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"Party On, Garth"

Episode 18, Season 7

Robin's Rambles by Robin Vogel

THEN - We re-meet Garth, a hunter who is clearly not the sharpest tool in the drawer, and one who tried Bobby's patience on more than one occasion. He "helped" the brothers on a case in the past.

NOW - A camper tells a scary story before a roaring fire in the woods to a bunch of fellow campers. "Long ago, in these woods, there lived a woman by the name of Jenny Graintree. . ." "Wooooooooo!" says his pretty girlfriend seated beside him. "Forced out after her family was killed in a fire, she lost everything--some say, even her humanity." "That is sooo sad," mocks one of the other campers. "It's a true story, Ray," says the storyteller, shining his flashlight into the woods, "look--she carved her initials into that tree right before she died." "Those are NOT her initials," insists the girl beside him. "So, how'd she die?" asks one of the other campers. "One night, a blizzard hit--she's cold, she's hungry, no where to go, no one to turn to, Jenny Greetree froze to death--right beneath that tree." He shines the flashlight under his chin, a wicked grin on his face. "And her evil spirit has haunted these woods ever since." One of the other guys does something to to scare his girlfriend. Something made of glass is hurled at the tree, scaring everyone into a scream. The camper who tossed the glass against the tree, drunk and laughing, joins them. "You should have seen your faces!" he gloats. "What the hell, Trevor, that's not funny," complains his brother. "To YOU!" chortles Trevor. The other guy stands up and asks Trevor if he drove here. Aw, please, says Trevor, why don't you take my phone, okay?--call Dad and bust me, why doncha? No, I'm just saying, you're wasted, says the other guy, you can't. . .  Blah blah blah blah blah, says Trevor, taking out his phone, I heard ya. He looks around and asks "What was that?" His brother urges him to sit down, but Trevor noisily shushes him. "You don't hear that?" asks Trevor nervously. There's nothing there, his brother assures him, let's just sit down. "You gotta run," insists Trevor, and does so, his brother calling after him. His girlfriend asks Trevor's brother what he's on. They hear a scream. Trevor's brother races to find him. "Come on, you're being a tool," he calls to his errant sibling. He spots him lying on the ground. "Come on, Trev, let's head back." Turning the corner, he finds him-- disemboweled and dead.   

Garth, driving a woody truck, wearing sunglasses far too big for his thin face, pulls into Burger Haven. He greets the two pretty girls from the campfire story: "Ladies." "What do you want, Top Gun," one of them greets him mockingly. For starters, respect, he orders, holding up a sheriff's badger. Sorry, officer, says the blond, we didn't realize. Both gals stand at attention. All is forgiven, he assures them, take a seat. They all sit down at an outdoor table. He's here to question them about Trevor McCann, about what happened at Widow's Peak. They start to speak at once, all garbled. Whoa, says Garth, stopping them. You, go, he says, pointing to the black gal. It was Jenny Greentree, she reveals. Shut up, orders the other gal, she's just a dumb legend. Jenny Greentree, says the black girl, my dad says she really died in the woods, and she's buried in the town cemetery.

That night, Garth goes to Jenny's grave and salts and burns her corpse. "All right, Jenny G, your gankin' days are over--you've been Garthed," he vows, tossing in the match. He throws his coat around his neck and carries his shovel in the other hand as badass rap music ("Poison" by Bell Biv Devoe) plays and the fire burns behind him.

Trevor's brother sits alone in his car, drinking heavily. He listens to a voicemail, telling him he should be with his family now, begging him not to do anything stupid, please! He shuts off the voicemail and drinks more from the pint bottle. He exits his truck and, gun in hand, walks around, searching for whatever murdered his brother. Spying something, he gives drunken chase, only to find himself lifted up, dangling, his blood pouring down to stain his jeans and boots. His body twitches a few times before he dies, suspended high in the air.

Garth tells some girl on the phone, "I clocked out, put it to bed, problem solved,  and I'm headed your way, so fire up that hot tub. No, I heart YOU more. He climbs into his truck to eat some food he purchased from a truck when a report comes over his police band radio of an abandoned truck and a body found torn to shreds at Widow's Peak. "WHAT?" demands Garth, about to dive into his meal. "No way, how is that possible, I GARTHED her?" 

