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The next event was The Supernatural Trivia Competition.  Since I knew I would fail miserably in this and desperately needed to stretch my legs. I decided to skip this and go check out what the vender’s had to sell.  I ended up buying a T-Shirt and a coffee mug and two pictures.  One of the boys together, to which I planned to have them sign and one of the Trickster.
I couldn’t believe how many people were already dressed up in their costumes for the costume contest. There were a lot of Castiel’s and one woman walked around with a Moose head. 

I also went outside as we were getting a very unusual warm weather. Last week had been rainy and high of 11c, but this weekend we were sunny and hitting the mid 20‘s.  In the parking lot I noticed a Black Impala. I knew it wasn’t from the show since it had an Ontario license plate. I don’t think it was a ’67 as it slightly looked different. I could be wrong as I’m kind of a dimwit when it comes to cars.

I do have a story to tell you about the car. Apparently Saturday night before Misha left he had met the owner and checked out the car. He even signed the console. And apparently both Jared and Jensen did the same on Sunday. I thought that was so nice. I guess the owner will never be the same.

When I got back the next guest, Damon Runyan (“Dead Man’s Blood” and “Dream a Little Dream of Me”) was ready to start.  Damon came out and explained what he had done on the show.  In “Dead Man’s Blood” he was Jenny’s boyfriend. They were the couple that are captured and taken back to the Vampires nest. He gets to be lunch, while his girlfriend Jenny gets turned into a Vampire.  In “Dream a Little Dream of Me” he played in the scene between Dean and the Dream Dean. He played the offsetting Dean. All the front footage was Jensen but any side and back views were of him.
Damon advised he was from Toronto but lives in LA.  He was a Financial Trader before becoming an actor.  His most recent projects were two movies, “Another Man’s Wife” and “Against the Wall.”
What was the craziest thing to happen on Supernatural?
The scene with Jensen. The more takes they did the more intense it got.  And being eaten by a vampire. He said the prosthetic teeth were very real.
What was it like to work with Jared and Jensen?
He only worked with Jensen. He was great to work with.  Jensen had him come to his trailer to practice their lines. He said the Trailer was really nice. It was like a 2 bedroom apartment.   He said after shooting the scene Jensen had later come up to him and thanked him.
What made him go from a Financial Trader to an Actor?
It was too stressful. He found acting far more fulfilling.
What is your Hockey Team?
He of course said the Leafs. However he has been working in Montreal and is taking a liking for the Montreal Canadiens.
How did you get into acting?
With Trading collapsing, it had become very stressful.  He decided to quit and take a six-month hiatus.  He took a screenwriting course at Ryerson University (in Toronto) and joined a theatre program.
Do you watch Supernatural?
His agent called and asked if he wanted to do a scene and he said Yes! He was a fan and did want to do the show.
Do you like the food on Supernatural?
It’s ok. They use the same caterers.
Do you have a secret talent?
“I’m a mind reader. I can read your mind. The answer is 5 by the way.”
Do you any nicknames?
Big D. His mother was married three times and his 3rd father started calling him that.
How tall are you?
Have you kept any props?
He was offered a rack full of clothes he used in a show. He only took a couple as most were covered in mud.
Are you superstitious?
I didn’t hear if he was or not, but he did mention that he and a friend were working on a scary script. Apparently they had rented a cabin and numerous horror movies to help give them some ideas. His wife is apparently is scared of scary movies.
Have you done any live theatre?

