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(Photo courtesy of Lindsay Warren)

The next event was another Auction. I once again recorded the items and the amount they sold for:
4 Shooter glasses, 3 T-Shirts, Amulet Charm, 2 mugs -  $40.00
Impala Banner -  $400.00
Jared Banner -  $225.00
Stage Banner – All signed - $250.00
For the Hummingbird Rescue Charity:
Dr. Who and Being Human Banners. - $75.00
** Jensen Banner - $500.00 **
For the Hummingbird Rescue Charity:
Tote bag with a picture of Supernatural on one side and Comic Con on the other.-  $75.00
Jared and Jensen Banner, signed by both - $425.00.
6 pictures of various guest stars from Supernatural. - $100.00
Another 6 pictures of various guest stars from Supernatural.-  $150.00
Mish Banner - $325.00
8 pictures of various stars - $50.00
Stage Banner - $450.00
3 2011 Calenders, 2 T-Shirts, 2 mugs, Impala poster, Sam and Dean patches, Supernatural poster, Amulet charm - $150.00  - bought by Jen.
6 various Supernatural guest stars - $125.00
Stage Banner and autograph ticket for Julian Richings(Death) - $575.00
Stage Banner and autograph ticket for Julian Richings (Death) - $425.00
Welcome Banner and autograph ticket for Julian Richings (Death) - $375.00
For the Hummingbird Rescue Charity:
Anime Salt and Pepper shakers, Harry Potter tote bag - $125.00
Podium sign and the Last Stage Banner - $375.00
6 pictures of Supernatural stars - $200.00
** Jen got into a bidding war on this. As you can see it got pretty steep. Jen really wanted it so I told her to go for it. She asked me to stop her if it got too high. Now the only problem with that is we never discussed what was too high. At first I kept prompting her to keep bidding (it’s so easy to spend someone else’s money). But when it started getting into the 400 range, I really didn’t know what to do. Jen jokingly exclaimed, “You’re suppose to stop me” so I said “Ok stop” and then she raised her hand again. I knew she really wanted it, but I also knew she would know her limit and stop and she did. Whewww. So as a warning to all, don’t ever ask me to be your financial advisor or your conscience. J 
The next event was with Richard Speight Jr.(Trickster/Gabriel). This was great a second session with Richard. This day just kept on giving.