(Okay, I know lots of folks think Garth is a hoot and something special, but I'm not amongst them, sorry. I find him mildly amusing, but that's about it. Mostly, I feel the same way the ladies did before he flashed his fake badge.)

"All right, call in if he wakes up--thanks for your help, Meg," Dean says on the phone. He hangs up, and says to Sam, who is driving, "what a bitch." So Cas is the same, then? asks Sam. Down to the drool, reports Dean, by the way, how is your custard? Getting better, says Sam--I just wish it wasn't like the damn tape from THE RING--I mean I feel like I'm okay because I passed on the crazy. You didn't, says Dean, you heard what Cas said. Let's not, man, says Sam, not wanting to discuss it. The phone rings. It's Garth Fitzgerald 4th--they worked together on that demon thing, they owe him one? He's ready to cash in that chip, something brewing in Junction City, KS.

When Sam and Dean arrive, suited up as FBI, Garth is dressed as Corporal James Brown, in green fatigues, here to pay respects to his cousin, who is lying on a morgue slab. He's about to ship out AF Pinana? and won't be able to attend the funeral himself. Must be terrible for your family, losing two brothers so fast, says the Coroner. Yeah, my aunt is real broken up about it, agrees Garth, although this appears to be the first he's hearing of it. Sam requests both files and the brothers and Garth exchange WTF looks. The coroner leaves to take a call from his wife in his office. You didn't say they were brothers! says Sam. I just found out about the other corpse, says Garth, it's been movin' quick, I'm sucking up info as I go! Are you allergic to a suit? asks Dean. No, I just look good in a uniform, says Garth defensively. Same cause of death, reveals Sam. Got it in the woods, where legend says the ghost of Jenny Greentree roams, says Garth. Sam consults the computer. Dean's  device shows ghostly activity, although Garth's didn't--must be broken again. Garth tells them he torched Jenny's bones. Maybe she's still got something lying around, suggests Dean. Highly doubtful, the chick was homeless, says Garth, plus, is this less evil spirit, more monster chow? Werewolf? asks Dean. The witness said whatever was chasing the victim was invisible, says Garth. Invisible ghost-werewolf, suggests Dean. Why'd you think I called for backup? asks Garth. Either of you heard of Thighslapper Ale? asks Sam. Stripper or beverage? queries Garth. Beverage for douchebags, says Dean. Number one microbrew of the northwest, says Sam. But we're in Kansas, Garth reminds him. Yeah, I rest my case, says Dean, what's your point? The owner is the dad to the dead brothers, says Sam. Right, says Garth, I'll can the uniform, go Fed, see you at the cannery in 40. After Garth's exit, Dean says, "He grows on ya." 

Garth, Sam and Dean are admitted to the brewery by Marie, the owner's daughter, even though it's a Sunday. Randy Baxter, her father's friend, also is part owner. They overhear Randy Baxter sending a late employee to the graveyard shift, being warned that if he's one minute late to that, he's fired. He's actually a really nice guy, it's just not easy being the ax-man, whispers Marie. So true, agrees Dean. My comrades got you covered, so excuse me, says Garth, who asks Mr. McCann if his son had enemies. We were told they were animal attacks, says McCann, very stoic, arms crossed over his chest. We just need to explore every possibility, says Sam. We got lots of friends, says McCann, no. Do they work here with you? asks Sam, like Marie does, could someone have been jealous? No, Marie's the only one, says McCann, growing upset. Baxter asks them to let his partner get some rest--I'll answer your questions. Of course, says Sam. McCann, exits the office. 

He blamed himself when Dale died, Marie explains to Dean, Dale was sensitive, he watched him 24/7--you can't blame Dale's friends. But your dad still feels bad, says Dean. And it doesn't help that Dale's wife is suing us, she says. Really, why? asks Dean. She's angry and grieving and this is America, says Marie. 

I knew Ray and Trevor, says Baxter, hell, I'm godfather to all of Ray's kids. Ray and Trevor loved their fun, but they'd never do anything crazy. No rugrats of your own? asks Garth. Just Jim's, smiles Baxter, they'd borrow my car, raid my fridge. The two of you started this company with a third partner, says Sam. Yeah, Dale, he passed away a few months ago, says Baxter, he took his own life. Oh, sorry, says Garth. He had problems for a long time, says Baxter--this is just a nightmare, first Dale, now this. this was gonna be our big year--we're selling Thighslapper to one of the largest servers in the US--it's been in the works for months--news was gonna hit public pretty soon. That's the brass ring, huh? says Garth. Under other circumstances, yeah, we'd be celebrating right about now, agrees Baxter. 