Yes, had done stage work at Stratford.
Did his wife watch Supernatural and does his family watch his work?
Yes his family watches his work, however they see him as himself not so much as the character.
His wife watched the show but she was scared for two weeks.
I really enjoyed Damon’s session he was very laid back. We all could have been sitting in his living room just sitting around and chatting.
The next event was an auction.  I have to admit I was really surprised at how much people were willing to spend.  I was expecting at the most a hundred dollars, but boy was I wrong.  I don’t know if you will be interested but I wrote them all down.
Misha banner and autograph ticket $300.00
3 pictures of various Star Trek stars $75.00
Richard Speight Jr. $200.00
Hand signed Twilight pictures $25.00
For the Charity Hummingbird Rescue Centre:
Comic Con and Supernatural Bags  $200.00
Jensen banner $275.00
3 pictures from Star Gate  $100.00
4 T-shirts, 4 mugs, 2 shooters, 3 Sam and Dean pictures and on picture of the Impala $225.00
3 pictures from the new Movie the Hobbit and LOR - $225.00
Impala banner $575.00
Corin banner and autograph tickets for Corin and Traci $125.00
Traci banner and autograph ticket $125.00
Various pictures from different shows $100.00
Jared banner $325.00
Pictures from True Blood, Buffy  $150.00
Stage banner signed by all the visiting actors $325.00
For the Brest Cancer Foundation:
T-shirt, Anime DVD, 2 pictures and posters $200.00
6 pictures of quest stars of Supernatural - $300.00
Sam and Dean banner and autograph tickets with Jared and Jensen $475.00
Charity Hummingbird Rescue Centre:
Salt and Pepper shakers $125.00
Twilight with 7 signatures on it and a group picture from Xena $300.00
The last Guest for the Day was Misha Collins (Castiel)
Misha came on the stage and everyone cheered.  He advised he just came back from a jog and he was still wet.  He said Toronto was a nice city and had a great time on the boat cruise.  When he was looking for a place to get pizza met up with some girls dancing.  He asked them if they new where he could get a pizza. They said yes, to come with them. There was a pizza place next door to where they worked. The place where they worked was a strip club.  
Misha talked about the last time he was in Toronto. He was doing a promotion for the movie Karla, in which he played Paul Bernardo.  He said he didn’t know when he took the part that it was a true story. A reporter asked why he would do a movie like this. He replied that it was a challenging role and a career opportunity.  The reporter then replied, “So you would like to tell the victims families you took this role as a career opportunity.”
His manager had called and had Jane Doe on the phone for him. She was the only surviving victim of Paul Bernardo. They apparently talked for two hours about what she has been going through. He said by the end of the call they were both crying.
He then joked about knowing how to warm up a room.
He claimed he was too hot and needed to take off his shirt. As he turned his back to the audience he started undoing his shirt like a stripper. When he turned around he had a Justin Bieber t-shirt under his dress shirt. Everyone laughed and cheered.  After that, the Q & A began. 
The first question came from our Moose Head person from the Costume Contest.  Misha asked “What are you?”  The reply, Jared Padalecki.  Misha told her to continue.
Since Castiel has died and returned. Where do angels go when they die?
They stock shelves at Wal-Mart. It’s a weird kind of purgatory.  Misha said that he was definitely not in the next 10 episodes and didn’t know when he’d be back. I don’t know if he knew and just couldn’t tell us or if he really didn’t know.
What’s the meanest or memorable prank they have done?
He couldn’t say any were mean. The closest was Jared playing with his balls with a broomstick, while trying to do his lines.  To stop laughing he will bite the inside of his cheeks.  He then mentioned another prank. It had been a long day, he was tired and it was rainy and when he went to his car all the tires were flat.
Who would he like to work with?
Young Mary, he would like to crochet with young Mary.
The next person mentioned that all his fans are terrified right now, of the chance of losing him on Supernatural.
Misha asked if he has abandonment issues and what kind of an upbringing did he have.  The young man the asked, “If we lose you who am I going to pray to anymore?”  Misha suggested he revert to another organized religion.
The next person read on Tumblr that Misha liked Dr. Who.  If he had the opportunity would he be on the show?
Misha only saw one episode, has no idea what the show it about.  When he was 5 his father or stepfather took him to “The Body Snatchers.”  The movie scared him and since has been afraid of scary movies.  Six his friends like Dr. Who but he wouldn’t watch it.
What did you think about becoming a Leviathan and how did you prepare?
It was fine. However during filming he was really sick. The producers said they would stop production but kind of hinted about what it was going to cost, so he stuck it out.  In one of the scenes he had to put this chalky liquid in his mouth and he kept looking at this garbage can getting ready to through up in it.  He said it was Jensen that finally said enough and Misha went back to his trailer to lay down.
Misha noticed some people dressed as Castiel asked them to all come up on stage.  He stood in the middle and let people take pictures.