(Photo courtesy of Lindsay Warren)
Richard came on stage to Stevie Wonder’s “Superstition.”  He thought that was great, he didn’t know he had a theme song.  He joked that he was tired of hearing how sexy Jensen and Jared are in person and that they are Giants. He asked if everyone was having fun and if it was everything we had expected. The audience cheered.  He mentioned he met Death back stage, pretty strange.
What would you have your director watch to show your work?
Changing Channels. Favourite of all he’s ever worked on.
If Gabriel hadn’t died would he have joined Team Free Will?
Yes. He was attracted to the brothers, that he liked them. Gabriel had bailed on his family, meanwhile Sam and Dean stayed loyal to each other. He believes that bugged Gabriel, that Gabriel was jealous of their relationship.
Has he ever read the book Good Omens. Apparently Eric Kripke got some of his ideas from this book.
If they did a musical Episode on Supernatural, who would he like to do an emotional duet with?
Michael of course. Since Michael is played by Matt Cohen and is his Karaoke co-host.
Who would you pick to be with you if you got stuck in an elevator?
Katherine Boecher who played Lilith. He said she was a lot of fun.
The person wanted Richard to repeat the line that he says in Hammer of the Gods, just before Lucifer kills him.
Said he couldn’t remember the line and wanted her to say it. After bringing her on stage and not leaving until she said the line. Finally she said Big Bag of Dicks. Richard said he knew the line he just wanted to hear her say dicks.  He mentioned he loved playing with Mark Pellegrino(Lucifer). He’s the scariest guy in the world, especially with the rotting skin coming from him. He’s also very tall.
Couldn’t hear the whole question but I believe they were asking with Band of Brothers being a period piece, how authentic were the props etc.
Lots of money and expertise to make the period real. The tents, uniforms, radio shows. They even turned old Russian tanks into a German and US Tanks.
How would Gabriel and Balthazar get along?
They would party. When you meet him you walk away pregnant. He believes Gabriel would try to party with him, but would end up going home in a cab.
In Mystery Spot did you have a favourite Dean death?
Taco scene.
If you could have Gabriel in any other show, what would it be? 
Touched by an Angel. He’d suck some of the sweetness from the show.  Audience member suggested Charlie’s Angels.  Richard said it would be Chuck’s Angels with Michael, Gabriel and Castiel.  They could solve supernatural crimes.
Asked if he has jumped from the plane yet.
Dick Winters had past away in January, 2011. He was one of the real life men that Band of Brothers is based on. To honour his memory the cast of Band of Brothers are to skydive from a plane. The British actors have done their jump but the US is still to do theirs. He didn’t know when it will be.
How’s his new movie coming along?
Plays the lead role who’s name is Sam. Said the movie is like Bruce Almighty.  He was picked because of his performance on Supernatural.
Next in line was a mother with her adorable little girl of 5 or 6. The little girl asked what was Richards favourite episode?
He asked her what her favourite episode was.  She replied the ‘rabbit’s foot’ one (“Bad Day at Black Rock”). She then continued to tell everyone about this rabbits foot that brought good luck but then everyone who has it dies. And so they had to burn it. To hear the synopsis of the episode coming from a sweet innocent voice, it was really cute but a little bizarre.
Richard wondered whether the show was meant for kids, but after hearing her explanation, it was his favourite now. He then added that he loved “Swan Song” and how they did the back-story of the Impala.
What was his favourite meta scene from Changing Channels?
He joked about the game show when the guys get hit in the sack.  The ‘Doctor Sexy’ scene. He then explained that they were supposed to shoot it in green screen where they have the people in the background frozen in time. However because the actors did such a wonderful job staying still, they kept it in.
Asked if he played the Pizza delivery man in the porno movie that Castiel was watching in ‘Caged Heat.’
No. It wasn’t him.
How would you like Gabriel to come back?
He said he would prefer it to be the Trickster to bust out and kick ass.
Richard was once again a joy to see and he's so adorable. He wasn't as active as he was yesterday, but I imagine he's pretty exhausted.


# rmoats8621 2011-10-19 01:23
Great synopsis. Thanks for sharing your experience.
# linneast 2011-10-19 02:00
Excellent reporting. Thanks for taking the time to share your convention adventures.
# steve 2011-10-19 07:58
$500 for a banner? I hope that money all went to charity.
# Bevie 2011-10-19 13:33
Many thanks for all of your reports. Enjoyed them immensely!

Hope you get to go again.

Personally hoping for more Trickster and Death on the show. :P
# Nitewoman7 2011-10-20 23:37
Hi Karen great report and I was there. Loved the little girls question it was priceless to hear her matter of fact description of "rabbit's foot. My first SPN con was awesome words can't describe my experience definitely a high light of my life.
Michele Downied
# Michele Downied 2011-10-29 00:12
Another great reminder Karen. The mother of the little girl was right behind me and she shrieked VERY loudly when her daughter got up to ask her question. Scared the 'Crawley's Kingdom' out of me!
Michele Downied
# Michele Downied 2011-10-29 00:24
About Julian's roles - I remember someone mentioning a movie called Wrong Turn - a slasher movie with Eliza Dushku - I actually have the DVD (in some Horror bundle)and did not realize it was him. In person he's well-spoken and charming - not the actor I'd picture as a red neck, mutant killer in a slasher pic. He said he had a lot of make-up for that role. The other role was a show where he was an alien who dropped into different times in history during disasters to experience the mayhem. People (characters in the show) started noticing his face in pictures at various disaster locations and finally some people on a plane recognized him (the character) and realized the plane was going to crash. Now when Julian flys people recognize him as the actor who played that character and get nervous!! It was a great story!
Thanks again Karen - amazing report.