Julia fixes one drink with booze, one without. She brings the two into the dining room and gives one to her daughter, who takes a sip of the one with the booze by accident and giggles. The blond greets her father-in-law with a hug and invites him in for something to eat. Grandpa asks the girl what she's drawing. My world, she laughs, spying an outline of something running through the house. She abruptly drops the crayon and goes to check out what she thought she saw, spotting an ugly girl ghost standing beside her mother in the kitchen. Her grandfather comes up behind her. "What it is, sweetie?" he asks. She points to the apparition. "What is it?" Mom asks. She, too, spots the creature and turns to run, but it grabs her elbow, breaking it. Her daughter screams. Her father-in-law screams, "JULIAAAAA!" and grabs hold of his granddaughter. The ghost has reached inside Julia to crush her heart, killing her.         

(This was a very intense and scary scene. Imagine being a little girl who accidentally drinks a few sips of booze and can suddenly see this play out in front of you. I imagine this kid will need therapy for years to come.)

Garth works on his broken EMF device. There's a million things with claws go bump in the night, says Dean, who's sitting on the motel sofa. Throw in invisible, the number goes down. He checks out an ad on a table. Afternoon delights? Really, Garth, don't you think this place is a little. . .?  You want a nice hot tub after a day at the office, says Garth, it's little things--I feel sad for those brewery dudes, spend your life beautifying the world through beer--first the partner offs himself, then the kids get ganked for unknown freakadeek. According to this, Dale wasn't just a partner, reads Sam from the computer, he was also the brew-master--he was widely considered a genius. Garth is stabbing away at his ghost device. All right, says Dean, that's it, no microbrew was worth--what was it?--eight food magazine awards--he opens a bunch of beers--beer is not food, it's whatever water is. They opens their beers. Dean takes a gulp. That's actually awesome, he praises, damn it, I'm not even ? anymore. Garth finishes his beer in one long swallow, right down to the last drops. "Party on, Garth," urges Dean. I don't even drink beer, it messes with my depth perception, says Garth. He belches and adds, especially when I skinny dip--hey, you guys wanna hear a joke? They ignore him. This is interesting, says Sam. Garth is laughing. Are you drunk? demands Sam. Dude, I just drank the whole beer, of course I'm drunk, says Garth. He belches disgustingly. Something interesting, says Dean, reminding Sam about what he was going to tell them. Garth asks for another Thighslapper. In unison, the brothers say NO! Coffee for you, Tara Reid, orders Dean. Coffee with fluid in it, jokes Garth. It says Dale left the company two weeks before he died, says Sam, or maybe he got pushed out because he didn't want to sell--I mean, Baxter said the deal's been in the works for months. That would explain the widow--she's suing, says Dean--maybe Dale had a bone to pick and he's still pickin' it. Right, says Garth, so maybe he's a spirit tu malo. They hear a call on the police scanner to the McCann residence. Let's hope our spiritu didn't make it out of the woods, says Garth. Let's go check it, says Garth. You two go, I'll going to visit the widow, says Sam.  Dean flashes him a look of discontent, Sam smiles.  

Garth finds the place clean, with his AND Dean's EMF meter. Dean isn't pleased that Garth has his, especially after Garth admits, I guess mine's broke. We still on invisible werewolf? asks Garth. Maybe not, says Dean, I can't get Tess to talk, but maybe she saw somethin'. I'll take a run at her, whispers Garth--trust me, my special lady is ? Garth asks McCann if they can speak to Tess alone--it would really help. He sits directly in front of her. Hi, Tess, you wanna tell me what you saw tonight? She shakes her head. Or maybe you'll talk to Mr. Fizzles (a sock puppet). I'm your friend! he screeches obnoxiously, yeaaaahhhh! Garth, calls Dean. why don't we put the sock away? Mr. Fizzles wants to help Tess, says Garth through the sock, he wants to listen. Mr. Fizzle's gonna go where the sun don't shine, threatens Dean. Mr. Fizzle's mouth opens wide in fear. It was a monster, reveals Tess. I believe you, Tess, says Mr. Fizzles, did it have claws? Tess nods. How come you're the only one who can see it, Tess? Dean asks. She shrugs. What else, Tess? asks Mr. Fizzles. She shrugs. You sure? asks Mr. Fizzles, cause Mr. Fizzles can sense when you're bein' a LIAR! All right, that's enough, Mr. Fizzles, says Dean. I drank a grown-up drink, confesses Tess. Grown-up, like coffee? asks Dean. She finally admits she accidentally drank booze--"Don't let them arrest me, Mr. Fizzles!" Garth and Mr. Fizzles nod at Dean knowingly. 

