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The MC announced, "Give a nice Toronto Welcome to Jared and Jensen!"  The two came onstage.
JP – Hi Guys
JA – Alright! Good turnout.
JA – I guess people really do watch the show.
JP – I guess so. Thank you guys.
After sitting down Jared started rocking in his chair.  ‘I have bit of a rocking chair.’  Since they figure people were standing in line to ask a question they decided to start.  Jared looked at a young woman, ‘You look excited, we will start with you.’
Q – Hi
JP – Hi
Q – How are you?
JP – Good, how are you?
Q – I can’t feel my legs.
JP – Jared laughed, I’m going to borrow that sometime. ‘Hey Jared how’s it going? I can’t feel my legs”
Q – I was wondering what your biggest pet peeves are.
JP – When I can’t feel my legs. He then told Jensen to go first.
JA – What are my biggest pet peeves. Waiting on Jared.
JP – Is Jensen telling him to hurry up. Jared then told the story of their flight coming to Toronto. The man sitting behind them was making loud honking sounds.  Jared thought he was snoring but he wasn’t. He figured the man must have been sick.  Being in a plane it was hard to deal with it because you can’t do anything and you can’t say I’m going to hit you.  You could end up dealing with airline security.
JA – On the topic of being in an airplane His pet peeve is those that refuse to turn off their cell phone during take off.  There was a man that was texting and every time the flight attendant walked by he would hide his phone and then start texting again.  Jensen said he would just stare at the guy but he wouldn’t look at him.  Finally Jensen turning to Jared to demonstrate says
‘Hey turn it off.’
JP – Replies “And I was like, but Jensen it’s scrabble.”
Jensen laughed as well as the audience.
JA – The guy was like yeah, yeah I know and he still kept going. So Jensen said ‘I’m not kidding man’ the guy then turned it off. Jensen said he was ready to beat his ass.
Q – What did Dean do with Castiel’s coat?
Jared immediately starts pretending to sniff it, rub it against his face and chest. Then continues to do that same with his toque.
Because of the laughter I wasn’t sure who Jensen said, but I think it was Death had it and has been using it as a pillow. Then he added or as kindling. The audience gave a bit Awwww! Jensen then said he was only kidding.
JP – What did Misha do to you guys? He joked that every time he makes fun of Misha the gets and uncomfortable reaction. 
JA – He just said that they haven’t touched that yet.
Q – If you were to take over the writing of the shows last season. Not that I think that anyone would want that to happen. No offense.
JP – Whoa! Not that any one cares.
JA – Did this just turn into a Supernatural Roast.
Q – How would you end Supernatural, with an epic death or a happily ever after?
JA – Happily every after, really? Is that how you’d want this show to end?
JA – Big epic death for both.
JP – Agreed, got to go out with a bang.
Q – For Jensen on the episode he directed, how much was he involved in pre-production
Jensen didn’t understand her, so Jared repeated it for him. Jared then added ‘Now I’m translating for you.’
JA – They did the pre-production quite heavily spent about 10 days prepping for the episode, location, floor plans, casting, wardrobe…..
Jared pretends to fall asleep and falls to the floor.
JA – Continues with making sure Jared gets his coffee and that it’s the right temperature.
Q – Asked about Jeffrey Dean Morgan. They haven’t had John resurface or had the brothers summon him. Wondered if the show had any plans having Jeffrey come back.
JA – Basically Jeffrey is very busy.  He’s a movie star now and is currently working on a movie in Florida. He said he still keeps in touch with Jeffrey and that he would love to come back. It’s just timing. Jensen holds out hope that it could still happen. Maybe get him in the season finale and he would be the one to say ‘Ok boys its time to go home.’  (Personally I thought that would be a really touching ending).
Q – In the episode where Sam and Dean go back into the western time, Sam didn’t look happy about it. Is there a time that Sam would prefer?
JP – I guess Sam is more happy in the present.
JA – Sam would be more like the renaissance, with the frills and white wig. 
JP – Liked that Sam got to meet Samuel Colt.
Q – The person was dressed as the scarecrow.
JA – Didn’t we kill you?
Q – Asked if and when they would use the Grenade Launcher that is in the Impala’s trunk. She’s been waiting the last six years.
JA – Has been asking the same question every day. Mimics his asking ‘Can I use the Grenade launcher I want to blow something up.’
JP – Figures they don’t really trust it being in their hands.
Jared then jokes with an evil laugh ‘Clif Run!’
JA – Also wants to use the Grappling hook.
The next question was set up like a ventriloquist act. One girl dressed as Castiel stood at the mic and read out the question while the girl dressed in the Moose head worked the mouth, making it look like the Moose was doing the talking. The room was in hysterics.
JA – First reaction was ‘What?… is happening over there?”
JP – “Come again?” The girl starts asking the question again. Jared jokes, “Come again?”
And the girl asked the question again.
JA – I wish I had a grenade launcher now.
I have to give credit to the Castiel girl. Because of the laughter and interruptions by Jensen and Jared the, the girl would repeat the question with out any hesitation.
JP – Asked the Moose if she could yawn. When she did Jared burst out laughing.
Q – In “The French Mistake” where did Jared and Jensen go and why weren’t they talking to each other?
JP – That’s the notorious thing for TV shows for the lead cast to not like each other. Classically you are with these people so much that you end up not liking each other.
JA – There was a show that a lot of our crew worked on where the two leads didn’t talk to each other at all. They had made it the opposite of what happens on our show. They were just poking fun, like we do on every other show out there.
Q – Do you like being famous?
JP -  “I’ll take this one Jensen.”
Jared doesn’t really like to stand out in a crowd, but he likes meeting people who share common interest.  Bring awareness to charities like St.Jude’s and Doctor’s Without Borders.

