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Supernatural Stages Buffy Reunion with Charisma Carpenter and James Marsters! 
On this week's episode, fans will see two very special guest stars. Charisma Carpenter and James Marster who will appear as married couple Margaret and Donald Stark. Both former Buffy the Vampire Slayer alumni (aka Cordelia and Spike), they are reunited in a special “Supernatural” spooktacular episode about witches and warlocks, Dean’s favorite monsters.   Margaret Stark (played by Charisma Carpenter) is a witch who is extremely angry at her husband, Donald Stark (played James Marsters) for having had an affair.  Maggie decides to unleash her witchy powers on her unsuspecting town, resulting in an ugly marital battle of black magic that threatens to rips the tiny town apart. 
Where numerous deaths in the town begin to show up, so do the Winchester boys and their investigation lands them in the middle of a domestic dispute of the supernatural kind.  Once they find the Starks are the source of the problem, they go to Donald for help, but soon discover that he isn’t part of the solution, but part of the problem.  It falls to the Winchesters to calm the situation down and restore order to keep more towns people from meeting the grim reaper.
“This episode is ‘Bewitched gone wrong,’” reveals show runner Sera Gamble. “[It was] all upside for this successful man (Marsters) while he was married to the witch (Carpenter), but now that he’s pissed her off, the whole town is paying the price.” 
What do we know about the episode?  A trailer and two preview clips for this episode were released at the time of this article which gives us a good insight into the marital spat. 
The first clip is basically an ‘it’s not my fault, it’s your fault’ discussion between Maggie and Donald on why the marriage failed and takes place at the community center that will sponsor Maggie’s art auction later in the episode.
Don arrives at the art gallery to talk to Maggie, but has to get past her rather witchy employee, Sue, first. And from Sue we learn that Maggie has indeed filed for divorce.
Seems Sue and Don do not get along as Don accuses Sue of being the one who tattled to Maggie about the affair…the one and only mistake Don claims he has made in his marriage. Sue response, “I sincerely doubt that.”  
At this point Maggie joins in, dismisses Sue and asks Don to be quick with whatever he wants. Don says he thinks he has been patient and it was very ‘creative the thing with Wendy’ (I’m guessing this is the name of Don ‘one mistake’), but enough is enough.  Maggie doesn’t feel the same, and says it isn’t even close. At this point they argue over whose fault the fail marriage is, and of course both think the other is to blame.  
She turns to leave and Don tells her two FBI agents have been asking questions. (Of course, we know who they are).  Maggie says they are not FBI, but hunters after her and she will take care of them.
At this point Don ‘puts his foot down’ and says this is to stop now and leaves. After he’s gone, she replies, “You’re so cute when you try to tell me what to do.”  
The trailer promo scenes are randomized and out of sequence, but some order can be seen.  It starts with Dean and Sam conjuring up some kind of spell (although if looks could kill, the one from Dean could negate any need for a spell [Smile].)   Jensen Ackles mentioned in a interview about having to shout two pages of Latin for the episode, so maybe this is where is does it.  Have to say I love the CGI special effects from Sam’s match here.
A few of the photos stills show a similar room where Maggie and Don are having a discussion when their interest shifts to a third party in the room. One of the stills shows Sam on the floor in the background.  So, my guess, the boys are the third party and their spell didn’t work.

The promo also shows a fast collage of images of a very crazed looking Maggie, a young lady in obvious distress, an altar used for the black arts, and photos of individuals with a red sigil drawn over their faces,  I’m guessing that is some of Maggie’s handiwork on the towns people.

We also see a blurred image of Donald extending a fist (maybe to cast a spell?), a plate of food on an altar and numerous images of the couple in various endeavors.
I think the best part of the promo was the cocktail party where an eyeball was substituted for an olive in a martini. (Freaked me out when I saw the eye was green.  Course the color was to match the olive, but I immediately thought it was Dean’s eye. Yea…silly I know!)  Some of the photos released also give us some shots on this scene.  
Don’s retaliation for Wendy, I’m guessing. Needless to say, Maggie was not happy at this point, as right after we hear her say, “It’s war.”  
And other photo stills show us some of the gory aftermath of the event…and two stunned bros. (I’m wondering if Don managed to gank Sue during the fiasco. Boy…she would have had it coming!)  
A separate scene shows the stunned duo quickly hightailing it away from the shocking carnage inside the art action. (Hope we get to see more than a little blood one body part on the floor.)