Your husband did a lot of traveling, huh? Sam asks the widow. He traveled to a lot of exotic places for the best ingredients, she says. I've tried his work, it's great, says Sam--I hear you're not on the best of terms with Dale's old partners. They sold his company right out from under him, she says, that's not about money--it was his baby, you know? You sound pretty upset about it, notes Sam. I'm furious, I hate them, she says--then I think how Dale was, his friends left him behind, but you know what he said?--I'm going to send them a gift that shows I forgive 'em--a bottle of sake from one of his trips, in a gorgeous box with writing--he was so careful with it, wouldn't let me touch it.

So a kid in the woods sees something that no one else does, outlines Dean, and Tess sees a monster and Jim doesn't--grown-up drinks-- Tess drank her mom's, and victim of one was plastered. So, whoa, says Garth, monster you gotta be drunk to see!--cool!--also, hard to fight. Dean takes a drink from his flask. Just gettin' in the zone, he tells Garth--YOU are strictly on wine coolers. Hey, I love those, says Garth, anything sweet--he laughs--whoooo! Dean drinks more from his flask. What's with the grody flask, anyway? asks Garth--lucky charm? It's Bobby's, says Dean. Really? asks Garth--do you think there's a possibility Bobby's riding your wave? No, we gave him a hunter's wake, says Dean. I burned my cousin Brandon and he stayed stuck, explains Garth, and they got ghosts in India and they cremate everybody over there. It's just instinct, but maybe there IS EMF around here, it ain't just the job. Okay, we're not gonna talk about this, not in the middle of work, insists Dean. All right, agrees Garth, I just hope that fire did the trick. The phone rings, it's Sam. We're on our way, says Dean. 

The brothers go to the office and find the bottle of Sake the widow told Dean about. Dean points out something to Sam, saying, "Check it out, boy, I had paranoid people." They check tapes from days before, but can't see anything because they aren't drunk! Dean finds some top shelf booze and starts him and Sam drinking heavily. Can you even get drunk anymore? asks Sam--it's kinda like drinkin' a vitamin for you, isn't it? After getting drunk enough, they see the ugly spirit appear on the tape. So, says Sam drunkenly, he let the thing out of the box and it just followed him to the place with all the things. Yes. . .yes, says Dean, that's smart. . .ohhh, I'm actually kinda drunk . . .what is this? asks Dean, pouring the last of the bottle, me likeee--I miss these talks. Baxter enters the office! What the hell! he yells. Dean spits the last mouthful back into the glass. Oh, man, he says, busted. FBI, huh? says Baxter----you know what? he asks, dialing his phone--you can save it for the cops! Whoa, Mr. Baxter, if you'd just let us explain, babbles Sam--but he--and Baxter are interrupted by Garth Tasering Baxter, who falls to the floor, his call incomplete. "Nine one one, what is your emergency? Hello? Do you need assistance?" asks a female voice from the phone. Garth smiles at the brothers, proud for saving the day. 

Sam and Dean, coffees in hand, are having what is written on the Oriental booze box translated by a guy from a local Japanese chef: "What you took will be taken from you--like eye for an eye--you with me?" The brothers nod. He reads some, and asks them where they got this. Why, asks Sam, is there something the matter? You're not superstitious, are you? asks the chef, thrusting the box back into Sam's arms. Not at all says Dean, Sam agreeing with him. Because the bottle inside contains a Shojo, the chef explains, an alcohol spirit--it's just an old myth, I wouldn't worry about it, but they are not known for being friendly. He has to leave; Dean thanks and tips him.

