I miss those days of pranks and jokes
The little digs, the jabs and the pokes.
The plastic spoon and crazy glue
Hearing of the Nair in the shampoo
I miss those days of smiles and laughter
The attempts to embarrass and all the banter.
One liners spoken with wit and a smirk.
And hearing the words Bitch and Jerk
I miss those days before things got grimmer.
When their eyes were so full of life, they’d shimmer.
The days when their brotherly love was still so strong
Sitting side by side in the Impala where they belong.
I just ….miss those days.
After viewing ‘99 Problems’ I found that I couldn’t even respond on the episode itself. I felt like I was watching a friend die, like I was in mourning. With what both of these characters have been through, what they have lost, my heart was just breaking for them.  And now the 100th episode is coming up and I’m terrified. Terrified on just how bad things are still to get between Sam and Dean. (I have been avoiding the spoilers this year, not sure if I will make it til Thursday). I just don’t know if my heart can take it.
So WHY? you ask.
Why would a reasonably intelligent middle age woman with a family be feeling this way? Why do I still watch and put myself through this torture? How is it that I have let two TV fictional characters sneak in and steal my heart and turn me into a big sappy marshmallow? All I can say is I DON’T KNOW! Not a clue.
I’ve been watching television for some 40 odd years and I have never felt this way about a show before. There have been some that have come close, but never like this. And after five years, I just can’t give up on it now. I guess I have totally lost my mind.
Everything I have mentioned that I have been missing, it what drew me into the show in the first place. The pranks, the banter, the chemistry between the brothers. The one liners from Dean, when they were said with wit and that Cheshire smile. Sam’s sympathetic ways to get people to trust him and tell their story. Even the monster of the week. I never heard of half of these creatures until this show.
Although the first two seasons I had missed quite a few episodes, due to working night shifts and being the custodian of an old VHS machine that on many occasions felt its payment in taping these show was to be able to eat the said tape.  I had immediately fell in love with the show, the characters and I found their story so compelling I had to keep finding out what was going to happen next.
After the Season 2 finale I knew I had to somehow purchase the tapes on this show. Unfortunately they didn’t sell this in VHS only DVD. Mysteriously before season three started our VHS machine died…just stopped working completely. So my husband and I decided to upgrade (despite the numerous VHS movies we owned) and were off to purchase a DVD player. Such a coincident that the same store where we were purchasing the new DVD player still had season one of Supernatural on the shelf (and season 2 was soon to come out)… what a way to christen the new machine. Muhahahaha. Sorry got carried away.
Also during that same summer our cable provider had upgraded their digital box and now we could record from it. I was in heaven, I was never going to miss an episode again.
As for why I continue to put myself through this torture? I guess all I can do is blame the creator Mr. Kripke, the writers, the producers and directors, the set designers, the music coordinator, every possible person that is associated with the show, for giving us a phenomenal show each week. And especially I have to blame Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki for bringing Dean and Sam Winchester to life and giving them a heart and soul and making me care so much for their characters.
Although my heart aches for the old days, I will forge through and pray and hope our beloved brothers find their way back to what they once were.


# Sablegreen 2010-04-15 15:33
Beautiful Karen. I long for the good old days myself! Here's hoping for a happy turn around these last few episodes, and certainly for a happier season 6.
# Randal 2010-04-16 13:05
Miss Shakespeare, you do realize that the angst level is going to be cranked up another notch or two over these last four episodes, right? ;-)
# Bevie 2010-04-16 13:47
Karen, I couldn't agree more! I miss those days so very much, but there is no way I would ever stop following my beloved brothers.

Never cared so much about a TV show before. Can't bear to think that some day it will be all over. :cry::

Thank goodness we have our dvd's to revisit the days of shimmering eyes and sly smirks and "bitch" and "jerk".
# ElenaM 2010-04-16 18:45
Wonderful, as always, Karen! I didn't think it was possible to care so much about a TV show either, but you're right, these guys feel real. I feel goofy about it sometimes, having to remind myself they're fictional... That being said, I admit I actually kind of liked how broken and strained their relationship got. With the series centering around their relationship, I loved the tension and conflict, kept the story interesting. Having seen "Point" though, it was great to see them finding faith in each other again, in sync and ready to take on evil together for the first time in a long time... and it was handled so well!
# Jasminka 2010-04-18 15:32
Karen, your poem moved me. You always do. Thank you. Thank Heavens you moved on to the realm of dvd. Personally, I’m waiting for my tv and dvd mates to give up in the near future, so I can move on to blueray. Alas, while everything is working fine, it would be preposterous with my finances to stock up on that right now, I need a good reason.

As much as I love the vibe of the earlier seasons, I also am a big fan of the terrible drama we’ve been witness to, as it feels organic and psychologically true. People evolve. Tragedy happens. And that changes people. Our favourite brothers, also. I’m very curious about where we will be taken in the course of the show.

:-), Jas
# Karen 2010-04-19 19:00
Hi Sablegreen, Dany, Randal, Bevie, ElenaM, Jasminka
Thank you all for your thoughts and comments.
It’s funny I knew at the beginning of this season things were going to be rough.
With the deterioration of the brothers relationship and the start of the apocalypse, I was and still expecting a big show down between Sam and Dean.
And I really thought I was prepared to handle it. HA!
I guess with all that’s happened this season I really started to notice that they don’t even laugh or smile anymore. It’s usually just a half smile or smirk. Even Dean’s one liners this year have been delivered in a gruff and dead tone voice, no longer with the wit and that childlike glow. It’s like the life and lights in their eyes have gone out. I just really missed them being happy.