(source:  stolethenight)
Out of all the different characters he’s played on the show (Castiel, Jimmy, God etc) what was his favourite?
French Mistake was the funniest. Apparently he had asked to make Misha more of a douchebag. And he had them put his hair up like in Vampire Diaries.  His manager had called after the show aired saying it’s nice to see you play yourself.
If you had another child would you name them North, South, East?
“Really? You’re going to make fun of my family?”  “For some reason I call him Wax or Waxy.”
“No I wouldn’t go with the car progression.”  He thought maybe the name “Southeast.”
The next person was wearing a woolen Monkey Hat. Misha asked her if she was hot, because he was hot.  An audience member immediately yelled out, “Yes you are.”  The audience then all applauded.
Is it easier to laugh with Jared and Jensen on set?
It was easier not to have Jared and Jensen on the set.  However one time they had sent away the J’s and had one woman standing on a apple box to be Jared and the other stood their with her arm up to represent Jensen height, this of course made his laugh as well.
What do you think about he evolution of your character?
He has enjoyed everything that has happened with Cass, but hopes he does come back.
What could he come back as? (Someone yelled a caterpillar.)
He said a mustache because he always wanted to come back on some ones face.  Then he mentioned being a whisker on Sam’s face. Can you imagine Sam getting ready to shave and Dean running in saying ‘No! That’s Cass’
How did you get to work on Stonehenge Apocalypse?
They wanted the best actor as possible. Apparently they were near production time and still hadn’t filled the role. He hadn’t read the script but said yes.  He joked about it being a big budget movie and that on the special effects they had spent at least a hundred dollars.
Would West like to get into acting?  He already has a huge fan base.
He’s only one and is more into eating moss, rocks, leaves, cat feces.
The next person had brought in a children’s book and asked Misha if he could read one of the passages from the book.
Misha was familiar with the book and read the following:
“Cats nestling close to their kittens, the lamb lays close to the sheep.
Your cozy and warm in your bed my dear. Please go the f**k to sleep”
Who is your favourite Angel in the garrison?
He thought Anna and Balthazar were cute. But he chose the Naked Cherub.  He was all sweaty, but he couldn’t stop laughing.
Cass has been badass, what was his favourite scene?  Cass beating up Dean in the alley or when Cass confronts Death?
He started explaining that in a fight scene you’re not supposed to hit anyone. But you have to make it look real. His first fight scene in the barn against Alistair he was looking at the takes. He had an audience member come up and demonstrated what he really looked like when doing the scenes. He had his hand slapping at the person all prissy like. He said the studio had sent him for training on fighting.
With all the people on set who do you have a profound bond with?
Jared and Jensen. They are his BFFs on set. But everyone on the show is equally special.
In Nip and Tuck are you really that flexible?
Misha explained that his character was a yoga instructor and was very much endowed. He went in to have a reduction.
Misha was fantastic and very relaxed. I had heard he could get pretty rambunctious.  He’s a very handsome man, I found myself a couple of times just gazing at him.
Next event was the Costume Contest.  They were dressed as:
Five Castiel’s. Two of them were together, one was the God Castiel and one was the leviathan Castiel.
Cowboy Dean
Sam with the Moose Head
Evil Clown
Lady Dean
Ruby 1.0
The Dean Winchester
Zachariah with his 4 faces 1st place $250.00
Alien from Tall Tales 3rd place $25.00
Teddy Bear 2nd place $75.00
2 dressed as the fairies ‘Fight the Fairies!’

(Found this online.  Could this be the moose?)

Photo found here:
The next event was AUTOGRAPHS!
One side of the room behind the stage was Misha and Damon and the other was Traci and Richard. My ticket allowed me to get Traci and Richard’s so I was very excited. Of course the wait was horrendous. They did the Gold ticket holders first which occupied Rows A to. K. They were to line up on the Misha/Damon side first and then they would go to the Traci/Richard side. Jen and I were in row L. Jen had purchased a Misha ticket so her and I parted ways for a bit. 
They started this at 5:30pm. I was finally in front of Richard at approximately 7:50pm. But it was worth it. I had him sign the Season 5 Supernatural Companion Book. While signing this voice came out of nowhere asking ‘When are you coming back” To my shock I realized it was me that had asked.  “Oh I’m dead, I’m not coming back.”  I immediately replied, “Oh come on they have to bring you back.” He said “No” and handed me back my book. I thanked him and turned towards Traci. He then added “It’s not because I don’t want to. I’d love to come back.”  I turned and smiled at him. Then waited for my turn with Traci.
I also had Traci sign the Companion book on the Dark Side of the Moon page. She wrote Love & Light, Traci D.”  I have to tell you that woman just shines.  She is so upbeat and friendly.
After I was done I waited outside for Jen. While I was waiting, two of the hotel workers came up to me to ask about what this was all about. I told him it was convention for the show Supernatural, that it was a chance to meet the actors. They asked how expensive the tickets were. I told them what the Gold had cost and they were both shocked that people would pay that kind of money. I told him yes, it’s crazy, but look what people pay to see a band or an athlete, or a sporting event. The one gentleman agreed he’d probably play a lot do see some specific person, I didn’t hear who he had said. He then mentioned he was going to have to watch the show again. I told him the new season had started and when he could watch it. They thanked me and went back to work.
Jen then came out from her getting her autographs from Misha/Richard and Traci. We talked for a few minutes and then Jen left for her hotel and I went and called by husband to come and pick me up.
While I was waiting I decided to go through my notes. Yikes! I was going to need a translator. It was then I heard a man and woman talking, when I looked up it was Richard and a woman walking by. I smiled but he didn’t see me. A couple of minutes later Traci and two other women walked by.  Again I smiled and she smiled back.  I went back to interpreting my notes when I heard footsteps coming back.  I looked up and it was Traci smiling at me.  She said “Good night and have fun at the party tonight.”  I was so stunned all I could say was “Thank you, you too.”  I thought that was so sweet, she didn’t have to do that.  Well that was my first day.


# Sablegreen 2011-10-13 09:52
The owner of the impala has a video on YouTube of Jensen Ackles in his car and yes, Jensen signed the console. Now THAT's a souvenir
# Tigershire 2011-10-13 17:36
Just to add more about the car - to me, the car does look like it's a '67, however the difference is it's a 2 door and the Metallicar is a 4 door.

Very cool that he got them to autograph it.

Edit: Nope, I was wrong. It is a 4 door. I checked out the video and so far the only difference seems to be a bit of interior colour (Jensen commented on that). However, the owner doesn't say on camera what year she is. Used to be car manufacturers would run a model for 3 years so she could be a '66 or a '68, but I don't think so.