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For a new writer to the show, Robbie Thompson seemed like an old pro. His episode, "Slash Fiction" reads as a love letter. It touches on so many things. Its self reflexive nature makes fans notice all the shout outs to previous episodes, while giving us more on the big bad of the season. If anything, this new writer proved that he "gets" Supernatural, and it can only be hoped that he gets to write more episodes down the road. 

The shout outs in this episode start from the title and don't let up until the end. We start with Sam and Dean in a bank. The scene seems innocuous at first. Dean flirts with the bank teller, all the while hand signaling to Sam. It isn't until Sam barricades the front door that we realize something is wrong. Once the teller returns to give Dean his change, he says, his voice hard and cold, "Well, I'm gonna have to take a rain check... and all your money." 

Both brothers then fire machine guns into the ceiling, demanding that everyone gets into the vault. The vault scene harkens back to "Nightshifter." In that episode, Sam and Dean did so to protect everyone from the skinwalker they were hunting. This time, they turn the guns on the people trapped inside, all while looking up at the cameras to make certain everyone sees them. It's not hard to figure out that these are not the brothers---that they are being imitated by yet more shapeshifters---something that goes back to "Skin." 

Thompson continues giving us treats and meta shout outs to previous episodes when we see the real brothers join Bobby in the basement at the cabin. He's trying to get Chet the Leviathan to talk---or die, which ever is more convenient. So far, nothing works. Holy water, rock salt, silver, iron, all are useless. Chet only seems to become more amused as it goes along. His behavior recalls the exorcism of Meg Masters, when the brothers were trying to figure out the Yellow Eyed Demon's plans. The mouthiness of his character also points to Meg's snarky nature. 

Chet, gleeful at being able to push all of their buttons, taunts, "Cause I'm not scared of you. You can't stop me. You can't stop any of us. We can't be killed, you stupid little chewtoys. You are aware that I'm the least of your concerns, right? Oh. You haven't watched the news today, have you?"

The brothers find out what their doubles have been doing and are none too pleased. Putting them back on the FBI Most Wanted list recalls the time they were on the run from Victor Hendriksen at the end of season 2 and half of 3. It also makes their life a bit harder---even after the clones are put down. Bobby knows this, so he sends them to someone he saved once, calling in a favor. 

His name is Frank, and his character's approach to everything about the brothers is a self-reflexive exercise on the show itself. He tells them that they have to ditch their aliases, that they have to ditch their car, and smashes Sam's lop top to smithereens in front of them. Everything that they use and rely upon is being eroded here. It is only a matter of time if we see them truly ditch the staples of rock star aliases or not. Frank takes the meta even further when he gives them their new I.D.s as Mr. and Mr. Smith, calling to the movie Mr. and Mrs. Smith. It's also a subtle nod to the title of the episode and the subgenre of fandom that pairs the brothers or any characters of the same gender. 

Meanwhile, Bobby spends time with Chet, frustrated that nothing seems to shut up his "Chatty Cathy." He's stumped and irritated. Chet does nothing but taunt him endlessly, and so he grabs a machete and hacks the Leviathan's heads off. It doesn't simply reattach right away, so Bobby is surprised, but not certain that this is it. The doorbell rings, pulling him away to find another surprise: The Sheriff of Sioux Falls. She holds up some beer and says that she's there to thank him for saving her from the hospital. She offers to help him tidy up the cabin, and then goes about doing that. Bobby goes downstairs to find that Chet's head has found it's way back onto his body. Rather than letting the taunting begin again, he hacks it off, and stomps off. 

The brothers are forced to drive a Pontiac Acadian, complete with a hanging squeaky My Little Pony that offends Dean. He yanks it down, and throws it into the backseat, causing Sam to express concern. Thompson then gives us the set up for one of the funniest scenes of the entire series. Dean cries that they're killing while using their faces, but now they've put "Baby on lockdown" and that "No one puts Baby in a corner." Sam tries to tell Dean that he's quoting Dirty Dancing, to which Dean snaps "Swayze gets a pass." Sam then turns on the radio, to have Air Supply's "All Out of Love" blaring through the speakers. Dean's expression sours even further and Sam offers to turn it back off. Dean tells him no and so he goes back to looking at the map trying to figure out the Leviathan doppelgangers next moves. Horror breaks out over Sam's face as he realizes that Dean is lip synching to the song, and while there are no lines exchanged in this scene, it is perfect because of it. His expression clearly says that he is questioning Dean's sanity---and considering Sam's instability, that says something. Unable to watch Dean any longer, Sam flips the radio off.