Back at their motel, Garth is on the patio, doing some peculiar sort of exercise. Where's Baxter? Sam asks. The hot tub, says Garth. You have the CEO of the douchiest microbrew in the Midwest gagged in your hot tub? asks Dean--you really think that's going to end well? I'm not feelin' the love, says Garth All right, Shojo, says Sam, getting to the matter of hand on his computer. What's Shojo? asks Garth. Japanese booze monster, explains Dean. I guess that would explain why you gotta be drunk to see it, says Garth, very poetic. Sam brings up info that needs to be translated into English on the computer. Creepy, says Garth. Set in a realm with lots of alcohol, reads Sam, lore says that if you were plastered enough, you could see one skulking around the old breweries in Japan. Why is this one killing brewer's kids? asks Dean, raiding the mini-bar. Apparently, you can harness the will of a Shojo with the right spell box, says Sam, then you basically have an attack dog that you can sic on whatever personal revenge mission you want. So Dale nabs one to punish his pals, surmises Dean. Says Sam, send the bottle, sooner or later it's popped open, then you have a Shojo that will do whatever Dale compelled it to do right here on the box. Wait, says Garth, except it's not killing the people who screwed him over. Well, says Sam, Dale's widow says the company was his baby, so if he really wanted his friend to feel what he felt. . .  . . .he would take theirs, finishes Dean, continuing to drink--not their kids, Jim's, anyways. And Baxter was the godfather, says Sam. Skip ahead to how we gank it, says Dean. Good news, says Sam, it is killable, but only with a Samurai sword consecrated in a Shinto blessing. It's not a silver lining, says Dean, the Shojo already cleaned house, Marie's the last target standing--I'll hit the pawn shops and look for the sword, you babysit Marie. Garth's device suddenly goes crazy. Sorry, he apologizes. Dean grabs it away from him. Don't worry about it, he says. Unless I've got nothing to be sorry FOR, says Garth meaningfully. Garth, says Dean. What's he talkin' about? asks Sam. I'm concerned that Bobby might be haunting you, confesses Garth, I brought it up to Dean and he shot me down. Garth, says Dean, putting on his jacket, leave it alone. It's okay, says Sam. No, it's far from okay, says Dean. I already tried contacting Bobby, confesses Sam--when that beer disappeared, I took out a talking board. Without me? asks Dean, annoyed (perhaps hurt)? I figured why drag you in, says Sam, when it was something I could just put to bed myself. And? asks Dean, gulping. And if there was something there, I'd have told you, says Sam. They hear the sounds of Baxter waking up. We'll talk about this later, says Dean, and to Sam--you follow Marie--and to Garth--let him borrow your keys. 

Garth uncovers Baxter, who is handcuffed to the hot tub. I'm trying to help you, he tells the older man. And who the hell are you? Baxter demands. I'm confused, says Garth, sitting on the bed, Dale goes to get you all where it hurts--the kids--only you don't have any kids. It still affects me, believe me, Baxter gruffly assures him. Nah--wanna tell me what you're hiding? says Garth--tell me this--when was the last time you gave an employee three chances? Probably never, admits Baxter. Exactly--you're the ax-man, right, says Garth--tough job, but hey, somebody's gotta--so how come you cut that slacker janitor so many breaks? I dunno, mumbles Baxter. I Googled, says Garth, come to find his mother was your secretary way back in the day--of course, you were married to Mrs. B back in the day, so no way there was anything naughty there, right? What do you need to get? demands Garth, getting in his face, no matter what Dale knows about you, 'cause that thing out there killin' the kids, IT knows! It didn't end well with his mother, admits Baxter, she made me swear never to tell him. So much for that, says Garth--where is he? At the brewery, says Baxter, workin' the graveyard shift. Garth grabs a bunch of tiny booze bottles from under the bar and pockets them. He tosses Baxter the handcuff keys and says, "If you care about that kid at all, don't call the cops just yet."

Baxter, Jr. is cleaning a window, and when he wipes it down with a squeegee, the Shojo is on the other side of the glass, staring malevolently at him. 

Dean brings a sword and the words to the Japanese chef, who tells him it's best to do this under a running spring. Dean produces a bottle of spring water which he drizzles over the sword as the chef reads the incantation. Dean again thanks and tips him. He takes a call from Garth: "Baxter's got a secret love child--the Shojo might come for him first!" Slow down! commands Dean. I'm tryin' to save lives here! cries Garth. Are you drunk? Dean asks. Damn it! says Garth, dropping the keys to the brewery. You dropped the phone, didn't ya? asks Dean. Garth finally picks up the phone and tells Dean he's at the brewery. 

