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You know how you watch some episodes and you’re so engrossed in the plot you go “Wow, that hour just flew right by!”  This was not one of those episodes. 

I did a rewatch right away, not because I thought it was thrilling or anything, I just wanted to figure out what it was about this episode that was flat.  I mean, the story was decent, the returning guests awesome!  The alpha vamp (welcome back to the show Rick Worthy!) even had the line of the year.  “See you next season.”  Other than though it was a very choppy, bouncing all over the place, inconsistent setup for next week’s big showdown.  The hour was just off.  

I will however send major kudos to the director, Guy Norman Bee!  Serge Ladoucer too.  The lighting shots in the alpha’s mansion was spectacular!   I’ll share in my review when I get the screen shots.   

However, I’m not here to critique the episode in depth.  My review will do that.  Let’s try  a few talking points:  
  • Was it me or was Sam acting off this week?  A little uptight perhaps?  Anxious?  Why did Sam have so much hatred for the Alpha vamp?  A carry over from his soulless days hunting for him?  I don’t know, he just seemed different, especially compared to the way he’s been lately.  He's so inconsistent.  I get he would be so hellbent in saving the season four.  He's long since past that, right?  I've got to look at it more.  I just don't know which Sam Winchester is going to show up anymore.  
  • Dean seemed great this week, but sorry, I was too distracted by that awesome new leather jacket.  I hope we see that a lot more.  Every week.  Dean deserves something cool of his own and dayum did he look good in it!
  • Did you enjoy the “epic levels of vampire creepiness”?  (Ardeospina’s words).  Hee, “vamptonite”.  Do you think Sam and Dean will stock up on some of that stuff before going after Dick?  Nah, I’m sure they have their hands full.  I guess it’s not shocking that the Leviathan would turn on their own kind in Purgatory.  I do like how we got to see that angle, that they don’t just have contempt for humans, devils, and angels.  Other monsters from their home in purgatory are fair game too.  That sort of arrogance is going to lead to unlikely alliances guys!  What do you think about The Leviathan thinking 7 billion people aren't enough.  That is greed to the fullest.  It's going to be the death of them.  
  • Do you like the twist that Sucrocorp is poisoning through high fructose corn syrup?  If that’s the case, Sam will never get poisoned!  I found the scene with the guy on the bench while they took his blood somewhat amusing.  He should be Soylent Green candidate #1.  The Plucky’s t-shirt screams “edible human sloth.”  
  • Oh Bobby.  He’s gone too far now.  Possessing someone?  How do you think this is going to end for Bobby?  Do you see another way out of this other than burning the flask?  This just can’t end well. 
  • Crowley really has no clue that Castiel is alive.  He figured Sam and Dean didn’t have the angel blood and would have trouble getting it.  I adore how Sam and Dean covered for Castiel.  Or do you think Crowley was playing them?  I think it’s going to be quite a shock next week when Crowley sees him.  
  • Yah headless Edgar!  Sam got to take one out.  Now tell me, who didn’t love the high tech Devil’s Trap that Dick trapped Crowley in.  That’s awesome!  I was so ready to rip Dick a new one though for picking on poor Kevin.  What did that kid do to you Dick?  He’s so taking down your ass.    
  • Now let’s talk about my favorite part of the episode.  The preview for next week.  The Impala!!!  BABY IS BACK, BABY IS BACK, BABY IS BACK!!!  I saw her charging in that brief scene and I swear I screamed.  Then I cried.  Then I watched over and over again.  Oh Baby, did the big bad Sera Gamble hurt you?  (I kid, I kid). 

Okay, sound off.  Speculate what you think is going to happen next week with the big showdown against Dick.  It’ll be Sera Gamble’s last episode as showrunner, and very likely writer as well. 





Michelle Kinseth
# Michelle Kinseth 2012-05-12 00:20
I agree, the Alpha had the best line! I laughed, a lot. hehehe (even if the "escape" of Alpha vamp from the building last season, "just in time", is a bit of a stretch; but I'll give it to 'em since Rick Worthy is so much fun to watch!!!).

I don't have much to say about this episode because it was pretty much all just set up for next week. But you are right that Sam was odd (and inconsistent from last week for sure) but I don't think the guys insistence on taking the boy was odd. I swear in that scene it looked like Dean (Jensen?) was going to shed a tear! His eyes were a little watery and red when they were in that moment.

