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Another Jared and Jensen panel has come and gone, and that means another complete hour of entertainment that a dry recap like what I’m about to share can’t possibly capture.  There’s always too many little gems that happened and too many “you had to be there moments.”  Still, since I was there, a summary will at least give a vague idea.  Plus, there’s lots of pretty pictures.  

First, a disclaimer.  A lot of this is from my own notes and memories.  While the details are accurate, I might be off in some places in the sequence of events.  It did my best to keep everything in order though.  Second disclaimer, all pictures are taken by either me or our Winchester Family Business unpaid intern.  You may borrow, but please give all credit to the Winchester Family Business.  Third disclaimer, all spoilers have been removed here to protect the innocent.  There are links to our spoiler page for the spoilery versions. 

The whole panel kicked off with a very funny fan video, a big winner in the video contest.  The whole thing was done to “Bromance” by Chester See and Ryan Higa, which I had never heard of before today.  The lyrics are hysterical!  The clips were mostly of gag reel footage of Jared, Jensen, and Misha.  Even Jared and Jensen started the panel after the introduction commending how awesome that video was and wanting to know which fan did it.  

First question was a from a fan dressed as a Moosekateer.  This fan was in full moose costume with authentic moose head, dressed in a musketeer outfit.  Might I add, that was just one of a few very interesting costumes this weekend, the scariest being someone dressed in a freakish clown costume (I have a few pictures about that on the upcoming Saturday report).  The person started with their question, the mouth of the moosehead moved and Jensen couldn’t believe this was happening.  “Your mouth is moving,” he observed.  “How else is a moose supposed to talk?”  Jared asked incredulously.  Oh yes, first question of the day and we’re already treading in some surreal territory.  It didn’t stop there when Jensen asked who she was supposed to be.  “Moose’artagnan?”   

The moose finally got her question out.  What alternate realities do they want to see Sam and Dean in?  They didn’t have one, but here’s one spoiler revealed.  Sam and Dean are going to be involved with a case that has the setting of a ...(see spoiler article).  

Man, our Winchester Family Business unpaid intern really started something.  She was the one that asked Richard in his panel Saturday if he would ever ride on a train with Jared again.  The triggered Richard’s dramatic (and somewhat drawn out) retelling the train story again since several in the crowd hadn’t heard it.  So, another fan asked for Jared’s version of the story.  His version wasn’t as embellished as Richard’s, but it mostly backed what Richard shared.  The part of the story that cracked me up was when the attendant rushed in trying to find the culprit and Jared just stood out.  “I’m pretty tall in Europe,” he explained.  Jensen - “Just in Europe?  Is there anywhere you aren’t?”  It all ended happy though, they got the bag back.  (Picture in the beginning of this article is Jared telling the story and Jensen dropping his head into his hands over how stupid Jared could be for stopping all the trains in Europe over a bag).  

The next question Jared went to answer again, getting a few protests from Jensen.  Jared put his feet up on Jensen’s chair in a gloating manner so Jensen left the stage, went over to the microphone and pretended to be a fan asking a question.  “What is it like working with Jared?”  He eventually worked his way back to the stage, soaking up the huge applause.  

What was it like when they first started working together?  They hit it off instantly.  As they were talking, they found they had a lot in common.  Both were from Texas, had siblings, didn’t like the Hollywood bs.

In the “awww how sweet” department, a fan had a gift for Thomas to give to Jared.  They were sleepwear sets that had a moose on them.  It said “Daddy’s Little Moose.”  I know fans are discouraged to do such things now and it’s against the rules, but that was so damned adorable and perfect.     

Someone  AGAIN asked the prank question (I swear, does Creation plant these people?).  What was the most elaborate prank?  Jensen brought up Jared leaving the change in Misha’s car, Jensen stink bombed Jared’s trailer, but they’ve decided it’s better to be allies since then.  They’ve been pranked a few times.  Jensen told the story about the water being dumped on them in the shaft during the filming of “No Exit” (an infamous Kim Manners prank) and the time that Kim took their minibikes and suspended them up high in the studio.  

