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All Hell Breaks Loose 3

Part 2 – Cossack dancing, sing-a-longs and penis t-shirts….. 

- by sweetondean

(photos by sweetondean)

Warning…contains some course language and adult themes

Previously on All Hell Breaks Loose 3 – sweetondean had just wrapped up an eventful breakfast with Misha, Richard, Jim, Traci and Corin…


With breakfast finished, we all had to rush over to the University of New South Wales where the convention panels were being held. This is about 10 minutes away and a 20-minute cab ride in the splendid Sydney traffic.

My pals Courtney, Emma and Sarah and I all dived into the first cab...waving to the rest of the breakfast goers standing in the cab line as we tore our way across town to jump head first into the next part of the con. As we pulled into the gate for the area of the University where the auditorium is, what did we see? BABY! There, gleaming in the sunlight was a black, shiny Impala. Meeep! Ok…so in actuality, she only had 3 doors, so you know, but my goodness she was pretty and yes we all had photos taken with her.

The cast were immediately behind us in a mini-van, so we were hurried into the auditorium by the convention staff and told to take our seats. I found mine and gasped. It was front row, right in the centre. I was just about on the stage…seriously, I was pretty much in the cast’s laps…where’s Jensen when you need him… *sigh*. The first thing that happened was a hug-a-palooza! Out of everywhere came people I knew. It must have been a funny sight to see a bunch of fan-girls, front and centre hugging it out. Like I said, as much as I love and adore hanging out with the cast, this for me is the highlight of the conventions (except when Jensen is around then he’s the highlight…sorry friends, but you know me well enough to know that!). So we hugged and squeed and hugged some more. I got a few texts from behind me (because nearly everyone was behind me) and I scoured the seats to see where everyone was. I ran and said a quick hi to my friend Amanda, nipped up to see my friend Mel and to meet the wonderful Jules of Superwiki fame, said a hi to Kate, whom I met from the comments section here and eventually sat down. I got out my new camera, which I’d bought for Burcon and a brand new lens, which I was worried was going to be way too zoomy for my seat, but it wasn’t, as evidenced by my pics and I started the waiting. 

Suddenly Corin popped out to welcome us and we were off! The guy should always wear green by the way and I totally love how he has a snazzy hanky hanging out of his back pocket, plus he was wearing colourful striped socks! Bless. After Corin did his bit, it was photo time! First up Misha. It’s ridiculous to say that even though I was just chatting to him a couple of hours ago, I was still a bit nervous about my photo with Misha, not Jensen nervous, because that’s some weird level of nerves that causes my motor functions and communication skills to become non-existent, these nerves are more like, I don’t want to look like a nit and I’m not sure what he’s going to do, nerves. Of course he was totally lovely as usual, so….hug, flash, thanks, smile, moving right along. Next was Richard. Now Richard’s photographer was having trouble with his light reflecting thingy so most of us that went up and got our photos had a little cuddle while we waited. I love Richard. He’s an absolute favourite of mine. Such a nice and funny guy and damn handsome… Anyhooo…after the Richard cuddle, umm photo, I hightailed it to grab my friend Shelley because we were sharing a Misha op. This was Shelley’s first con and though the two of us had been chatting on twitter and FB for ages, this was the first time we’d met! Yay. I decided to freshen up before my next Misha photo and grabbed some gum, then grabbed Shelley and her bro, who was super excited to be there too…ok, side note, I am so proud of Aussie men (not a statement you’ll hear that often from an Aussie woman) because at this convention, there were a lot of guys. The most I have ever seen at any convention. If you looked around, it didn’t appear to be an oestrogen fest. There were guys! Anyway, Shelley and I got on either side of Misha and snuggled in. Snap, flash… Photographer: ”We’re going to have to do that again, you looked like this” points at me and chews. Gum. Damn. I turned to Misha and Shelley, “Oh I’m so sorry I was chewing my gun” Misha: ”You’re so unprofessional” Me mumbling…”Umm yes sorry, you can’t take me anywhere” Gah! So I did a Jensen and tucked my gum up the back of my mouth (surely you’ve noticed that boy is always chewing gum). Smiled again…this time without the jaw movement and moved along.