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Q – The girl asking the question got a little overwhelmed and couldn’t asked the question at first. When you have those really serious moments, how do you get yourselves out of that emotional and powerful moment?
JA – Commented that it not easy. He said some actors can cry easily, can cry on demand and tear up. With them they have to go to a place in their minds in order to do so.
JP – They never plan on crying. Some actors can look at a scene and think it would be cool to cry. But he doesn’t plan on crying he’s just going through the emotions that Sam is having.
JA – They just get so involved with the scene and sometimes it just happens. The body reacts, can’t tell the difference. Sometimes he has had to go for a walk to get control.
JP – It’s like an echo, it takes a few minutes to go away.
In the pilot Sam was suppose to cry when Jessica starts on fire, on the ceiling, but couldn’t, he would of cried afterwards but not at the moment of seeing Jess like that. Meanwhile in “Croatoan” he ended up getting more emotional then what the producers wanted him to.
Q – Whom do you keep in touch with from “Days Of Our Lives?”
JA – Julianne and her husband and Alison Sweeney.
Q- Would you ever come back shirtless?
JA – Is that my option ? You can come back but you can’t wear clothes.
Q-  It’s either shirtless or a tank top.
JP – Where was I?
JA – Being shirtless or tank top on Gilmore Girls.
Q – Where would Sam and Dean go for vacations?
JP – Toronto.
JA – Cancun. He liked the idea of the pool being full of foam and going berserk.
Q – What would they like to see written about in fanfiction?
Jensen was confused by question. Jared said Shadowman.
Q – What are you afraid of?
JP – Bears.
JA – I’m afraid of that dog and points to an audience member that has a small dog with her. Couldn’t see if it was an actual Yorkie. “Little yippy dogs.”  He’d rather have a Bull Mastiff charging him than the little dog.  He answers Snakes, spiders are ok though.
JP – Kittens.
Q- Ever get a script where you wonder, “How will we ever be able to do this?”
JA – Have you seen the show?
JP – Mention the scene where they are playing off themselves. Like Dean vs Dean and Sam vs Soulless Sam. They can’t really react. Or with the bees.
JA - They were told the bees are fine as long as you don’t get them angry. If they just guided them away instead of swatting them. Jared demonstrates how funny that would of looked on camera them just guiding them away instead of swatting them.
JA – Has to laugh at people who run away from just one bee.
Q – What was it like to film French Mistake?
JA – They never broke away from playing Sam and Dean, so it was much like any other episode.
JP – He was more nervous doing the bad acting scene.
Apparently Misha had to walk away from laughing so hard.
Q – Wondered if the Antichrist Jesse will come back, as he would be able to beat the Leviathans.
Both really liked the boy that played Jesse and would like to work with him again but it’s a big story line, probably won’t happen.
At this time some back-ground music started playing. No one knew where it was coming from. They thought maybe one of the audience people might be leaning on the volume control. Eventually someone found the source and it stopped.
Q – Commented on Sam and Dean being the best duo in entertainment
JP – Joked even better than Bert and Ernie or Thelma and Louise.
Q – Have amazing chemistry. Ask if their chemistry was from the start.
JP – It was from the start.
At this time, on one of the Jumbo-tron screens someone from behind the screen was doing shadow puppets. The audience would crack up laughing each time. Finally both Jared and Jensen looked at the screen. Jensen then got up and left the stage. He then came back with two cardboard poster rolls/tubes.
JA - I will beat some body.
At that time Clif came out from the side with a metal pole. Obviously no one was going to mess with his boys.
Jared then put his mic in the top of the tube. Jensen followed suit.
Q – Do you share Dean’s food choices?
JA – Likes pie, cheeseburgers but doesn’t eat it as much as Dean does. Jared eats more like Dean in real life.
Q – We have seen what Sam and Dean’s was what would your personal heaven be?
JA – “Right here” and points out to the audience. The audience of course cheered.
Q – What scene was the hardest one to shoot and one most proud of?
JP – Playing Lucifer in ‘The End’
JA – Had a hard time choosing. After shooting for so long, the scenes become memories.