They were asked again what their favorite seasons were.  The answer hasn’t changed since last time.  Jensen’s is season one, Jared’s is season four.  

Would they do the CN tower edge walk?  Jensen’s immediate answer was “Oh yes.”  He would in a heartbeat.  That’s his sort of thing.  Jared talked about going to the CN tower and laying on the floor over the glass.  It was the freakiest feeling.  He remembered stomping on the glass with one foot to make sure it was safe, and even got up to give a  demonstration on stage.  Jensen then demonstrated Jared doing that, and then falling through the glass anyway.  He could see that happening to Jared.  

Jensen went on further about how he has jumped out of a plane twice.  He wasn’t sure why he did twice, considering once pretty much gives you the experience you need, but he did it anyway.  He did scoff at bungee jumping though.  He got up to the edge were he was supposed to plunge into a small pool and said “Hell no.”

Jared let a big spoiler slip with the next story, but I’ll do the non-spoilery version here (for the spoilery version, go to our spoiler page).  They were asked about difficult situations on the set.  Jensen’s answer was Misha has one, and it’s Jared.  Jared then told the story about how they were filming recently.  There was a new director (they called him Paul) who was warned about Jared’s hijinks, but he didn’t think it would be a problem.  There was a scene where Misha had to give a stoneface reaction.  The director was trying to block Jared with a flag” to prevent him from screwing up Misha, so Jensen jumped in and...wiggled his junk let’s say (sorry Jensen demonstrated the move on stage, so it’s beyond description).  Oh yes, that got a huge uproar from the crowd.  
Jensen was asked about the role of Priestly in “Ten Inch Hero,” so naturally Jared jumped in and volunteered to handle this question.   He really had to fight for that role, but was the first one cast.  It’s so easy to get typecast when you’re known for a certain role like Dean and he had to prove as an actor he could do lots of things.  

A fan read from a scripted question and very elaborate and professional question about Dean’s alcoholism, how it affected others, and would the ramifications of being an alcoholic be explored further.  “Dean’s not an alcoholic,” Jensen answered.  “I’m in denial,” he then confesses with a low voice.  Jensen mentioned that there won't be much emphasis on Dean's drinking this season.  There won't be an excessive amount.  It seems that a year in Purgatory where there were no liquor stores was enough to fix that problem!  He thought that they would explore the issue more last season, but with only 42 minutes per episode and so much happening, they ran out of time.  

I really appreciated this next comment from Jensen, which hinted that maybe the whole alcoholism thing is a little overblown.  The vision of Eric Kripke is plain and simple.  These are guys.  They drink beer, they wear boots not tennis shoes, and they listen to rock and roll music.  That’s who they are.  It’s really nothing more than that.  

Someone asked about how their lives have changed since the show started, how things have happened like they’ve gotten married and had children.  Jensen instantly objected to that (jokingly), making it clear not everyone had children.  Any he knows of at least.  Jared then took the question since he has had a child, mentioning that so much has changed.  He’s 30 now (yes, that got an eye roll from Jensen and plenty of others in the room, as well as some groans).  It’s not just changes with them though.  Its the children and marriages and things that have happened with the crew members in that time.  They’ve shared a lot of experiences through the years and they’re like family.  Jensen even confessed about Jared, “He’s like a brother to me.”  The whole audience melted.  “There, I said it,” Jensen responded with adorably cranky attitude.  

Was there any scene that really made them nervous or where they had to face their inner fears?  Jared eventually thought of a few.  He didn’t like the spikes hanging over him in “Criss Angel Is a Douchebag” when he was tied to that table.  Jared also talked about a scene coming up in an episode where a man falls over a huge ledge.  He was pretty nervous filming the part of that scene where Sam and Dean come in as FBI guys to investigate and Sam looks over the edge to see what happened.  That was supposed to be shown as a wide shot so Jared couldn't use any kind of safety harness.  It was a pretty big drop down below.  A crew member rushed up to him when he was standing near the ledge and it freaked him out.