Next photos were Jim and Traci. Jim first. Jim gives good hugs. He’s such a snugly bear of a man. Traci and I cuddled and had a little chat, she called me sister again and then I was on my way. Last stop was Corin. Ok, let me just rave one more time. This guy is a darling. Can he come to every convention please and can I, like, go out to dinner with him or something? He’s so nice, lovely to talk to and very easy on the eyes. I just love that he hugs everyone and I’m talking after the photo, it’s hi, hug, photo, thanks, grin, great big hug! Nawww. He’s awesome. Then I had my Angel sandwich! Squished in between Misha and Richard. They were having a huge conversation and I just stood there between them with their arms around me as they continued to chat. I said “Just talk amongst yourselves.” Misha: “Thank you we will” Richard: “Yes don’t mind us” and that was the end of my photos. I really wanted the one with all the guests, but it was expensive and I have Vancon looming, Vegascon booked with ops to be purchased and Dallascon2013 calling my name…a gal has to draw the line somewhere! 

While I write this by the way, I am sitting drinking tea from a Metallicar mug, snuggled under a Dean blanky…

So now was the time for more sitting and waiting. Everything was running really late but no one cared. We watched fan vids and Changing Channels while we sat. I popped out to grab a water from the café and bumped into Corin outside. He was getting some photos with some boys….told you….boys! I just said hi and moved along and let him have his break in peace.  Our first guest on stage was Traci…


Wonderful, beautiful Traci. Traci talked about being an actress and how everyone assumes that because she’s an actress she has money, but as a working actress she sometimes wonders where her next pay check is coming from and how she’s going to make her rent that month, But she loves it and wouldn’t do anything else. (Ooo while I think about it, at breakfast she mentioned how she taught Ashton Kutcher yoga and he wouldn’t take off his socks….we pondered the reason, Corin thought it might be because he has Hobbit feet!). Traci’s influences are Meryl Streep and Marion Cotillard. She said her favourite thing about acting is being able to wear another person and she slipped on a few personas to show us including Pamela. She also loves being able to tell a story. But her most favourite thing is the fan interaction. She spoke about how lucky she is to have us and to have that instant feedback and close contact with everyone via the conventions and twitter etc. 

She talked about the porch scene in Lazarus Rising when Pamela first meets the boys. She said she asked Jim if she could sort of pick him up when she hugged him, of course he was all for that! She talked about the Dean kiss. She said that she thought for sure it would’ve been Sam she was kissing so she was surprised it was Dean. She said everyone said how lucky she was to get to kiss Jensen, but she thought HE was lucky! She also said, you really can bounce a nickel off that thing. Nice! Traci told us that when they killed her off Eric rang to tell her personally. She was in the car so pulled over so she could concentrate on the phone call, which was a good thing, because when she hung up she burst into tears and had a really good cry. Then she talked about how she’d hoped that we would have got to see Pamela’s Heaven. She figured her and Ash would be up there going to concerts and rocking in out together. She told us how difficult it was to do the scene where Pamela’s eyes burned out. She had to keep them wide open for the CGI guys and keeping your eyes open while you scream is tricky, so she crossed them! So basically the raw footage of that scene is Pamela screaming with her eyes crossed! Why was that not on the gag reel? There was lots of talk about farts, fart jokes, Jared’s massive eating causing his equally massive farts, of which, she says, he’s very proud. She said farts are big on set. Hey, everyone loves a good fart joke right? She also talked about how it’s such a family atmosphere up there in Vancouver, with dogs running around and everyone just enjoying everyone else’s company. 