Loved the blood draw moment. And all of Dean's food freakouts. That boy, if he really ate that way all the time, would not be as svelte as he is...not without exercise! ;)

But yes! Next week! I might have cried a little too at BABY! and for some reason, the final shot in the preview of Dean telling Sam not to get killed, and Sam saying back to him "you too" (or whatever it was, specifically) got me like a gut punch and I almost ugly-cried.

For some reason, even though the episode on a whole was nothing spectacular I really felt a brotherly closeness this week...and last week too. I don't know if it's me, wishing for it, or if it's really there, but I'm feeling all warm and fuzzy for the Sam and Dean moments we've been seeing.

Bobby. Oy vey. I am concerned. I do not like where this is heading and I am very, very worried. Ghost possession??? Irk. Not cool, Bobby...not cool.

Now comes avoiding all spoilers, clips, stills and announcements for next week...I wanna be surprised! It looks to be a doozy and from what I've heard, the cliffhanger is going to be very cliffhangery!
# kaj 2012-05-12 00:54
Ohhh I'm not sure what to say yet! Need to re-watch.

I just have a burst of idea that 'Would it be cool if the cliffhanger for next week is going to be a separation of Sam and Dean. I mean... Dean telling Sam not to get killed and vice versa then they split up and each other is informed that their brother is killed. And they are not reunited until the end of episode...

That would be a MAJOR MAJOR cliffhanger. Never in Supernatural history that the brothers are not in one scene during a season finale.

Let them separated and thinking the other is dead for at leas two episodes next season I would die of Angstgasm!
Michelle Kinseth
# Michelle Kinseth 2012-05-12 01:34
I just have a burst of idea that 'Would it be cool if the cliffhanger for next week is going to be a separation of Sam and Dean. I mean... Dean telling Sam not to get killed and vice versa then they split up and each other is informed that their brother is killed. And they are not reunited until the end of episode...

That would be a MAJOR MAJOR cliffhanger. Never in Supernatural history that the brothers are not in one scene during a season finale.

Let them separated and thinking the other is dead for at leas two episodes next season I would die of Angstgasm!
Ah! That would be terrible! lol...but awesome. So angsty! :D
Tim the Enchanter
# Tim the Enchanter 2012-05-12 03:20
I think flat was the word for it. It was still a good episode, and there were some excellent moments in it, but I thought it lacked a certain urgency. Maybe it was the really drawn out scene they spent looking for, and with, Emily or the scene at the start when the boys were just yapping (they did seem to give up rather easily; especially considering we all figured it out last week), or the drawn out scene in the market, I dunno.

Re: Bobby possessing the lady. I’m not that surprised by it. What else could he have done? Jeez, the boys were walking into a trap involving the Alpha Vamp. Let’s face it; desperate times call for desperate measures. I’d rather one possessed lady than one dead Sam and Dean. (Sorry lady.)

That being said, I doubt Bobby will see out the season, especially considering Sam’s spiel in the market (‘The lore doesn’t have a single, real life example of Casper the friendly ghost.’ There was a real life example three bloody weeks ago. Jesus Sam, would you wake up!) It feels like the show is trying to go back to the old, established ‘canon’.

I am rather annoyed, and disappointed, by the boys determination to not talk to Bobby about what is worrying them, instead it’s all ‘put him in the car’ or ‘lock him in the safe’ (cos that’s a real good way to calm him down). I’m not surprised Bobby is pissed. Someone locked me in a safe, I’d be well pissed too.

I did not realise it was possible to take blood from the front of the hand. That would freaking hurt (give me a nice crook of the elbow any day). And the size of that needle! Were they planning on taking blood from freaking King Kong??

You’re right, Sam is so up and down it’s bewildering. I don’t know what’s going on with him. One minute he’s calm (in the car), the next he’s frustrated (with the Alpha). If I didn’t know better I’d say it’s a remnant of his time in the Cage, a sort of 'he had all his emotions and memories and different personality traits stirred up and they haven't settled yet' sort of thing. I don’t think that’s the case though. Could be a case that now that Sam is not longer one of the problems, his position is unclear so they just don't know how to write him. Even within this episode, it was all uber harsh re Bobby then re Emily and Alan he’s the Sam of (very) old; gentle, empathic . And I don’t know if it was restrained hatred of the Alpha Vamp or he was upset at the thought of a child living a life like that, but honestly, it’s like watching two different characters from week to week.

