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Another Jared and Jensen con breakfast has come and gone, and just like the others, it was a total blast.  One can never tire of such beauty and laughs happening so early on a Sunday morning in an airport hotel in Canada.  Below are the details as I remember them (some of the items might be out of order) and the oh so pretty pictures I took.  Luckily, I had really good seats this time, front row to the right of the stage.  There are also some other pictures from the back showing a more straight on view from our unpaid intern, who didn’t have quite as good a seat as her mother, but hey, she was happy she got to go.  

All pictures courtesy of The Winchester Family Business.  You may borrow, but give credit!

Jensen revealed that the scene in the premiere episode, one involving the brothers after Dean had his conversation with Benny, was cut.  He didn’t really say what was in it, but he was rather impressed he could offer such inside info to all of us. 

Jared and Jensen didn’t get to see the premiere because Mark Pedowitz, head of the CW came up and they all went out.   I’ll never tire of stories hearing that the network brass actually loves the show.  Jared checked his Twitter to see what the fan reactions were, and most comments were about his hair!  

They talked about filming the Purgatory scenes.  It’s in woods where people play paintball.  They’ve used it before, like in “The Man Who Knew Too Much” and “How To Win Friends and Influence Monsters” (see Bardicvoice’s full report on visiting these woods as part of the Vancon location tour).  Jensen said it takes about an hour to get all the makeup needed for the purgatory scenes.  He had told them when getting ready to film the first flashback to go all out, dump a lot of blood in his hair, make him look really rough.  He figured he’d only have to go through that once.  Then it turned out there’s a Purgatory scene in every episode.  So now he has to go through that process every time.  

Jared talked about Thomas a little, and was asked if he had pictures.  Of course he did!  He pulled out his iPhone to show one.  “Even I have pictures of him,” Jensen confessed.  “Jared’s always sending them to me.”  

A fan shouted that she was sorry about the Texas Rangers.  Ooh, sore subject.  Jensen - “Clif, kill her.”  I confess I almost shouted out “Detroit!” since my Tigers were victorious yesterday, but there’s nothing like a big, looming bodyguard nearby to shut you up.  

What are Sam and Dean’s middle names?  Between the two of them, they came up with “Samuel Dean Winchester” and “Dean Samuel Winchester.”  They really honestly didn’t know.  

The talk of middle names segued into Misha.  They brought up how Misha’s father had a problem with West’s middle name, which Misha confessed came up because it was the most outlandish name he could think of.  Anaximander.  Misha’s counter argument was no one remembers middle names, and he told his Dad even he didn’t know what his middle name was.  He didn’t!  

Jared asked all of us for suggestions for Misha to name his daughter.  I shouted out “East!”  Jared though he heard “Yeast.”  Everyone in the room clarified, “East!”  He suggested to Misha “Ern” so they could say “West Ern Hemisphere come here!”  That didn’t go over too well with Misha.  

Someone asked about Genevieve.  She’s in Austin with Thomas right now, but he hopes they will be at Chicago Con.  Someone asked Jensen about Danneel.  She’s in LA representing them for a baby shower.  There’s been a ton of baby events lately.  Jared then tried to touch Jensen with baby cooties, creating a small amount of hijinks on stage.   Someone in the audience was bold enough to ask Jensen where’s his baby?  Jensen had the right answer.  “I have the same baby as Dean.  The car.”  

This one comes from my daughter, aka the Winchester Family Business Unpaid Intern, who has been getting a lot of attention this weekend over her seal hat (it’s a con tradition to wear it, ever since her first con in San Francisco when we bought it).  Jared and Jensen were both making fun of the fact that the question was coming from a “talking hat.”  The question, what are the strangest things to happen to them on the set.  Jensen - “Strange?  There’s eight years of strange.”  Jared brought up the whole conundrum in “The French Mistake” (Jared and Jensen playing Sam and Dean playing Jared and Jensen playing Sam and Dean) and “Nutcracker!”  

Yesterday, a girl from Maine got her family up on stage during Misha’s presentation because they traveled a while to be there.  She shouted out how she traveled 13 hours to be there.  Jensen had a comeback for that.  “We traveled from the West Coast.  Suck it!”  Hee, snarky Jensen.  

What were their favorite episodes to film?  Jared went back to “Changing Channels” and  “The French Mistake” just because they were so wildly different.  I don’t believe we got an answer from Jensen, who really couldn’t come up with one.  It was mentioned how they just finished filming episode 8, so that’s 157 episodes to choose from.  

Someone told the story about how Supernatural has changed her life, and if it wasn’t for the show she wouldn’t be here.  Jensen had another quick answer for that.  “If there was no show, you definitely wouldn’t be here.”  Yeah, we were loving the snarky Jensen today!  

Which characters would they love to come back?  That’s what they love about the show, dead or not people come back.  They also like how they can see these actors that have passed through the show at these cons.  Even Sebastian, despite the fact that got an eye roll from Jensen (I tell you, snarky!)  Jared in that conversation mentioned how one of his favorite episodes ever is when Bobby died.  It was sad, but it made for some really good television.  

What other jobs would they like to have on the set other than actors?  Jared would like to be involved in the production stuff, since he was going to go to college to become an Engineer.  Jensen would be a stunt coordinator and a carpenter.  The carpenter is because he love to carry a hammer and a drill on his tool belt.  

Jensen was hoarse when filming the “Diva rant” scene in Yellow Fever because that scene was filmed immediately after he was screaming in the warehouse over the cat.  It wasn’t in the script to scream, but Phil Sgriccia the director requested one and liked what Jensen came up with.  

With that it was time for the boys to rush off to the hundreds of fans waiting in line for photo ops.  Coming up later, the Jared and Jensen panel report.  



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# Grace 2012-10-08 01:48
Great report, I never tire hearing about the boys and what they think. I was just curious if Angeles was brought up at breakfast. I thought I saw a tweet but now I'm thinking it could of been from M&G.
Pragmatic Dreamer
# Pragmatic Dreamer 2012-10-08 11:18
Thanks so much for this Alice. So much wit. So much beauty. So much snark. So sad to hear they cut a brother scene.

This went perfectly with the turkey & pumpkin pie!

(I've never been to a convention so I can only judge based on what I'm reading. But do JA & JP seem more excited and rejuvenated this year. There seems to be a fresh exuberance in these recent con reports. But perhaps I'm just imagining it.)

Happy Thanksgiving & happy travels home!

Pragmatic Dreamer :lol:
# JoRuth 2012-10-08 13:22
What a perfect way to re -live a wonderful con breakfast. Thanks so much! And a great con! I was also in a great seat for the breakfast! In the front too on the opposite side from you. I loved your daughter's seal hat. :)
Jensen was in fine form, I agree. (of course!) And Jared was, as always, sweetly and funnily himself. Following on from a great season opener I was just over the moon all weekend.