Sam, meanwhile, is drinking plenty, too, watching Marie talk with her girlfriend, and seems quite bored. 

Garth loudly whispers to Dean, "It's here!" when he spots the Shojo stalking the Baxter offspring. Garth grabs the young man's arm and yells. "Come with me if you want to live!" 

Sam gets a call from Dean, asking if he's good to drive. Sam is not. Get a ride, orders Dean, it's at the brewery. "There's another kid," says Dean, "don't think--move!" Yelling "National security!" Sam confiscates an elderly cab driver and his cab, ordering him to take him to the brewery--step on it! "Yeah, but I like to drive safe, ya know," the old man says. We sense Sam is in for a maddeningly slow ride. 

Garth drags the kid away, telling him "I'm the law." "You're drunk, get away from me!" the kid insists. "All right, I'll just shoot," says Garth, "Baxter is your father, Baxter screwed Dale, Dale write this Japanese monster you can only see when you're drunk and now, it's here to kill you." "Wait!" the kid says--"Baxter is my father?" The Shojo comes after them. What are you looking at? the kid asks Garth. Damn it, RUN! orders Garth. Dude, there's nothing there! the kid insists, but he's proven wrong when the Shojo noisily tosses Garth through a large glass window. This convinces Baxter Jr. to hightail it out of there, but the Shojo closes the exit door, and the kid watches, terrified, as the Shojo leaves three deep scratches in the wall directly across from him. Finding an open door, he races through it, running into Sam. We've gotta get out of here! he tells Sam, who asks where Garth is. He got knocked out, Baxter Jr. tells Sam. Spotting the Shojo, Sam pushes the kid behind him. You can see it? the kid asks. Sam tells him to head for the fire exit on three. Before he can even start the count, the fire exit door is slammed shut. Okay, so much for that, says Sam, as the Shojo advances on him and knocks him unconscious. Baxter Jr. screams when he feels a hand on his shoulder, but this time it's Dean, who shoves the kid behind him and begins waving the sword uselessly all over the place. The Shojo knocks him and the sword onto the floor, but SOMETHING pushes the sword back into Dean's hand. Sam regains consciousness and is able to give Dean directions as to where the Shojo is. At first, they get their lefts and rights mixed up, but after a few swipes and thrusts, Dean finally nails her directly in the heart. It's great special effects to see the sword sitting in mid air, then the Shojo materialize around it. She lets loose with a horrific scream and disappears into dust/water, leaving only the sword on the floor. Dean picks up the sword, the price tag still hanging on it. Dean asks if everyone is all right. I'm alive, says Baxter, Jr. Sam says yeah and gives a thumbs up. He sends Baxter Jr. to get Garth. Garth sits up amidst glass and debris, dazed. "What'd I miss?" he asks. "This moved," insists Dean, shaking the sword--"Bobby? Are you here? Come on, do something!" Behind a wall, Sam overhears his brother's entreaty.

"You sure you guys don't want to hang out, grab some brunch, maybe some brews?" asks Garth as they are leaving the motel. (The brothers are driving an AMC Pacer, a car I owned for 10 years!) "We'd better roll," says Dean. Garth gives both brothers hugs, which they reluctantly accept. Call me anytime, Garth says. He shakes Sam's hand, but makes him accept a hug, too. "Sayonara, kimosabies, he says, waving, "nice ride." "He has grown on me," says Sam. Garth takes off. Sam wants to discuss what happened at the brewery. It was just my imagination, says Dean. They return to the motel room. I know something happened, says Sam, I just want you to be straight with me. "The blade was across the room and then it was in my hand," recounts Dean, "and then my beer drank itself. Oh, and then that page magically appeared on the bed. Oh, and then Bobby's book magically fell on the ground and out popped the number of the guy who found Cas. Nothing, I'm sure." "Clearly," says Sam sarcastically. "Well then what?" demands Dean--Sam, is Bobby here or not?!" "You know what I think?" asks Sam--"I think regular people see ones they lost everywhere, too." "Yeah, friggin' ghosts!" says Dean. "Or they just miss 'em a lot," says Sam, "they see a face in the crowd, we see a book falling off the table--same thing, the talking board, plenty of EMF, when that beer went poof, I went a little nuts." "Yeah, why didn't you tell me?" asks Dean. "Like I said, a little nuts at the time," explains Sam. "All right, if it wasn't Bobby, what Jedi'ed that sword into my hand?" asks Dean. "The Shojo slammed the door from across the room," says Sam, "maybe it was trying to grab the sword, too." "Right," agrees Dean, "if it was Bobby, he would let us know--I mean, who knows more about bein' a ghost than Bobby?--instant Swayze, right?" "Exactly," agrees Sam. "Okay, so your theory is we're practically regular people about something for once," says Dean--"all right--wanna grab some brunch and some brews?" Sam is too hung over, he just wants to hit the road. They exit the room. Bobby is standing there! Dean has forgotten something and returns to the room to get it. "There you are," he says, and at first we--and Bobby--think he means Bobby. But no, Dean has left behind his beloved flask, or Bobby's flask, that has come to mean so much to him. "I'm right here, ya idjit!" cries Bobby as Dean hesitates a few moments, then leaves the room. "BALLS"! says Bobby, pissed off. His ghost flickers out. Dean climbs back into the Pacer with his brother and drives away.  