Q – What did you think happened with Sam in Hell?
JP – Sam would rather not talk about it. He was tortured and tormented a lot. It’s time for Sam to stop feeling so guilty.
Jensen starts looking through his tube and of course Jared did the same. Then Jensen started blowing through it, talking through his tube.
Jared then starts blowing through his like it was a horn. Jensen then hits Jared tube, causing it to smack Jared in the mouth. Jensen then says this is why we don’t have nice things.
Q – Wished both Jared and Jensen a Happy Canadian Thanksgiving. Both reciprocated.
What is the best memories you have of each other working together?
Jared gets up and hugs Jensen, then sits down. Jensen says ‘That moment right there.’
JP – Last episode in season one. They didn’t know if they were going to be renewed.
Went out and got Beer and Champagne and everyone drank around the Impala. Last days is a lot of fun to remember.
JA – Agreed. Even greater moments behind the scenes. Like when Kim Manners had poured water on them during filming of “No Exit.”  Or when the crew had taken their mini bikes and suspended them from the rafters with spot lights on them.
Q – Is the Impala’s interior Leather or Vinyl?
JA – Vinyl.
Q - How did they feel about participating in Friday the 13th and My Bloody Valentine?
JA – Mentioned that they added at the end he wasn’t suppose to live.  Advised you’re lucky to get an original script. There are a lot of remakes being done right now.
Q – Are they similar in personalities with their characters?
JP - Similar backgrounds with having brothers and being close to their families.  Other than that we look alike.
JA – “Dean’s much more of a jerk than I am. He is, lets face it. Unless you think I am and then we’re going to have words.”
JP – “But he’s so sexy doing it.”  He doesn’t know how long he could live in motels and in the car.  “They are tougher than we are
Jensen then came back on stage and announced that one of their crew member’s child has been diagnosed with Hunters Syndrome. This disease is very rare, only 2000 cases reported in the world. Since it’s so rare there is no Government funding in research for it. So in order to help the family Jensen wanted to auction off a large Mason Jar of salt that had been used in episode 7.07. The arts Department on the show made a unique label and Jared, Jensen and Jim Beaver had all signed it.
After a bit of a bidding war the Jar was sold for $3500. Apparently there is another Jar to be auctioned at the Chicago Convention.
Well I have to say these two were such a joy to watch and listen too. They really know how to have fun. If doing these conventions are starting to wear them down or getting monotonous for them, they certainly don’t show it. 
Next was AUTOGRAPHS with Jensen and Jared!
Much like they did for Misha/Damon and Richard/Traci signing. One side was for Jensen and the other side for Jared. Starting with Row A, they would line up for Jensen first then go to Jared’s side.
While waiting for my row to be called, I met up with MyMadWorld. MMW had won the Name Sam’s Shirt contest back in ’09. She had won with the inspiring name The Paisley Peril.  We talked about the show and how we got started watching it. We discussed how most shows don’t have the same impact as Supernatural. How over time we have lost interest in other shows. We discussed our families and the WFB website. And before I knew it, my row was now called for Jensen’s autograph.
Thank you MyMadWorld for helping the time go by. It was a real pleasure to meet you and I enjoyed our talk.
While waiting in line and getting closer to seeing Jensen face to face for the first time, reality was starting to set in. I started to get really excited and panicky. Would I faint, turn into a puddle of mush on the floor or blurt out a question like I did with Richard?  Well my turn finally came. I smiled and said “Hi,” as I handed him the picture of himself. He smiled said “Hi” back and signed the picture. I said, “Thank you very much” and he said, “You’re welcome.” And I left and went in the line for Jared. 
When my turn came with Jared it was pretty much the same. I smiled and said “Hi” as I gave him the picture to sign. He smiled and said “Hi” as he signed the picture. I said, “Thank you so very much.”  And he replied, “Thank you so very much.”  I laughed and then left. I spent all of a minute between the two, but it was the most exhilarating, wonderful minute of my life. I will never forget it.