Does Dean realise that the leather in that jacket could have come from an animal that might have eaten corn syrup?? (This could be the Leviathans breaking into the clothing market!) Good jacket, bad colour. Though it was the same colour as Sam’s shirt so it’s nice to see they’re matching, cos the team that colour coordinates together, stays together. Nice to see Dean a bit more chipper this episode though. Must have been the memory of the Playboy magazine that did it for him! (A happy Dean memory re John. That's progress!)

If the Leviathan’s are all like ‘only 7 billion’ re people, then they’re going to go through them fairly fast. Just wondering, if people are all dosed up on turducken food, then where are they going to get the energy from to make future Leviathan fodder?

Emily was totally giving Sam the eye! That was shy and demure flirting, people. It’s very effective......

I need something explained, how did Sam use his phone as a ‘douche tracker’?

The various Dean reactions had to the corn syrup and the idea of having to go into shite food detox were funny, though when the hell did a radish become something you eat on the road? May I ask, the soda that guy was drinking from, is it actually possible to get a portion that size or was it just exaggerated for comic effect cos that thing was absolutely huge.

Next week will, hopefully, settle a lot.

Cheers Alice.
# KELLY 2012-05-12 08:25
@Tim Most important things first, that cup was no exaggeration-pe ople regularly get those.
I'm really worried your right about Sam and that since he's not driving the plot they don't know what to do with him. I'm still holding out a smidgen of hope that his inconsistencies mean they are not done with his story and that will get something indicating that next week.
I'm also worried that the Dean story is just going to peter out, but I'm going to try to think good thoughts until next week.

I think I'm going to table my opinion on the week until I see next, because so much hinges on what they do in the last episode. They are so many things unresolved. I don't see how it possible to finish them in 40 some minutes.
# Sharon 2012-05-12 04:35
Where Sam is concerned ? he has always been about plot and without that the writers dont really know who he is because plain non-mytharc non- souless Sam doesnt really register on their radar.
Without 'plot' driving Sam he will be written inconsistently because they dont know anything else
# Samifer 2012-05-12 10:46
I was at Rio Con last weekend and, when asked about the state of the brothers's current relationship, Jim Michaels gave some slight indications that Sam's story with the wall is not totally over. I'd love to believe that but I don''t want to keep false hopes about Sam as it happened so often in my fan history.
# Ginger 2012-05-12 08:24
My take on the episode. It's odd. I liked it okay, in a season that I think is even worse than S6 was, but if I stop to think about the episode, it was another mess.

I thought both brothers were totally off. Sam? Yes, he flip flops all over the place. I took it as more...Jared's baby is here now, so we can give Sam something more to do. Poor Jared has to be quick on his feet to act this way one week and that way next week. And poor Dean. Is there not one writer in the room that knows Dean's character?

I am flat out ticked off about this point. Dean has a new leather coat and we get no back story to it at all. A leather coat is a big deal to this character, writers. So now Dean's just a clothes horse? So much could have been done with the character with the introduction of a new leather coat and we get nothing.

Instead of action for a penultimate episode, we get plot reveal and the introduction of new plot twists. There is only ONE episode left, writers. We should be getting action, intensity, can the brothers win excitement -- not what is Crowley up to -- not a continued building up of Bobby's story -- not we are a nation of fat people, so the evil corporate bad guys will feed us corn syrup because we're all fat anyway. The reveals in this episode should have happened no later than the mid-season finale.

The episode was too crowded and rushed, which made it disjointed. For instance, no reason to have the little boy in it at all, other than to give the Winchesters one insignificant save. The Winchesters haven't done a damned thing all season, so this wasn't really needed this late in the game.

Bobby? They have messed up so much with this character, I don't even know what to say. I want him dead -- sorry Jim Beaver, you're a really super guy. Bobby goes into a building while the brothers sit in the car, yet they have to put the flask in a safe to keep him from wandering. I was really confused about his opening talk with Dean, until I realized that the audience already knew what he was telling Dean and because of that, the whole scene made Sam and Dean look dumb.

More reveal on the stupid idea for a mytharc this season. I got the political message: We're all a nation of fat people, so the evil corporate baddies will feed us what we want -- corn syrup -- to kill us off. Thank you, liberal Hollywood, for your concern. I like corn syrup. Actually, sometimes I eat it straight on my pancakes. I do like veggies, a lot, but I like pizza, too. Isn't choice wonderful?