Jensen could only recall when Jared got scared out about things.  Nothing really   scares him.  He even mentioned when he had the giant snake crawling down him in “Yellow Fever.”  That didn’t bother him, but Jared jumped away fast and the snake didn’t even touch him.  Both thought the dolls were creepy.  Jensen didn’t like the clowns though, and Jared had no problem with them.  

They were asked what it was about each other that they appreciated.  This somehow led to Jared and Jensen doing impersonations of each other!  First Jensen went, and it was a lot of the flicking of the hair.  Then Jared went, and it was the typical “male model” face/poses they constantly do in the gag reels.  Jensen actually liked that.  “I do have striking features.”  

Jared strangely took a chance to play product placement model when they were asked what the similarities between them and their characters was.  While they were absorbing the question, and Jared started going through a roundabout thought process, Jensen offered the obvious reminder.  “You know, we’re not Sam and Dean.”  Jared adorably feigned shock.  “Whoa, whoa, we’re not???”  The answer got stranger from there.  “They both have great hair!” Jared quickly answered.  Then, once Jared got beyond the fact that he and Sam both loved to read, he ended up talking about a wifi device he uses.  I guess he and Sam both like to charge their phones as well.  Clif even brought it on stage to show everyone.  Jared started prancing around the stage showing off the item, all while Jensen tried to figure out what in the world this had to do with Sam Winchester.  Jensen - “I drink when he goes into this mode.” 

What character would they want to be other than Sam and Dean?  Jared would like to be Ruby, then he would get to sleep with Sam.  Jensen then answered Ruby too, and the entire room cracked up, as did Jared and Jensen on the stage.  Once they settled down, Jensen gave a straight answer.  “Alastair.”  He really loves what Christopher Heyerdahl brought to the role.  

A discussion started about auditioning for roles.  They have learned to be very thick skinned and throw away sides for parts as soon as they’ve auditioned.  They can’t worry if they’ll get a call back.  Have they always been so thick skinned?  They learned they’ve  had to be.  Jensen - “Outside of that, I’m as fragile as a flower.”  

What’s the strangest thing a female fan ever did to get their attention?  Jensen simulated someone lifting up their shirt.  Jared really couldn’t think of anything.  Jensen said they were guys, and it was pretty easy to get their attention.  Just show up.  Then someone shouted in the audience, what about a guy?  Jensen did the same shirt lift gesture, while Jared got up and simulated someone pulling their pants down.  Jensen - “Both got the same result.”  Oh yes, no one in that room including the boys could stop from cracking up.  One of those, “You had to be there” moments.  

With that, it was time for more photo ops (a rare photo op with Jensen, Jared, and Misha was available for sale) and autographs.  As far as panels went, that was a wrap for Toronto con.  Even though it was previously announced that this would be the last one, Creation scheduled one for next year anyway!  It’ll be at the Westin Harbour Castle in Downtown Toronto, October 11 - 13.  I’m sure Creation Entertainment will have details about that on their website soon.  


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# Becky 2012-10-09 03:10
Sounds like it was a GREAT time! The description of Jared and Jenen demonstrating how a guy fan 'got their attention' made me LOL! Didn't have to be there to think that was funny, but I would've loved to have seen it! :D
Thanks for the recap!
# Sylvie 2012-10-09 12:52
I just skipped to the end and found out Creation Entertainment is doing Toronto next year! I was so bummed out when I got the notice saying 2012 was the last, because I only started saving to go to next year's. So youppi! Now I have an excuse to get my ass in gear and get that money together.

Oh, and, I'll be reading your recap, I always enjoy them so very much.
# Bevie 2012-10-10 14:49
Thank you so much Alice for this report and the pics.

These guys are just so "awwwwwwwsome"! I love them!
# Shelby 2012-10-15 13:25
Just a clarification, Jensen said he did both, he has sky-dived and he bungee jumped (he said he bungeed twice).