Here we hear Dean state that they not only have one witch but two. Dean’s comment, “It’s full on War of the Roses.”  
Other scenes show Maggie decapitating a statue while Donald watches….
…..and a repeat scene taken from the first clip.  Here when Donald says enough is enough, Maggie replies with a “Boo hoo!”
Funny stuff! This episode does have the possibility for some good comedy.
The final clip is all about the boys doing research into the town’s victims.  
Dean returns from clue gathering to report another impossible death, just like the hair dressers brain roast. (Boy…I can’t wait to see that one!)  In the mean time, Sam has discovers all three victims, Wendy, Carl and Dewy, were all working on a shopping center project that fell apart.  Only one left alive is the developer, Donald Stark.  At least now we know how the boys get to Stark.
Official Description: Sam and Dean meet Maggie Stark (guest star Charisma Carpenter), a witch who has unleashed her wrath on a small town, resulting in numerous deaths. Dean and Sam track down her husband, Donald (guest star James Marsters), to see if he can help. Donald tells the brothers that Maggie is mad at him for having an affair and is taking it out on the townspeople.  Written by CW Publicity 
Executive producer Phil Sgriccia is the director of this his 23rd Supernatural episode thus far.  He also directed this year’s season premiere “Meet the New Boss.”   
Written by Brad Buckner & Eugenie Ross-Leming, they are relatively newbies to the series.  The two penned one other “Supernatural” episode, “Route 666” in season 2006, but have  written for numerous other TV series including “Hack,” “Beggars and Choosers,” and “Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman” to name a few.
Cast (IMDb) Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, Charisma Carpenter (Maggie Stark), James Marsters (Donald Stark)
For this episode, lots of fans were out watching the “Supernatural” crew filming in the Fort Langley area Wednesday, August 31, 2011…not a lot of spoilery but nice to see.
Unofficial set photos by scoop photo’s photostream outside the Donald and Margaret Community center where a lot of activity takes place in the episode.  Some of the photo stills CW released depict the goings on inside the building.  We did get a good look at James Marsters in character.
To see all the photos, click here.
Another set of photos taken by The Lackey on the same day, shows Jensen in a suit shooting outside Van’s Liquor store.  The photos also show Jensen and Jared in regular street clothes in the impala and a few night shots. I have posted a few below.  To see them all, click here.
In addition to the BTS photos, JensAngel1's Channel took some videos of the filming over a two day and night period.  Three of them I have inserted below.  The site also gives some spoilers but not many.  We are told that Charisma drives down the road into the driveway, several times in a Porshe Boxer.  Seems the Starks are very well off.  [Smile]
To view all, click here
Shoot of Jensen and Jared in suit shirts talking to Phil Sgriccia sitting on the porch steps.  The house is unknown.
End of day night shoot of a scene with Dean and Sam filming from in the impala, lots of smoke machines and director Phil Sgriccia, and body guard Clif Klosterman.
A caption that went with the video from winsangel:

“I have to tell ya’ll about last night. After being there for 2 days -
12 hours a day, we were (about 20 of us) watching the last shot of the
night - which was a shot of the boys in the Impala on the road. After
Phil Scriggia yelled CUT, the boys got out of the Impala, Phil called
everyone around - all the cast and crew - and said “on behalf of the
cast and crew of Supernatural - we THANK YOU! and they all clapped for
US! I have it all on video! It was surreal - and we were all in such
shock - I think we still are…”" 

Jensen Ackles’ stunt double getting ready for a stunt that required extra padding for one elbow. 
To see the photo stills released for the episode, click here.
The promos and sneak peak videos are below
Promo Trailer:

Sneak Peak Clip 1

Sneak Peak Clip 2

One way to mix up the various story threads in a series is to bring in entertaining guest stars like "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" alums Charisma Carpenter and James Marsters.  How did the show manage to snare a casting coup that will generate a lot of buzz and, hopefully, high ratings? "The first idea floated by the network was 'Is there a real couple we could cast?'" recalled Gamble. "And then our very creative and savvy casting directors came back with this genre specific idea, which I think is great because I think it speaks really directly to our fan base and our casting directors really understand the people who watch this show."

One thing for sure, the cast and crew were very happy to have two such charismatic guest stars.  Charisma tweeted the cake the series sent her and James to welcome them to the set.

HAPPY EPISODE EVERYONE.  Hope it is as enjoyable as it sounds. 

Update:  Jared just tweeted this to everyone.  It's a deleted scene from tomorrow night's episode.  It shows Sam's new health kick!  It's a riot.  



# trackerem 2011-10-20 11:14
thanks! great heads up on the ep! i feel like i've already watched it!
# bandofbrothers 2011-10-20 15:00
I read another review of this episode on another site

-we discover Dean is having nightmares about his guilt over Cas

-Misha will not be in this episode

-Sam is worried about Dean and tries to get him to talk about it

-Shiny Happy Sam is back but doesn't do much other than research and get tossed about once or twice

-expect lots of Dean angst and drinking and classic Dean lines

-the brothers relationship is compared to that of a married couple, I think the boys start to realise they spend too much time together

I cant remember the rest

I will be looking for Dean to kill the witch(s) if they are killing people simply for consistency
# Karen 2011-10-20 18:41
The added clip from @jarpad is priceless.
I nearly fell off my chair. :D
# CitizenKane2 2011-10-20 22:15
Another great preview - and the deleted scene is hilarious. :)
# Lindab30 2011-10-21 23:57
It wasn't easy but I forced myself to stay spoiler free! It was worth it, everything was a surprise. Now, when you watch the clip of Sam and Dean chatting in the motel room watch Sam closely thru the window. He's speedwalking!!! On the show itself for this scene he is truly running!
# macie 2011-11-07 11:57
Thank you for posting the deleted scene (re hot Sam in his running gear and Dean in the motel room). I loved it! :)