OH MY GOD!! BOBBY!!!!!!!!! Your ghost is here, on the earthly plane, and you're helping our guys! 

I wasn't that thrilled with this MOTW episode, mostly because I'm not a big fan of Garth, and there was WAY too much of him in this ep. 

But I was NOT spoiled for Bobby's appearance, and there was no mention of him in the opening credits, so this was a complete and WONDERFUL surprise to me! I have missed you so much, Bobby, and Jim, and oh, it was so good to hear you say idjits and balls again!

I give this episode a grade of six (6). The Monster of the Week was kind of cool, I liked the way the brothers went about figuring it out, especially Dean's visits with the Japanese chef and the family investigation. I even enjoyed the sock puppet routine Garth used to get adorable little Tess to open up about what she had seen and confess her boozing it up, but this ep just had far too much of him and not enough of the brothers for my liking. And not enough BOBBY!

I'm so tickled that they're driving an AMC Pacer, even though the car was a total lemon and was breaking down every other months when I owned it.  Trust me, it had fabulous visibility when I took it out on the road, but since it was mostly in the shop, that's not saying much, LOL.


Are you a fan of Garth?  If so, what is his appeal for you?

What did you think of the family feud depicted here?  Did you think siccing a creature like a Shojo on a family was going overboard?

Was there enough reference to Cas to satisfy you after last week's episode?  Were you hoping for more?

Did the first scene in the ep bring back memories for you? Campfire stories?  Camping?

My favorite scenes were discussions about Bobby.  Were you spoiled beforehand?  If not, how surprised and excited were you to see Jim/Bobby in this ep, as I was?

What did you think of the Shojo as a MOTW?  Did it remind you of any other monsters we've had on the show?

What rating do you give this ep from 1-10?






# sweetondean 2012-04-02 05:13
I'd give this one about a 7 for the episode and an 11 for the Bobby reveal! I wasn't spoiled and squealed for an embarrassing amount of time.

I quite like Garth. I like that he seems pretty happy being a hunter. He seems pretty balanced and we really haven't met any hunters like that! I don't want to see him all the time, but I'd be happy for him to pop up in an episode here and there. I like other hunters working with the boys, I think sometimes it gives them perspective.

Definitely my favourite part of this episode was the conversations between the brothers about Bobby. I was happy that they were also checking on Cas. I wished we got a bit more of that conversation before the phone rang.

All in all I enjoyed this episode because I wasn't expecting too much and then I enjoyed it even more when it delivered the completely unexpected!
# Ginger 2012-04-02 08:27
No, not a fan of Garth, and not a fan of the Winchesters' relegated to support characters in an episode, which I felt they were in this episode. I much prefer 'quirky hunters' like Ed and Harry (Ghostfacters), where its clear that Sam and Dean are top-notch hunters and they not pushed in the background.

I liked the MotW. That part was okay. Though the family feud thing was handled somewhat clunky in the script: husband just standing still as wife was killed. Mr. Fizzles used as a joke with a little girl who just saw her mother killed, a day or two after her two brothers were killed. Last remaining sibling in an upscale bar the same day her mother and siblings were killed. The family feud results were really tragic (mother and 3 siblings), which was also pushed in the background in favor of Garth and a sock puppet. Definitely an Adam Glass script.