I could go on and on. The episode was another lackluster attempt in a season that is, indeed, worse than S6. Surprisingly, I liked it okay in the context of this season. I think it was because the J2s were in it for more than ten minutes, despite being another episode about support characters.

The one thing I got from the episode is that I definitely have lowered my expectations for the finale. All appearances are that the writers have lost interest in the show and the characters and no one is really in charge these days, so I expect the finale to be rushed, disjointed, and everything wrapped up just to get it done. I'm okay with that. Just get it done and let's move on with the hopes that Carver can somehow save this show.

I am so happy that Rick Worthy will be back next season. The best scenes were between he and Edgar (and isn't that sad for our two lead actors). But, yea for that coming out of the episode.

Just to reinforce. I liked the episode okay, but that doesn't technically convey to it was a good episode. There should have been more action and less plot reveal at this stage in the season.
# lala2 2012-05-12 08:51
This episode was a major step up, IMO, from all previous episodes since the clown episode. I actually enjoyed this one, and it has been a long times since I enjoyed an episode. The last one I loved was the clown episode. Now, this one wasn't as good as that one, but it was pretty solid after the disappointing, IMO, episodes before it! I think a large reason why I enjoyed this episode is b/c Sam and Dean were in it for more than five minutes!

Honestly, I've pretty much checked out for this season. After the disappointing wrap up to Sam's "storyline," I just haven't been as invested in the show as I usally am. I watch, of course, but I don't re-watch episodes, and lately, I'm chatting more w/my friend online about the show than paying attn to the show when it's airing.

That said, I don't recall how Sam behaved in the last episode re: Bobby so I can't give an opinion re: his behavior and if it's "off" in any way. I stopped recording the episodes because they were so bad. I've just been watching once, and nothing has really jumped out to me re: Sam.

I don't recall him being overly angry with the Alpha Vamp. He's taken a very rational position re: Bobby. Bobby and Sam have never been shown, IMO, to be all that close so Sam's attitude is not shocking or surprising to me. Sam seemed all business to me w/r/t Bobby and everything else.

The writers just don't seem particularly interested in ever exploring the emotional side of Sam. That's just not where their interests lie. They had a perfectly wonderful setup with him this season, and they chose the most boring and uneventful way to "tell his story." Sam was fine before the hallucinations, during the hallucinations, and after the hallucinations. Regardless of what happens, Sam will be fine, making Sam slightly boring and one-dimensional . I wish I could say I enjoyed the four lousy episodes we got for Sam's story but I can't. I only enjoyed two (HCW and MTNB). Lucifer became more annoying than menacing. There's so much I could complain about but I won't. Sam seemed fine to me in this episode.

I like that Ghost!Bobby is becoming vengeful because it stays true to canon though the "fancy lady" or whatever she called herself seemed nice and friendly. Eh. . . . . I can't explain it. The writers clearly write for the story and throw canon out the window to do so. But I liked the possession and the stuff with Bobby.

I hated the beginning of the episode because I just don't care for Dick. He, and the Leviathan, have been horrible enemies. I find the Leviathan very boring. Their goal is boring. Their presentation is boring. Everything about the Leviathan has been bad, IMO. Edgar was the only interesting one and now he's dead. So, I thought I was in for another bad (i.e., medicore) episode, but then we moved to Sam and Dean.

I thought the episode picked up quite a bit when they found Emily. I was fooled by Emily. I bought her story and thought she would be the provider of that bone they need, so the twist was good for me.

Love the Alpha Vamp. I like the actor a lot. Loved his line about next season and loved his confrontation with Edgar.

Loved that Dean had an extra syringe in his boot. Loved the disagreement about Bobby btw the boys. Loved Crowley's brief appearance, and I normally dislike Crowley.