Then she talked about love and how love is love. She discussed same sex marriage and the support she feels out there in the Supernatural community for same sex marriage and equality in all relationships. She talked about how she married a couple in New York recently, whom had contacted her via twitter. Years ago she got a one of those online certificates so that she could conduct weddings, but this was the first time she’d used it. Then, before the panel was over she popped off stage to grab her drum. She asked us if we’d mind if she conducted a ritual to finish off the session. She then had us repeat after her the words to And When I Rise. Then, she drummed and sang while we sang along with her. Except I couldn’t sing very well, because it was about now that I started to get teary! It was one of the most wonderful things I’ve experienced. Traci’s voice is beautiful. She drummed and sung as the whole auditorium harmonised with her. It was a moving and simply amazing experience. I find Traci an inspiration. Her spirit shines through. She’s so connected with herself and with the world around her. She looks bright and happy and healthy. What a fantastic woman. After the convention she was off to Uluru. She’s going to write an article on the experience. She had to get all the appropriate permissions from the A?angu people, the traditional land owners of Uluru, because she’ll be visiting and photographing some of the sacred areas not open to the public. I can’t wait to hear what she thinks of our Outback. I have a feeling visiting Uluru and talking to the original people of that land, will be something that she will connect with deeply.

Next up was lunch…which consisted of a Devil’s trap cookie made by my friend Kat. Then Corin and Richard hit the stage.

Corin and Richard:


I think Richard should do stand up. The guy is funny! And I’m pretty sure you could pair him with anyone and he’d be ok. I thought the Corin/Richard duo was odd for a panel, but of course it wasn’t. They bounced off each other wonderfully.

Richard talked about doing a scene with the Js and their height difference. How when everyone hit their mark you actually couldn’t see Richard in frame. Everyone was “Richard, just get on your mark” and he was “I am!” but you couldn’t see him. So they stood him on a box. Still no good. So then they stood him on a bunch of boxes! Corin mentioned that he’s 6ft and Richard was highly unimpressed. He said the Js are uncomfortably tall...and also dreamy…so handsome. His words! One of the girls asking a question had it written down on a flash card, so Richard went and took it off her. He read the whole card and decided to answer the Jim question instead, which was what was his/Bobby’s favourite dance. Richard then did a full on Cossack dance. No kidding. The arms crossed leg kick out thing and the whole deal! 

The next girl got dragged on to stage and was made to sit down as Corin and Richard exited. They went back into the green room with their mics on and basically issued instructions to her. Before they would come back, they made the poor girl get up and dance like a maniac. Bless her for doing it! I’m thinking a bunch of people high tailed it out of the question line after that! The guys were asked what the most disgusting thing they’d ever eaten was; Richard said Vegemite (sacrilege!) and Corin said he dug Vegemite (see…he’s awesome). Corin said he’d eaten calves brains in Belize and Armadillo meatballs, which he considered tantamount to eating road kill. A girl in the line was dressed as Cass. She had on a t-shirt that had the blue tie on it and was wearing the trench and a mini skirt. Richard was impressed with Cass’ legs! He made her parade across the stage! 

The guys talked about their on screen deaths. Corin was totally surprised when Christian turned out to be a demon. He had no idea. He still doesn’t know if he was ever human or was always a demon and just faking it the whole time (we all yelled out yes he was). Richard said that he was totally bummed when he read the script where Gabe got killed in. He said he went (excuse the language) “Fuck they killed me….oh no wait, I’m not dead. Oh fuck, he killed me. Dick! Oh hang on, I’m in a porno!” Richard has a whole scenario created as to how they can bring the Trickster/Gabriel back. He’s really over thought it! He thinks maybe Gabe took over the Trickster and his meat suit or something…I don’t know, he ranted it out really quickly and then said something about blaming the drugs. There was then a question about going back in time. Richard wanted to go back and stop Hitler from writing Mein Kampf. Corin wanted to go back and invent the paperclip, except he’d call it the Corinclip. They discussed their favourite actors – Richard: Gary Oldman, Steve Martin in his early years, Misha, because he’s like a father to Richard. Corin: Johnny Depp, James Bridges, Sam Rockwell and he loves Sigourney Weaver. 