His singing along with Air Supply recalls his singing of REO Speedwagon in season 2 and his singing of Bon Jovi at the end of season 3. It's a nice shoutout that Thompson has brought into his script. Thompson is also playing on Dean's love for the Impala, the particular song of choice pulling further on the joke. It also allows us to see Sam pick up smoothly on the next clue as to where they're headed---and the next meta connection. The Leviathan twins are going in order of their cases since Sam left Stanford. They started in Jericho. The next stop? St. Louis, where a skinwalker first took Dean's face to commit crimes. Dean is excited about going to the diner there because they have some of his favorite burgers. Unfortunately, Leviathan Sam and Dean are already there.

The conversation between the Leviathan Sam and Dean at the diner is the most meta fictional of the entire episode.  They are sitting at the counter, the usual orders sitting in front of them when Leviathan Dean takes a couple bites of a burger, only to throw it down in disgust. He states, "You know, he has one of these every day? And in his heart, he thinks they're almost as good as sex. This? Is disgusting." Leviathan Sam concurs about Sam's choice of food by stating, "Dead plants with creamy goo. It's like eating self-righteousness." 

Leviathan Dean continues, commenting on Dean's character, "Talk about a hero complex. And he doesn't have relationships, no, he has applications for sainthood. Oh, and he thinks he's funny. Thinks he's a damn comedian." 

Leviathan Sam is even less impressed with Sam, and gestures at himself with his thumbs, saying "Who's has two thumbs and full blown bats in the belfry? I'm serious. It's nothing but Satan vision on the inside." 

The manner in which Leviathan Sam behaves harkens back to Soulless Sam. The way he speaks, his gestures, his expressions, are all reflections of Sam's soulless period completely. He even muses about eating a brother like this with the same nonchalance Soulless Sam exhibited. 

When they open fire on the diner, the meta shifts from being self-reflexive to commentary and reference to Pulp Fiction, another tie in to the title being "Slash Fiction." Their lines when they start to shoot are almost word for word from the film---minus the swearing, of course. Leviathan Sam stands up, brandishing his weapon and shouts, "Everybody be cool, this is a robbery!" to which Leviathan Dean commands, "Anybody moves and I'll execute every last one of you!" 

To add to the meta, they've allowed the author of the Outsiders, S.E. Hinton to be one of the victims at the diner. A major fan of the program, she wanted to play a role in it. We've seen the Outsiders referenced in the series in the past as well---Sam's teacher in "After School Special" had it written on the chalk board for instance. It's a neat thing to not only see such a great author brought in, even as a victim, but a fan, too. 

Bobby is still dealing with Chet, who has now shifted into him. Thompson pulls on the scene at the beginning of "Caged Heat" when Crowley did the same to a shifter wearing his face. The Leviathan Bobby taunts him with secrets about himself---having daddy issues and being a dropout drunk---and Bobby lets it fall off his shoulders. He is still struggling to figure out what can truly hurt the monster when something drips through the ceiling. Jody is upstairs, wringing a rag out. The dripping hits the monster just right and he screams in pain, making Bobby run up the stairs to ask her what is in the bucket. He kisses her forcefully---giving rise to perhaps a new shipping pairing within fandom. She holds up a bottle of cleaning solution. Outside of chopping the head off, it's the first thing to really slow them down at all---or cause fear! 

The brothers find out that the diner has been hit and end up going to Iowa to follow their evil twins. Once they arrive, they spot them and are going to confront them when the cops close in. The wrong Winchesters are brought in, and Leviathan Dean winks playfully at them as they're escorted to the station. Once there, Sam is taken to an interrogation room while Dean is thrown into the jail cell. Thompson is shouting out to the episode "The Usual Suspects" by having the brothers put in these positions. Dean insists on having his phone call. Their capture and having to convince the law that they've got the wrong guys reminds us of when they had to do the same with Hendriksen. The cops here are just as unimpressed with Dean's pleading. 

The sheriff finally gives him his phone call, holding it on speaker phone for Dean. Bobby is describing what he has learned---mentioning decapitation and borax. This disturbs the sheriff and he believes these killers he's caught are even crazier than they thought. It isn't until he looks out to see his deputies, just freshly sent home, eating other officers before shifting back into Sam and Dean that he thinks maybe that phone call wasn't full of crazy. In much the same way that Hendriksen had to see the demons to believe the brothers, the sheriff has to see these monsters in action to know they're not lying. He promptly lets Dean out, who tells him to get the chemicals Bobby said worked. Dean then runs into Sam, only to realize that it's Leviathan Sam. 

He breaks out an axe and brandishes it at him, to which Leviathan Sam chuckles. He taunts about getting close enough and Dean waits for the chemical to be thrown on him before decapitating the evil twin of his little brother. While he's dealing with one evil twin, Sam is being taunted by the other. Leviathan Dean has entered the interrogation room and is ready to torment an already fragile Sam---and spill Dean's secret about Amy. It cracks the foundation Sam had been forming since "Hello, Cruel World."

Dean enters and chops his twin's head off, but the damage has already been done. We see Sam looking shattered and broken sitting there as he stares at his brother with disbelief. There is no time at the station to deal with this revelation, so they clean up the mess the monsters have made and get the sheriff to help get them declared dead again. It works until the FBI agents chasing them all episode catch up---and we learn that they're Leviathans themselves. They, much the way Lilith killed everyone at the police station in "Jus in Bello," promptly kill the sheriff and his daughter. 

The boss Leviathan is revealed when Crowley pays him a visit, and true to his character, he tries to cozy up to the biggest player on the table. The Leviathan boss looks at him with disdain and tells him "Now it's your turn to listen. I'd sooner swim through hot garbage than shake hands with a bottom-feeding mutation like you. You demons are ugly, lazy, gold-digging whores. You're less than humans, and they're not good for much till you dip 'em in garlic sauce. I'd never work with you, Crowley. In fact, if I wasn't busy with better things, I might actively wipe your kind from the face of the Universe. And you'd deserve it. Are we clear?"  Crowley gets the message clearly and leaves quickly. 

We learn that they won't try to bring the brothers back into the media's eye with another crime spree---knowing it might be hard for the public to believe they could come back from the dead so many times. This is a meta remark on the fact that Sam and Dean have been killed and brought back often through out the series and Thompson pulls on this thread beautifully. 

Once the brothers are away from the station and are able to pull over to dump their evil twins heads, we see Sam finally explode. He demands to know if what the Leviathan Dean said was true about Amy. Dean doesn't refute it and Sam prepares to walk away again, angry. His words here are different in some ways. He says "right now" twice, indicating that even he knows a permanent split is impossible. It's fairly easy to say that they'll find a way past this rough patch as well---and they must. It is better that this secret come out now rather than at the end of the season, too. The underlying problems that are contained within this secret can now be addressed and they must if they hope to survive against an enemy that can download their very thoughts and memories. 

Thompson might have been a first time writer for this series, but he certainly knew how to write for it. He covered so much of what makes us fans love the series---the meta, the funny character moments, the snappy dialogue, and the fast plot. Each scene showed his love for the series as a whole---and that he had paid close attention to numerous events from the past seasons. It can only be hoped, truly, that we see him write more episodes in this season---or a potential next season. 

The acting, as always, was top notch. Sean Owen Roberts has truly made Chet a joy to watch. He's snarky, he's a loud mouth, and he comes off as cocky. He's an enjoyable addition to the show, and it's almost a shame to see him go once he changes to Bobby and ends up leaving headless. Even though Chet was taunting people like Bobby, I couldn't help but laugh at how much of a delight Roberts was when he delivered his lines. I really loved his "tick tock, old man" cat call. Something about how he said it was just a hoot. 

Seeing Kim Rhodes return as Jody was a total delight. She has the tough exterior with the soft center just right. The chemistry she shares with Beaver is palpable, and it's no wonder they've leaned towards possibly pairing the two together. It was adorable the way she said to Bobby, "Call me Jody." Rhodes seems to have so much fun playing this character and it shows. I am hoping that as the season continues she becomes more of a player to aid Bobby. After all, Bobby needs someone to look out for him while he looks out for the brothers. 

Kevin MacNally made Frank instantly likeable. I hope that this is not the last we've seen of this character. He fit right in to the fabric, possibly being even more paranoid than Bobby is himself. I loved his lines such as, "You're number two on the Most Wanted list. Quickest climb up the charts since Donna Summer." and "Try to stay out of view of the 200 million cameras that the government has access to, k?" and perhaps his best, "For what? Sending you to your death? Your doubles want to be on candid camera, put you in the line of fire. Now, I'd lay low, 'cause I love life and its infinite mysteries. But you two want to be dumb, that's fine. At least have the common sense to ditch your car."  Not only are they great quotes to begin with, but MacNally delivers them pitch perfectly. 

Jim Beaver played his dual role perfectly. He sold us a frustrated Bobby, stumped and struggling to figure out just what makes the Leviathan really tick. Bobby is, as always, flustered around the sheriff, and Beaver shows us that in his fidgeting and bashful behavior. He gave us a stunned but happy Bobby, kissing Jody after the chemical burns Chet. Beaver showed just how Bobby handles being taunted---cool as a cucumber until that moment when he cuts the head off in disgust. His turn as a Leviathan was a delight.  I could tell that he had a lot of fun playing the role. We haven't seen Beaver play such a spin on Bobby since "And Then There Were None," and it was nice to see that return to the show. 

Mark Sheppard was a pleasant surprise at the end, in true Crowley self serving form. He really does that smug exterior hiding the insecure truth well. I really love how he butters people up only to find out that they want him dead and switches on a dime against them. Shepphard brings such great charm to Crowley that I find myself liking him more each time I see him. Sure, he's technically a villain and would turn on the Winchesters as soon as they no longer have a common enemy, but he's not half bad most of the time! I wonder just how much we'll see of him after this encounter with the Boss Leviathan. 

James Patrick Stuart brings Dick Roman, the Leviathan Boss to life here. He's slimy, and comes off more like a corporate sleeze than a cruel man eating monster, and yet that's scarier than if we had seen him munch on someone. Stuart is creepy, sleazy, and intimidating when he talks down to Crowley. He conveys Dick's disdain for humans and demons alike with the way he carries himself and says his lines. The way he says that "humans aren't good for much besides dipping in garlic sauce" sent shivers down my spine. He will be a worthy adversary we can tell already, and if he's considered the boss of the Leviathan, one can only wonder just what powers he has that the others don't. Will it take more than borax and decapitation to just slow him down or kill him? I'm hoping we get to see Roman popping up more often and see just what Stuart does with the character going further.

Jared and Jensen really shined in this episode in their respective dual roles. I could tell that both had a lot of fun playing the evil versions of themselves. They really sold us at first that it might be the real Sam and Dean, but once they revealed the Leviathan versions, they fully embraced them. Somehow, Jensen made Dean seem snarkier and darker---even darker than when Lucifer was taunting Sam in "Hello, Cruel World." Jared showed us a cruel Leviathan Sam that knew how to have fun, and his smiles throughout were deliciously creepy. The way they shot the crime spree videos showed that they knew how sensational media works. 

In their portrayals of the real brothers, we saw them frustrated and annoyed. The brothers had a shared goal and were on the same page. The chemistry that's marked their costarring was in full force in this episode and we not only saw that with the Leviathan pair, we saw it here with the real Winchesters. We saw Dean's fire lit big time as the crime spree became more and more personal. He seemed more bothered about the car being taken than his own face, but it got him moving and off the guilt he's been so focused upon. When Sam finally learns the truth, we watch Jared's face crumble and his eyes turn sorrowful. It was a powerful performance that made me feel bad not just for Sam but the brothers as a whole. 

Now that the secret is out, it'll be interesting to see how they handle that and move forward. Will it cause Sam to regress into his hallucinations? What of the Leviathans? We learned more about them in this episode, that they're not totally impervious to everything. When will the Boss Dick Roman encounter the brothers? It's not hard to imagine that he'll give in and handle them himself---after all the failures by his subordinates. The big question about them is their hierarchy and how it works.  Now that the Leviathan have infiltrated the FBI and other authorities the way demons before them have, how will the brothers hunt without being caught---new identities aside? This romp of an episode certainly was an outstanding debut by Thompson and pushed us further into the plot of season 7. I look forward to where they take this next. 


# Deborah 2011-11-01 02:39
Far Away Eyes, I loved this episode and your review. I agree with everything you say here, and that's been a rarity with me and reviewers this season. Thank you so much. Is it Friday yet? I'm loving this season!
Far Away Eyes
# Far Away Eyes 2011-11-01 17:40
I'm glad you liked what I had to say. It was a fun little episode all around and I think we could tell that Jared and Jensen had fun doing it, too. I am looking forward to the rest of the season, too! Who knows what other funnies and treats they've got in store for us!
# Sylvie 2011-11-01 08:15
Absolutely agree with you on this one, it was a very auspicious beginning for a new writer. Methinks we'll be seeing more of his stuff (I hope). Jensen & Jared are just so good at embodying these characters, they don't even have to talk to convey what they are feeling. Kudos to them both and all the guest stars on this one. This is becoming one of my favourite episodes of the last three seasons. I love to see evil Sam & Dean, it's priceless.

Thanks for pointing out all the shout-outs to past episodes, I hadn't caught them all. And thank you so much for not harping on the Sam & Dean split at the end. I think Sam is just going to need a little time to cool off, because as you've pointed out, there is no way either one of the brothers can survive without the other, especially now with this big bad hunting them down. The Leviathan are certainly scary. I'm so ready for it to be Friday.
Far Away Eyes
# Far Away Eyes 2011-11-01 17:53
I couldn't help but thinking that both Jared and Jensen had so much fun doing this episode. They got to kill people and be snarky and deliciously evil without impunity and they really seemed to have a blast taking the characters---ev en if they were Leviathan versions---in that direction. I'd love to see them make a come back, even if they're not committing crimes or anything to get the boys in the media spotlight again. Imagine the havoc they could bring simply by running amok---even in the underground world of hunting.

I realized, as I reread over my review there are oh so many more shoutouts that I missed! The Swayze quote is a great example----"ful l on Swayzed that mother---" from "In My Time of Dying," for instance. I think Dean has a Swayze fetish.

I wasn't bothered by the split at the end. I would rather have them hash this out and shake the bushes on the issues that are underneath the "Amy issue" than kick it around all season and leave it hanging more or less. Now maybe we'll see them start to work on those things.

I think what's more fascinating about the Leviathan and is more mysterious is what it is about Sam and Dean that have them all flustered. They seem to eat any humans they like at will and yet Sam and Dean scare them---especial ly their big boss. Is it because of Cas's thoughts on them or something else?
# saltwatergal 2011-11-01 09:09
What an outstanding review... one of my personal favorite lines from Chet was the over the top "Whooo" when he gets shot was it? by a really frustrated Bobby and then yells "Do it again".. I really was laughing out loud. I am curious to find out just what is it about the brothers that the "Boss" knows that makes them worthy of being taken out. It was mentioned that they were " worthy" by Edgar before he was smashed by the falling car and also again this episode by levi-Sam in the diner when he asks levi-Dean how they could be considered a threat.(After all they are so lame--they eat dead meat and dead plants with goo!) I am guessing its got something to do with Cass's belief (and now common shared levi-knowledge) that the boys "always have a way to exceed his expectations" and the way they can overcome anything to get a job done. Oh Leviathan you ain't seen nutt'n yet! Any thoughts?
Far Away Eyes
# Far Away Eyes 2011-11-01 18:10
I did like Chet's taunts there, too. So many lines, so little time!

I do think there's something beyond just Cas's memories and perceptions that make the Winchesters dangerous. They have eliminated a lot of big fish. I wonder if you kill the Boss you weaken/kill the rest in one go or if you have to chase them all down and a new leader emerges like with demons. I'll be curious to see just who joins the brothers in this fight. We know Bobby and Jody are on their side---and Crowley will work with them just so he isn't on the menu next. But what about Meg or children of the Mother of All like vampires (Alpha Vampire comes to mind) and other monsters? Will they align against the Leviathan? After all, humans are a food source and these guys seem to eat an awful lot.
Rosalyn Starcher
# Rosalyn Starcher 2011-11-01 10:02
A great review, as always. I always look forward to your reviews as they're so much more fair and reasonable and positive than the others that I can't even bear to read a lot of the time because of the negativity. From past experience, I know how much constant criticism and negativity can become almost a group addiction, the more it's talked about, the more it influences everyone in contact with it. It ruined a previous fandom for me, so I stay away from the overly critical and pure negativity just for the sake of being negative.So thank you for your fair assessments of each episode,even the ones that aren't considered popular.
I was glad to see that Sam walking away at the end wasn't a big deal in your review like in so many others. I agree he needed time to cool off before he said something he would regret and couldn't take back. I think it was a reasonable (and mature) thing to do and gave them both some time to think about what had happened and not to just fly off the handle in anger and recriminations. I love both boys and would hate to see them at odds with each other again.
I apppreciated your take on the comparisons with other episodes, I have to admit I hadn't noticed some of them. It's just so great to have someone like you who can give such insight to episodes that the rest of us might miss. It gives me an appreciation of the richness and color that's brought into each episode by the talented cast,crew, writers, directors, etc.
Far Away Eyes
# Far Away Eyes 2011-11-01 18:20
I'm glad you like my approach. Everyone has the right to their opinion, but much like you, I had another fandom and show ruined by negative responses from other fans. I jumped in on the bandwagon and now I can't look at that show without being disappointed on some level. I am personally trying to avoid that and so each review I pick something to talk about rather than "I liked or didn't like."

I think a lot took issue because we've seen Sam do this often in the past, but it felt different to me. His word choice and such makes me think there's more than meets the eye here. And yes, I think Sam needed time to cool off and not launch into a tirade or fist fight with Dean. There's a lot more going on than just the secret being let out---trust and being on the same page and seeing Sam as a capable hunter/man and I think this coming out now will start that.

I am amazed at how many are still in the episode to mention that I missed or forgot as I wrote this. This show has so much meta in it that when I see them indulge, even if it's not like a French Mistake styled episode, I get giddy.
# airbat 2011-11-01 21:25
Great review and my honest congratulations for you being able to contain the main points of this episode on one page.
Look at me, I ramble from the beginning. I already posted my comments on Sofia's review before I read yours, but I still found some things to comment on (this episode just had so much in it).
First of all, seeing your screen capture of the Leviathans I noticed for the first time that they have absolutely no face! Levias are all about the mouth (and they use it excessively).
And second: I was so glad when Dean was thrown into the shelf that he didn't break his leg again. Winchesters are back to being indestructable.
Far Away Eyes
# Far Away Eyes 2011-11-01 21:43
I had to let out an "Oooo that hurt" when Dean was thrown into that shelf. It is a wonderment that he didn't reinjure himself there.

It was hard, and in Word, it's almost 6 pages, soooo. It was a fun episode to cover and will be one of those "non direct meta" episodes I'd like to cover in an article about that (Mystery Spot, Changing Channels, Yellow Fever, just to name a few).
# kaj 2011-11-02 01:58
Far away eyes, this episode reminds me of Jus In Bello ( My fav of S3 ) and Skin ( My Fav of S1 ). Not only because of the shout out that you mentioned but because of the fast pace, the action, witty dialogue, fresh comedy and thrill. I was kept at the edge of my seat the whole hour. This episode definitely my fav of S7.
Let's see if the next episodes surpasses this.
# CitizenKane2 2011-11-02 02:53
This was a great review. And I agree that the episode had many stellar qualities - including my current personal favorite Sheriff Jody. :)

I only caught on to some of the shout-outs, but your review (I think) exhaustively listed them.
Far Away Eyes
# Far Away Eyes 2011-11-02 15:43
It's amazing the ones I missed on another watch. They really went out to call back to some of those previous episodes and it's one of the things I truly love about this show.
# Brynhild 2011-11-02 11:04
Another shout-out that immediately came to my mind was when RealDean broke the glass to take the axe to attack LeviaSam: it screamed "Sex and violence" to me! ;-)
Far Away Eyes
# Far Away Eyes 2011-11-02 15:49
Oh yes, that too. There's so, so many in this episode alone that you could go on for quite some time if you wanted to. It's one of the joys about this show if you ask me.
# MetamorphicRocks 2011-11-03 00:26
Nice recap. There was so much to enjoy about this episode! Levi Sam/Dean were so much fun to watch. And I agree with you, it came through in the performances just how much fun Jared and Jensen were having with it. And the Air Supply singing scene has now become an instant classic. In fact, it is already documented on Wikipedia on the "All Out Of Love" information page!

So nice to see Kim Rhodes in this episode. I think she gives completely natural performances every time. I still remember how heartbreaking she was in "Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid," but she can do comedy just as well.

It amazes me how much discussion and conflict that scene with Sam walking away from Dean has caused within the fandom. However, there always has to be tension between characters. I think I would have preferred if it came from Sam's mental state, but where/whatever it comes from, it has to exist between main characters. The boys will still be there for each other when it really counts.
Far Away Eyes
# Far Away Eyes 2011-11-03 07:03
I just couldn't help but notice just how laid back they were playing the evil versions of their characters, doing things that Sam and Dean would never do otherwise. And yes, All Out of Love is probably this season's Eye of the Tiger.

I think Kim brings Kim to her roles and it works and makes her characters seem so natural. I love her as Jody.

I've noticed the discussion going on about the end, too. And yes, there's always going to be conflict on some level between the boys. End conflict and you have no story! I look forward to seeing how this plays out, too.