To me, the best parts of the episode contained no Dick. In all, I thought it nicely set up the finale. It didn't seem too packed or rushed to me. And that could be b/c I haven't been the slightest bit interested in the Leviathan or how to take them down, etc. It was a good, solid episode in my opinion. I'd rate it a 6.
# Samifer 2012-05-12 11:09
Lala2, I always enjoy your comments because you say everything I mean so I don't have to wite myself :-)

Like you, I've not been watching since the very unfortunate - IMO- conclusion to Sam's "story". I just read the synopsis and some of the comments in an attempt to find anything to pull me back. The biggest problem to me with the show this season is the lack of emotional interaction between the brothers which has been there since episode 4. Dean went from being frantic about Sam's condition in the beginning of the season to looking almost disinterested from episode 4 on. And Sam - poor Jared - spent nearly the whole season rubbing his hand and repeating that he's OK. But then Sam is always OK, no matter what happens. If Sam is not OK the writers have to give him some story and they don't seem interested in doing so. Interestingly, many people at the Rio Con made questions about why the relationship is not the same anymore. Jim Michaels said that there's still 2 episodes left, whatever that means.

Another problem to me is the large number of secondary characters in the show these days. All these people must have something to do so Sam and Dean always need "help" to do their job and at times look even incompetent.
# lala2 2012-05-12 15:13
Thanks, Samifer :-)

I couldn't agree more w/you that the relationship btw the brothers is off. It has been for most of the season. I know the chemistry btw them is still present. I saw it in HCW and that clown episode, but they don't spend any time together anymore. In a seaosn where the boys had no one but each other, it's funny how we didn't see them relying on each other and being there for each other. Dean suffered in his depression alone. Sam suffered in his hallucinations alone. No Impala/hotel chats or disclosures. For most of the season, the boys have been apart. They were closer last year when Sam was soulless, IMO!

For me, this show really only works if the brothers are together and enjoy hunting, otherwise, I will wonder why they continue to hunt and hang together if it's so dissatisfying. Right now, the brothers are like two guys riding in the same car, and that's it.

It would have been so nice to see Dean "caring" about Sam's hallucinations beyond HCW. The episode w/Sam in the asylum lacked urgency, IMO. I didn't sense any real fear from Dean re: Sam's safety or his well-being. The whole thing was thrown together, and it showed. I feel like no thought was put into Sam's arc and how to effectively tell it, and then it was too late. It's like someone said, "Hey, we're 15 episodes in, we should wrap up that hallucination plot real quick." There were no good brotherly moments re: Sam's problems after TGND.

Dean was depressed for most of the season, and Sam asked him about it, but nothing else happened. I don't see why the writers want to constantly throw depression on Dean, but they do. That trial episode could have been used to show Sam giving Dean some sense of purpose, but it wasn't. Sam's speech to Dean at the end of that daughter episode was nice, but I guess I would have liked to see more. Honestly, I wouldn't have given Dean another "depression" arc, but that's me.

I just wish we had seen the brother leaning on each other, helping each other through their individual problems, and being there for each other. What was the point of getting rid of Bobby and Castiel, if they were just going to be replaced w/other characters. I'm not saying the show has to be just Sam and Dean, but, to me, they are the HEART of the show. Their interactions, communications, and relationship drives the show. We've gotten too little w/them this year.

All the focus on the secondary characters in the past few episodes hasn't helped either! That dragon girl and Kevin Tran are fine characters, but I don't want to see them more than Sam and Dean. I know it sucks for Jared and Jensen, but they signed up for a 2-man lead show. And they really sold the brotherhood. I think many watch for them. I know I do.

This season has been horrible. I truly hope next season is much better!
# NOLANOLA 2012-05-12 09:34



# percysowner 2012-05-12 09:59
I think that the writers in general had not shown Sam's internal life for so long that they really don't know who he is and how to write him. However, I consistently find that Dabb and Laughlin often miss on characterizatio n and consistency in general. They are my least favorite writing team, so I'm hoping that Sam being all over the map is more related to that.

This episode didn't resonate with me, but then D & L episodes generally don't, so I have hopes for next week.
# Samifer 2012-05-12 11:13
What I have hopes for is Jeremy Carver returning. I used to be a big fan of Sera Gamble. She penned many of my favorite episodes but sadly she disappointed me with the direction she gave the show in the 2 latest seasons.
# nancyL 2012-05-12 11:50
We know for a fact that Sam and Dean will be going after the Alpha Vamp next season. :lol:

Alice, maybe the reason that Sam was a little harsh with the Alpha Vamp is because of what happened to Dean? You know the whole Soulless One letting Dean get turned into a vamp in order to 'get' the alpha. Which of course didn't work out as planned. :P

I loved the battle of Alpha vs Edgar. My money was on the vamp all along. He did need a little help from our heroes but still, it was nice to see a Levi get his ass handed to him.

This season has had a lot of ups and downs, some good episodes and some not so good. But next week does bring it to an end and hopefully gives Jeremy Carver a fresh start to SEASON EIGHT. WooHoo.

You are right Alice, BABY IS BACK. But did it look like Meg was smashing her windows?
# cd28 2012-05-12 12:03
Was Sam off this episode? My opinion - no. He was smart, he was treating the situation with the seriousness it deserved, and he remembered that the Alpha Vamp was evil. Has he been off for 90% of the rest of the season when he was in a passive, sort of dumb state? Yes.

Was the episode a little flat? Yes. But to be honest, I don't think it was the writing so much as something about the way the episode was put together. For example, Sam and Dean discover that they're surrounded by pod people. That should be a very creepy moment. Instead we get the "this is a funny moment" background music when they try to draw blood from a man. While I was watching this, I was making a mental comparison to the creepiness of Croatoan. Another example, the vampire house seemed a little creepy, but still well lit and not at all scary like the house they hunted the vamp in in Family Matters. I don't know if these type of decisions like the music of the brightness fall on the director of the episode, or the editing after the fact. I don't know enough about the process, and I'll have to watch the episode again to see where it felt flat, but in my initial watch, it didn't seem like it the script that was the problem. And to be honest, I felt like Jensen was a little flat too. He's portraying Dean as just going through the motions rather than having the fire that Dean used to have, and that just puts a damper on the whole scene. Sam wasn't all fired up either, but that's more consistent with Sam's personality.

As for Crowley, I got the impression that he was suspicious that Cas might be back and was throwing out the fallen angel lines to get Sam's and Dean's reactions. He's not going to be happy when he finds out that Sam and Dean are working with Cas again, and Meg too. If he knows Cas and Meg are part of the team, I doubt he's going to give them his blood. So that makes me wonder, would Sam with his former title "the boy king," qualify as a substitute for Crowley as the ruler of demons? I doubt this will happen because the show producers seem determined to pretend the Sam/demon blood storyline never happened, but it would be a good twist to put in a nod back to that storyline.

EDIT: I forgot to say that I really liked the episode. Even though I did think it was maybe a little flat, it was far better than the majority of episodes this season and better than last year's penultimate episode.
# Bevie 2012-05-12 12:04
I didn't think the episode was flat in any way, nor did I see any problems with Sam's attitude. But then, i'm not a reviewer, so what do I know? I actually liked it. 8)

The best line was from the Alpha (I think he is riveting and glad he will be back 'next season').

As for the leather jacket, it must have come from the Sally Ann or Goodwill shop, or Dean is spending the dragons' gold on his wardrobe. Anyways, I much prefer the old one that got stolen. It was so VERY DEAN!! And that one was found at a used clothing shop. You'd think the wardrobe people would be able to find a similar one somewhere! :-?

Loved that Sam lopped off the bigmouth's head! And I found Dick very very creepy scary in his corporate CEO way. :eek:

Loved the boys together this time also. Guess I'm alone in my opinions this time. Don't care! ;-)
# Sylvie 2012-05-12 13:12
I must say I squealed with pleasure when the Alpha Vamp said "See you next season". He'll be back! Is it wrong that I love the Alpha Vamp that much? What a voice.

Okay, enough fawning over the vamp, onto the episode. I enjoyed it tremendously. Dean's freaking out over the "healthy" food he will have to eat, LOL. We also got an eyeroll from Sam in the car when Dean made one of his stupid little jokes. I have a brother that always says those kinds of things, and yeah, they aren't that funny! I just usually punch him though. Hey, maybe Sam should try that next time, just give Dean a punch (on the arm of course).

Crowley, oh my, that little demon sure has something up his sleeve. There is a good reason he didn't want to give his blood to the Winchesters before they got everything else. Loved that high-tech devil's trap that Dick used. Those two together are very scary indeed.

Bobby, oh dear. Not good. Did anybody notice the ectoplasm coming out of the girls eye? Very pale, but it definitely was there. His want of revenge on Dick is going to be his undoing. If Sam & Dean have to burn the flask and put Bobby to rest, it is going to be unbearable.

Okay, I need to rewatch a few more times. Can't believe next week is the end of the season already. A season I enjoyed overall.
# iathina 2012-05-12 13:51
Really loved this episode!!! I thought last week's one was boring, and the content small. This was much more intriguing. Liked the guys banter, and they where so insync. Loved the syringe in Sam's jacket scene.
Really really love capable Sam so I did not think it was out of character, seems like he has gotten enough sleep now, so he is up to normal speed...and even Dean ...apart from his comments seems lighter. Last week was a very John like Dean.
Exited for next weeek. I'm a bit sad to see Edgar go. He was scary. Dick is not.

Agree with Dean in leather jacket
# Gwen 2012-05-12 20:11
Count me in with those who loved this episode. Most of all I loved the brother scenes and there were a lot of them - loved them shopping and Dean's horror at having to buy fruit, vegetables and water; loved Dean's 'are you with me'; loved their scenes with the Alpha Vamp; loved Dean's 'careful' to Sam when they first saw the dead vamps, the syringe scene...heck, I loved all the brotherly moments. This season has been way too low on such moments but I was very happy with the amount of brotherly scenes in this week's episode.
Sam didn't seem inconsistent to me and I didn't think he seemed overly angry with the Alpha Vamp, to me he just seemed both focussed on getting the job done and, considering who they were dealing with, also appropriately terrified. He did seem pretty anxious at times but I think that's not so surprising considering what they are up against and the whole Bobby situation.
Very glad to hear the Alpha Vamp's 'see you next season' - awesome line. I'm looking forward to seeing him next year
Can't wait to see how the Bobby situation plays out. It's certainly not looking so good right now.
Not so happy about Edgar being dead. He was an awesome bad guy and much scarier than Dick.
I also loved seeing Crowley again.
# Lynx 2012-05-14 17:12
Sam's erratic behaviour these last couple of episodes has been making me wonder if Dean's "other shoe" is about to drop.
All year we've seen zen Sam (it's been driving me nuts!) who hasn't allowed anything to rock his boat. I think that he's been so hard pressed just dealing with his hallucinations that he hasn't had the capacity to deal with emotions and he certainly couldn't have dealt with the cause of the hallucinations (ie the raw memories of 180 odd years in Hell). Perhaps he's taken a leaf out of Dean's book, and shoved all these things into a closet in his mind and slammed the door shut.
Maybe, now that the hallucinations are gone and he's had a little time to heal, the door to that closet is starting to quiver and shake under the weight of all that repressed emotion and hell pain. If that door bursts open it's going to drown Sam in memories, pain, rage, terror, shame, guilt and everything else he hasn't been able to deal with and it's going to be VERY messy. Probably at the most inopportune moment.
Everybody has been so worried about ghost Bobby going rogue when maybe the one we really ought to be worrying about is Sam.
Or maybe I'm just getting my hopes up!
# KELLY 2012-05-14 20:10
I would love love love it if this is turns out to be true. It would clear up most of the problems I've had with some of the recent episodes too.

But looking at the amount they have to deal with in the last episode I'm kind of losing hope that that is true. Of if it is that it could be successfully resolved. It seems like they have a lot to deal with in one episode.
# Lynx 2012-05-15 02:15
You're probably right and I wonder how they can resolve everything they already have going in one episode too.
But there's this little kernal of hope in me that just won't die. ;-)
# Gwen 2012-05-15 03:21
Maybe, now that the hallucinations are gone and he's had a little time to heal, the door to that closet is starting to quiver and shake under the weight of all that repressed emotion and hell pain. If that door bursts open it's going to drown Sam in memories, pain, rage, terror, shame, guilt and everything else he hasn't been able to deal with and it's going to be VERY messy. Probably at the most inopportune moment. Everybody has been so worried about ghost Bobby going rogue when maybe the one we really ought to be worrying about is Sam.
I would LOVE to see this happening. I did wonder after his magic fix if we would then see Sam starting to face and process his cage memories/emotio ns but that hope faded as each episode went by and we got nothing. Any hope I had has completely gone now so, if it's okay, I'll cling to your kernal of hope with you. :lol:
# Lynx 2012-05-15 03:37
It's perfectly fine with me :lol:
Tim the Enchanter
# Tim the Enchanter 2012-05-15 06:17
Sam's erratic behaviour these last couple of episodes has been making me wonder if Dean's "other shoe" is about to drop.
All year we've seen zen Sam (it's been driving me nuts!) who hasn't allowed anything to rock his boat. I think that he's been so hard pressed just dealing with his hallucinations that he hasn't had the capacity to deal with emotions and he certainly couldn't have dealt with the cause of the hallucinations (ie the raw memories of 180 odd years in Hell). Perhaps he's taken a leaf out of Dean's book, and shoved all these things into a closet in his mind and slammed the door shut.
Maybe, now that the hallucinations are gone and he's had a little time to heal, the door to that closet is starting to quiver and shake under the weight of all that repressed emotion and hell pain. If that door bursts open it's going to drown Sam in memories, pain, rage, terror, shame, guilt and everything else he hasn't been able to deal with and it's going to be VERY messy. Probably at the most inopportune moment.
Everybody has been so worried about ghost Bobby going rogue when maybe the one we really ought to be worrying about is Sam.
Or maybe I'm just getting my hopes up!
I’m sorry but as apt as this would be given what has happened to the character, I pray to almighty God that it will not happen. I cannot take another season of ‘There’s something wrong with Sam, let’s fix him’. I cannot take another season of Sam being looked at with doubting eyes, of Dean waiting for him to crack, of him not being trusted because of something he has no control over, of not being seen as an equal, of being talked about behind his back. It’s been seven years of ‘something’ s wrong with Sam’. No more of it, please!

I don’t care what he does next season. I don’t care if he has no storyline. I don’t care if he has no point of view. I don’t care if he sits in the corner and knits for 23 episodes. I just want him to be trusted and seen as an equal, something which cannot happen if Sam is once again something there to be worried about. Enough of Sam being the problem, let him be part of the solution for once.
# KELLY 2012-05-15 14:21
I don't want Sam to have a full breakdown. But I don't see why it has to be a all or nothing thing. Dean's been depressed and apathetic all season (something else I definitely want to see resolved) but still trusted (except not to get himself killed).

I want something from Sam to indicate that he is not super human and that he still has issues from his experiences the same as Dean does. So even if its just a conversation with Dean saying he's all over the board with Bobby or whatever and Sam admitting he's having some trouble dealing with everything and gives us a little insight on what he's dealing with now. I really thought after how abruptly BAI ended that they were setting something up for a longer conservation. But so far nothing. The only conservation was Dean asking how he was doing at the beginning of Party On Garth and he said he was concerned about CAS. I was OK with it if that if its leading somewhere we've only got Friday left. So yeah I'm hoping for SOMETHING on that front.
# Lynx 2012-05-15 16:53
I totally get where you're coming from Tim
But if Sam's just going to go on being perfectly fine then please let there be damn good explanation for why hell didn't affect him all that much and please let us see that explanation from Sam's point of view. Otherwise, what was the point of breaking Sam's wall in the first place? The writers could have just left the wall in place, and shown perfectly fine Sam helping Dean cope with his depression and being the point of view character for Dean's 'epic battle against the Leviathans'. Dean would have had a story arc and Sam would have gotten some character development. And we could have gotten a lot more (and better) brotherly moments along the way.
So much else in Supernatural requires me to suspend disbelief that I need to be able to relate to both Sam and Dean and I can only do that if they are both believable characters. As it is, I cannot comprehend how someone could go through everything that Sam has and not be a complete wreck, therefore I cannot really relate to Sam at this point.
# purplehairedwonder 2012-05-15 19:41
Cas did say his solution would 'get Sam back on his feet,' not that it was a permanent solution...
# Cindy 2012-05-16 16:39
I too hope that Castiel's solution for Sam is permanent. Like
Tim, I'm tired of the "what's wrong with Sam" storylines. Sam is finally Sam this season. I'd like to keep it that way.

Next season, I hope the writers give Sam and Dean something new and interesting to do. No more "what's wrong with Sam" storylines, and no more depressed Dean "storylines".
# Sharon 2012-05-16 17:00
Why does Sam having at least some risdule fallout have to be whats wrong with Sam sl?.

Deans depression and issues are all part of everything that has happened to him wether people are fed up with the Dean emo depression sl at least he gets that.The problem for Sam is he is always in the end alright and he walks around like he hasnt been left with so much has a slither of a problem and therefore he comes across more like a robot than a human being.

Emotions/ reactions are all part of what makes us human and everybody is entitled to them including Sam . Now I dont need a weeping wailing woe is me Sam but I do need a Sam who is not alright and fine and ok to a degree you wonder why the writers bothered with the sl in the first place.
Now truthfully I fully expect Sam to be alright after all it is how he is resolved and he will be running around in season 8 like a good un fighting and doing what he does best stoically move on.