They were asked what their least/most favourite thing about Australia is. Corin said his least favourite was that he didn’t live here! Richard said Corin was hitting on Australia. Richard said his least favourite was the flight. He doesn’t like to fly or sit still so 14 hours on a plane is hard work (hey, we’re used to it!) and his most favourite thing was the unstoppable sexiness of the people. Word. By now of course the guys were in the crowd. They were walking the steps of the auditorium. Some poor girl chose exactly the wrong moment to go to the bathroom and then try to get back to her seat. Corin blocked her. Side step. Block. Side step. Block. Side step. Block. Side step. Block. Honestly, you have to admire her tenacity! She ended up getting one of the awesome Corin, all enveloping hugs…so actually it was a good move on her behalf. Then they were done. Richard and Corin’s panel was great fun. Lots of laughter. These two guys are a couple of my favourites for panels. I remember Corin’s one in Chicago was hugely entertaining. Thankfully Corin comes to Aussie a lot for various expos etc., so fingers crossed I’ll see him again soon. (Yes Amy has a crush).

Next on the stage was Jim.


# Melanie 2012-06-03 03:18
This made me laugh so hard there were tears.. sounds like you had a great time! I am going to Vancon too.. hopefully it will be just as great!
# sweetondean 2012-06-03 06:47
It was a fun con, very relaxed! Vancon will be great!
# buffsgirl 2012-06-03 18:10
I ADORE Misha. Since my sense of humor tends to run on the vulgar side (oh hell..... it is past the vulgar side and firmly planted in the obscene) I find him to be HYSTERICAL!! That t-shirt...... I want one!

Thanks for taking time to share your convention adventures. Always a pleasure to read.
# Karen 2012-06-03 20:02
Hi Sweetondean
It is a fantastic experience isn’t it with all the excitement in the air, the meeting the actors and fellow fans.
Jim Beaver seems like such a wonderful person, I would like to meet him one day.
He truly is a professional to understand and accept the writers reason for killing off Bobby.
I personally am not as understanding nor happy that they would kill off a beloved character just for dramatic purposes, but that’s just me.
I completely have to agree with you about Richard, Corin and Traci.
I too found them to be just lovely people when I saw them at the Toronto Con back in October 2011.
Misha is certainly a character isn’t he? It’s funny when he was here he was very entertaining but very calm and down to earth.
From all the youtube clips I had seen and articles written about him, I was expecting this rambunctious, off the wall crazy guy, so I have to admit I was quite surprised to see this calm and relaxed guy. I guess he must have tired himself out from the boat cruise from the night before. :D
Thank you for sharing your experience.
# BagginsDVM 2012-06-03 23:18
Thanks for your fun report! I've only been to Creation cons & DragonCon, so it's great to hear about other cons too. Meeting up with friends & fellow fans is what makes them so much fun!
# LisaM 2012-06-04 00:31
This was great! I especially like the personal touches meeting the guys. Vegas will be my first time for photo ops but being Creation, I fear they will come and go before I can blink. I wonder if Creation whom Misha was talking about. But great note taking. Loved it all!
# sweetondean 2012-06-04 01:29
It was absolutely Creation who asked him not to swear! I was at one of the Creation cons when he mentioned...and ignored them! They also asked Mark Pellegrino not to swear, he also ignored them!
The Creation photo ops are super fast, take a deep breath and do your best to remember them! I'll see you there!
# Sylvie 2012-06-04 15:06
Long you say? Not long enough! Thanks so much for sharing, sounds like you had a blast. All the guests seemed so genuinely nice.
# LisaM 2012-06-04 23:51
Good to know, SOD. You must travel alot. I asked Richard if he was going to play it straight as Master of Ceremonies in Vegas, and he assured me he will not follow the rules and fun will be had by all. :lol: