop is DallasCon!
If you’d like to listen to Jules from SuperWiki and I chat about All Hell Breaks Loose 4, it’s the subject of this week’s Women Of Letters Half Hour podcast. Jules attended the Melbourne day, so she has some extra stories to tell, like the Misha/Sasha switcheroo! The link is here.
Thanks for reading! I hope hellatus is being kind to you!


# LEAH 2013-06-06 12:14
Hi sweetondean, thank you for the entertaining con report! It sounds so loose and fun. It is always great to experience it vicariously. I have been watching clips of Richard S. lately and I think I have fallen in love with him, so cute. I hope to get to Vancon next summer. I am using the power of positive thinking (and a credit card) to get me there. :-)

I just wanted to add how much I have been enjoying the WOL podcasts. I hope they will continue. I look forward to them and recommend them to other fans.
# LEAH 2013-06-06 14:26
For some reason that first photo of Misha makes me think he is only seconds from breaking into Gangnam style. Probably just me.
# sweetondean 2013-06-06 16:37
Richard. I can't say enough nice things about him. He's become an absolute favourite person of mine. He's so friendly and down to earth and so much fun. I've fallen in love with him too.

Thanks for listening to the WOL podcasts! We have a lot of fun recording them!
# novi 2013-06-06 12:28
Don't know how you do it, Sweetondean, but you and your con reports always manage to make me grin and giggle like crazy, and feel your Australian sun shining! Thank you, you made my day!
# sweetondean 2013-06-06 16:35
Thank you!
# eilf 2013-06-06 13:07
Your con reports are so much fun Sweetondean - you would think working for a TV station you would have had a chance to meet some of the guys before this!

I saw your twitter plea for interesting questions :-) and I saw some clips of Mark Sheppard in Germany and he was practically begging people to ask him acting / show related questions and not 'which Pokemon would you be' style-ones. It looks like he was getting some of that there - the one con where there is no recording (so sad!).

I am surprised that Misha put his foot in it - I assumed he was making an announcement! Guess he isn't too popular with the PTB at the moment ...
# sweetondean 2013-06-06 16:34
Yes, I guess he simply thought we all knew! But our horrified reaction made him realise it was a complete surpirse to us. I think he felt bad for bringing us down!

I'm sure it was all cool though. It probably wasn't a secret, we just hadn't heard about it yet!
# Sylvie 2013-06-06 15:12
Thank you so much Amy, I love reading your comments on these conventions. They sound like they are so much fun, and you meeting the guys at the station you work at, pure genius. Lucky, lucky you. ;-)

You know, when I was much younger than I am now, Australia was the country of my dreams to visit. Maybe I will manage to make it there one day, you Aussies sure seem like a great bunch of people. :roll:
# sweetondean 2013-06-06 16:39
We're not going anywhere, so come on down!

Supernatural isn't on the network I work for and, though they've been out here a few times, none of the places I've worked has ever had any of the cast come in, before now.

I've met a bunch of other people, but this was by far the coolest...excep t for the day Elmo and the Cookie Monster were in the studio. That was awesome!
# KG_SPN 2013-06-07 01:12
I used to work at the Sports and Entertainment Centre in Melbourne (as an usher) and we had Sesame Street do a few shows there. I was on my break, rushing around a corner, and I almost collided with the Cookie Monster, lol.

He grabbed me and gave me a huge 'monster' hug. The staff in the vendor stand got such a laugh out of my embarrassment. But I really love that I got to hug the Cookie Monster :D
# sweetondean 2013-06-07 01:19
I got a photo with Cookie and Elmo. Possibly the greatest photo ever! They have their little furry arms around me!
# KG_SPN 2013-06-07 01:38
lol, that's awesome. No photo for me, but I'll never forget being completed engulfed by the Cookie Monster's hug :lol:

One day my job was standing next to the steps up to the stage and stopping any children that wanted to get closer to the characters. I was the Sesame Street bouncer, lol. But it was so terrible... the kids just wanted to go and get a hug from Bert and Ernie... I felt like the monster that day :eek:
# Sylvie 2013-06-07 08:24
Ahhh, I freaking love Cookie Monster! So lucky. My brother works at a recording studio, and a while back they had a little gang from Sesame Street doing some charity thing. The guy (sorry, don't remember his name) that does Kermit's voice called my brother's girlfriend and left her a message as Kermit. She is hoarding it like gold. :lol:
Far Away Eyes
# Far Away Eyes 2013-06-06 18:14
Wow. You had so much fun and now I can't wait for VanCon even more now.

I'm jealous of your style of cocktail parties. That's how it SHOULD be at the Creation ones, too.

So glad you got to see them all at work and that they remembered you. That's just the best part of going to more than one Con. They start to know who you are!

And now I can't wait to meet Mark Sheppard. Photo OP is required, I think. So exciting!
# KG_SPN 2013-06-07 01:30
Great write-up, sweetondean. I love your photographs... particularly that close-up shot of Mark Shepherd. You really captured him well :-)

I took my 14-year-old nephew to the Melbourne convention and we had such a great time. This year was better than last year for me because (in the last 12 months) I've been online with other SPN fans and it was great to meet a few people on the day.

I was testing out a new camera (practicing for VanCon) when Misha (aka Sasha) came onto the stage. And, because we only have 5 minutes to take photos, I admit I wasn't really paying close attention... so I didn't notice anything was amiss until we had two Misha's on stage, lol.

So Misha got us good with that prank. His brother looks and sounds like him (at least while wearing a beanie) :-?

I've never really been a fan of karaoke because I'm afraid of getting dragged up to sing. But the SPN karaoke is hilarious. I loved it - and I feel a lot less intimated by the prospect of the huge karaoke party in Vancouver now.

I'm still trying to imagine what 3 days at VanCon is going to be like after one crazy day in Melbourne. But I'm looking forward to my first Creation event even more now :D
# sweetondean 2013-06-07 04:36
3 days at VanCon will be AWESOME! :lol:
# Trucklady 2013-06-07 01:38
Hi Amy! Just love your convention report. As I was reading, I could just imagine being there and experiencing it right there with you. Your writing is always so vivid and detailed that we can feel your excitment through your words.

Is the WOL you referred to the 3rd one? I don't recall seeing anything posted about there being another one so if so I must go listen to it. Thanks again, you are a real gem!
# sweetondean 2013-06-07 04:36
Yes we did a 3rd one! They are all on the same page.
Thanks so much for your lovely words!
# Trucklady 2013-06-08 00:25
I did go up and listened. Another great one! I commented on the podcast sight.
# st50 2013-06-07 09:01
Awesome report, sweetondean! Your excitement just bounces off the screen. :D
(I want your job. ;-) )