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‘When you wish upon a star

Your dreams will come true.’

When you wish upon a star

Harline/Washington, sung by Cliff Edwards (Jiminy Cricket)

This was my first "Supernatural" Convention, and I was in total awe.  What an amazing atmosphere.  The energy, the excitement and seeing so many happy faces, is just enlightening.  I felt like a kid on Christmas morning.  In the words of Francis Pharcellus Church, “Yes, Virgina, there is a Santa Claus."  Only for me, my Santa Claus is Alice Jester of the Winchester Family Business.  If it wasn’t for her, I would not have had this opportunity to go and share my experience with you.  So thank you, Alice, from the bottom of my heart.


I don’t have anything for the Friday night, as I had to work that day and by the time I got home, all the events were pretty much finished. I thought about going to the Karaoke, but since it started at 11pm and I had been up since 5:30am, I felt it would be better to stay home and be well rested for Saturday. Beside unless the Karaoke room was full of Yoko Ono fans, I don’t think anyone would have wanted me up there to sing.


Although I was well rested and ready to go, my beloved husband and driver (he needed the car) was far from being as productive as I would have liked.

He did get me there, but I was a couple of minutes late and missed Corin Nemec’s (Christian Campbell) entrance and his first couple of questions.  So my apologies.

Please note that I tried to keep up with all the questions and answers but some of the questions were hard to hear, between the accents, how loud they spoke into the mic and with the background laughter. So I was unable to get word for word on everything.

Unless I have things in quotations, everything else is generalized.  All photos of Corin Nemec were taken by Ardeospina at the San Francisco con in January.


Q - Asked if had any supernatural experiences.

A - Mentioned a family home they would visit at, that has been around during the Civil War. Because of its history and a hidden room, it had a haunted atmosphere.

Q – Which character did her prefer playing more, Christian or Jonas for "Stargate SG-1."

A – Advised he like playing both, but didn’t have a lot of time playing Christian, where he had more opportunity with the Jonas character.

Q – What kind of father would Christian of been if he had adopted the Shapeshifter baby.

A - Joked that he wouldn’t be the kind to cut off his son hand, referring to Darth Vador.

Advised he didn’t get the chance to find out and that he didn’t even get to know his significant other (wife).

Also commented on imagining if he took the baby into a restaurant and the baby shapeshifted while there. Trying to explain this to the restaurant owners. They would be accusing ‘This isn’t the baby you came in with. We had it on the security cameras’.  He finished his answer with “He’d be a great father, that the boy would have grown up and become more than one President.”

Q – If he wasn’t acting what career would he have.

A – He first responded that he would be in prison.

He then advised that he was from a military family and 4 out of 5 of his childhood friends has joined the service, so chances are he would probably had joined the service, as well.  His father had been in Vietnam and later worked in the film industry, set designer.  His mother was also in the entertainment field as a graphic artist.

Told this story about his mother working for a theatre and had seen U2 and arranged to have them open for the J Geils Band. However, U2 got boo’d off the stage.  Corin explained this was back in the early 80's when U2 was starting out.  An audience member yelled out that they were just ‘U1’ then.  Corin then added they were ‘U Nothing’.


Q – Asked if other Sci-fi conventions were different from the "Supernatural" ones.

A – Corin asked if she had heard his story from his "Star Trek" convention.

The woman replied that she had heard of his experience.

Apparently, Corin had attended his first "Star Trek" con wearing a wrestling T-Shirt.  While making his way to his hotel room, a 6’ man wearing a full Klingon outfit confronted him (in a gruff Klingon voice) ‘You a wrestler? You can’t wear a shirt like that if you don’t wrestle’. Next thing he knew, the guy was on him, trying to wrestle him.

Corin figured the guy had too many “Blood Wines”. He had called out for help but no one came. He finally managed to get away and ran for the elevator. Luckily, he was able to get into the elevator and have the doors shut before his Klingon attacker got to him. Unfortunately, this occurred on the floor that he was staying at, so now he couldn’t get to his room. So he went to the main lobby. While walking around, he came upon the original actor who played Flash Gordon ( I believe that was Sam Jones * Editor's note: it was! *) singing and playing guitar to a group that was sitting in a hot tub all dressed in full Klingon outfits. He said they were all talking in Klingon. “ I haven’t been the same since” and has also never returned to a "Star Trek" convention.

Q – Since he now knew that Christian was a Demon the whole time, how would he play Christian if he came back.

A – ‘Apparently, I was an asshole.’  He said he didn’t know Christian was a demon until he got the script.  I didn’t hear how he would play him, if he did come back.

 Q – The next person commented on his belt buckle and what made him buy that one. It was of a ram's head and it looked like it was diamond studded.  She found it interesting and very mesmerizing, with it all so sparkly.  Of course, the audience had to chuckle, since where she would be staring and being mesmerized wasn’t exactly in the chest or face region. Corin responded with ‘Take the bull by the horns’.  He explained he was at a mall when his Harley buckle broke so he had to purchase a new one.  The woman commented “That one spoke to you”.  “Yes, but not really. It didn’t say ‘buy me’”

Q – The next question I didn’t quite hear or understand what the woman was asking.  She comment that Christian was an asshole but his wife was still with him.

A – “Did you meet her?  Maybe she was a bitch. Maybe that’s why he was an asshole.’  Corin then turned to the next person and joked “Go ahead, I dare you”

Q – Since Christian had been a demon what meet suit would you want him to possess.

A – Lady Gaga in "Wave."  He then joked Carrot Top. He laughed that if they did bring in Carrot Top then that would be the final season for Supernatural. He then said an actor but I didn’t hear the full name only that it was Steven something.

Q – During "Stargate" or "Supernatural," did he have and special moments on either show.

A – He had a great time on both, but wasn’t long enough on "Supernatural."

Q – With his first "Supernatural" convention did he get any warnings or tips.

A – After his experience with the " Star Trek," he found these to be very cool, very laid back and enjoys these cons, the people are great.

The next person up was a man and Corin’s reaction was as follows.

“Hey! Wow! A dude! Yeah!

Q – I have two questions, if that’s ok.

A – You can ask a thousand, you’re a dude.

Unfortunately with the laughing I didn’t make out the full questions. I got the impression it was about the scene where Dean pushes Christian against the wall.  Corin had joked that he thought Jensen has eaten tuna for lunch. I guess because their faces were so close in that scene.  But he said that the scene was very intense.

Q – Even though he didn’t have too many lines, did he ever screw up any of them.

A – No, he didn’t

Q – How quickly would he say yes to another episode?

A – “I already said yes”.

And that was the end of Corin Nemec’s session. I would like to comment what a funny and personable man Corin is. He was very at ease and entertaining on the stage.


# rmoats8621 2011-10-10 01:46
Wonderful review! He seems like a really nice guy. I would love to see him come back to Supernatural someday. Maybe they could show him as he was before he got possessed. I like to think he wasn't always a "jerk". Soulness!Sam sure liked him.
# Jasminka 2011-10-10 16:43
Karen, dear, I am so happy for you that you were able to attend the convention! I hope you had such a wonderful and wondrous time as I wished you would have!

Thank you for this panel report! Are we to expect a report about Sunday? I know you're busy, so don't rush.
Keep the memories for a long time and revel in them. I'd love to give you a magical bottle where you could store each moment for eternity and when ever you feel the need, smell them like beautiful roses.

Love, Jas