# rmoats8621 2011-10-17 19:36
Thank you so much for the great report. It sounds like you had a wonderful time. :D
# Judy 2011-10-17 19:55
Hey you do realize that it was Clif that was doing the hand puppets on the screen and that he brought out the metal rod to pretend to fight with the guys. I saw him run out from behind the screen when Jensen went backstage to see who was doing the shadow puppets.

Thanks for typing up all the q and a that was really good of you.
# subwoofer 2011-10-17 20:40
going out with a bang- cool beans. Like "The Way of the Gun". No happy endings here, both brothers die saving the world.... and maybe a Constantine like ending where they go to heaven giving Lucifer the finger on their trip up ;-)
Kat Jack
# Kat Jack 2011-10-17 20:48
Thank you so much for your report on the moment by moment action. I've seen come vids and read some other features but yours brought more of it to life for me and filled in some blanks. You gave me a real feel for how my first time might be. Thanks again and I hope you get to go again.
# kenia 2011-10-18 00:13
OMG. Thank you VERY VERY VERY much for doing it! You're one of my heroes, not kidding!

I'm spanish, and it's very nice understanding almost everything they talk about!

Thank SOO much again!!!! :D
# Sylvie 2011-10-18 08:02
Thank you so much for reporting on this. I live in Montreal, but I was visiting my sister in Massachusetts that weekend. So close and yet so far. You brought it all home. Maybe they'll make Montreal one of these years? Nah, probably not. I don't know how much of a cult following they have here.
# Jasminka 2011-10-18 13:55
Karen, I am so happy for you that you had such an amazing experience there!
Love, Jas
# Bevie 2011-10-18 15:22
Karen, that was absolutely delightful!

Thank you so very much as it made me feel as if I had been there.

What lovely guys they both are!
# Nitewoman7 2011-10-20 23:21
I'm still putting my report together it was first too awesome experience I was in Row C S22 great unobstructed view of Jensen. I also won the private meet & greet w/Jensen I will treasure that 4ever. Already signed up for next year
Michele Downied
# Michele Downied 2011-10-29 00:05
Awww Karen - I was so excited to be mentioned in your report!! It was also wonderful meeting you! We obviously had a lot more in common than just our Supernatural fixation! It made the time fly by and we had a great chat - you're a lovely lady!
Excellent report, by the way. I'd actually forgotten so much - you really captured it perfectly and reminded me of all the great moments. Thanks for the memories! Hope to see you again!