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In Memory of Thursday's Angel

Dearest Castiel,

You came into our lives unexpectedly with flash and promise...

You were threatening...

You were naive....

SPN 0543

You rebelled....


You were clever....

You were innovative...

You were amusing....

You were brave...


You tried a hand a being human....

You were sad....

SPN 1069 

You went a little evil (but who hasn't?)....

But mostly, you were a beloved friend

Miss you, Cas.


(I felt compelled to write this after hearing that Misha Collins would be on Ringer in a potentially recurring role. At that point, I held out hope we'd see Cas again. I'm so happy word is he's coming back later this season, but I haven't seen enough of this lovely angel this season and needed a little project to bring him back into our lives. I'm just going to go watch Cas clips on Youtube and get some chocolate now.....)



# rmoats8621 2011-12-15 23:08
Great job!
# Karen 2011-12-16 05:59
Hi Elle
This was a nice tribute. I miss him too.
# Sylvie 2011-12-16 12:37
Nice tribute. I thought I'd miss Cas way more than I actually do, but I miss Misha's lovely face, so I'm glad I'll be able to catch him on Ringer. And of course, we can look forward to seeing Castiel back for a few eps with the Winchesters. Until then, we can catch him on our DVDs of past seasons as I'm sure we all have them.
# Jasminka 2011-12-16 17:57
Hi Elle - this is truly so nice! I guess we won't see Castiel again (unless he did survive miraculously), and I will miss him - his somewhat clumsy humour, his developping humanity...

This reminded me of the sweet (and some sad) moments in Castiel-History . thank you!
Best, Jas
# KathyB 2011-12-16 18:21
Great tribute to my favorite angel. Just read that Castiel will be back for three episodes after the hellatus and before the season ends.

Excited that Misha will be on Ringer. Maybe he can use his natural speaking voice for the role.

I see your site via Gmail Reader feed. Most enjoyable. Thank you for putting it out there.
# anonymousN 2011-12-17 00:23
What is the meaning of "on ringer"?.I don't know what it means...
# Jasminka 2011-12-17 02:34
I think she means the TV show "Ringer", starring Sarah Michelle Gellar and Ioan Gruffudd.

Sadly I haven't watched it yet, though I'm a fan of Gruffudd. Need to check that out.

Misha probably is going to be a part of the cast, there.

# anonymousN 2011-12-17 08:57
Oh thank you for clearing that..
# Jasminka 2011-12-17 10:55
Sure. You're welcome.
# MisterGlass 2011-12-17 20:37
Nice and touching.
# suzee51 2012-01-03 16:39
I feel really stupid asking this, but could someone please enlighten me? Why do you refer to Castiel as "Thursday's Angel"? Thanks!
# Alice 2012-01-04 15:58
Out there in the superhighway somewhere is a guide to angels. Their names, their purpose, stuff like that. This guide lists a Castiel, or something similar to that, who's only known purpose is he's "The angel of Thursday." Me thinks a writer saw that and decided he would be perfect for the show since they aired on Thursdays at the time. I hope that helps!
# suzee51 2012-01-04 19:12
Thank you so much for taking the time to explain that to me, Alice. While I have your attention, let me praise your brand new format and also tell you that I absolutely adore this website and visit it daily. It makes me laugh, makes me think, but most of all, I feel a connection with kindred spirits who also recognize the brilliance of SPN.
What you are doing touches others lives. Thank you!