Talking about Cas: The mention was enough. I have concerns about how this Cas and Bobby thing is going to play out and with Dean working with Meg, but it's too early to tell yet. Dean HATES demons...the end. I'm reserving judgment on how this partnership is played. The show has 6.5 years of canon on ghosts, so I'm waiting to see if that canon is trashed or worked into the plot satisfactorily with GhostBobby. And, the show has a history of both Cas and Bobby being the ex deus machinas, which I am hoping WILL NOT be the case again, so my opinion is still out on Bobby and Cas's resurrections.

The opening campfire scene was okay; a typical horror movie opening that I'm okay with. My only objection was 7 minutes in before the Winchesters were on-screen.

Favorite scenes: Sam and Dean getting drunk in the brewery (Dean is a sweet drunk and Sam and his 'thingy' was too funny -- more drunk scenes would have been nice), the Japanese cook scenes with hung over brothers and Dean blessing the sword (that guy was adorable), the brothers' talking about Bobby (yeah, Dean, I miss those talks, too).

I particularly liked the Bobby talk between the brothers, because both brothers were absolutely in their character zones -- Dean so emotional, so caring, hoping against hope, and Sam pushing it down, logically trying to reason through it. That part was good. That's the part that kept the episode at okay, as opposed to God-awful.

Not an episode that I'll spend much time with, and not something I was thrilled to see this late in the season with so much still left on the table. There's five to go to wrap up Cas's arc, Bobby's arc, the Levi arc, Sam and Dean's emotional soapy arc, and bringing the Impala back.
# Bevie 2012-04-02 13:57
Thanks Robin! I love your reviews as they give me all the dialogue I miss, being a little deaf.

Are you a fan of Garth? If so, what is his appeal for you?

Dean is right. Garth grew on me and now I think he is adorable. I hope we see him a few more times and that he survives knowing the boys. He's like a friendly puppy. But then he is also pretty smart and says what he thinks. And he sure doesn't look like a hunter! And the look Mr. Fizzles gives Dean when he threatens to send him where the sun don't shine is hilarious! :D

What did you think of the family feud depicted here? Did you think siccing a creature like a Shojo on a family was going overboard?

Not overboard for this show! And it was a creepy creature.

Was there enough reference to Cas to satisfy you after last week's episode? Were you hoping for more?

No, I wasn't expecting more. At least it was referenced so not forgotten about. There'll be more later. And I am curious about Meg's real motives.

Did the first scene in the ep bring back memories for you? Campfire stories? Camping?

Never went camping like that. My folks had a cottage we lived in every summer though. No running water and no inside toilets. Was fun for a kid!

My favorite scenes were discussions about Bobby. Were you spoiled beforehand? If not, how surprised and excited were you to see Jim/Bobby in this ep, as I was?

I was completely shocked! I had no inkling whatsoever he would be there as I completely bought into the AbomSnowman movie he was making. (Bad bad Jim!)
Love them talking about Bobby. Garth was clever in figuring out it was Bobby's spirit.

What did you think of the Shojo as a MOTW? Did it remind you of any other monsters we've had on the show?

Reminded me a bit of Bloody Mary. Thought it was a great MOTW and loved Dean and the sword waving around trying to gank it.

What rating do you give this ep from 1-10?

I'd give it a 9 as I really enjoyed Garth in the episode, but with Bobby showing up it gets a 10 from me, and it is an episode I will enjoy reviewing many times. And Dean finally ganked the monster!! :P

I loved the brothers being brothers again. (about time) and I went to bed happy instead of depressed, as the episodes seem to end sadly most of the time lately. Ever since season 4, in fact.
Tim the Enchanter
# Tim the Enchanter 2012-04-05 16:58
Are you a fan of Garth? If so, what is his appeal for you?
Ah, not really. (And now I can't answer the second part of that question...)

What did you think of the family feud depicted here?
My first thought when realising that both brothers died was ‘Oh my God, their poor parents.’ Then the Dad was at work the next day and I’m thinking ‘What the hell?’ That bit was very unrealistic to me.
Did you think siccing a creature like a Shojo on a family was going overboard?
Depends. Obviously the 'proper' answer is yes, it is a tad over the top but to be honest, there are times I’d be tempted to set a Shojo on someone just for eating the last KitKat so I really can’t judge.

Was there enough reference to Cas to satisfy you after last week's episode? Were you hoping for more?
I was good with what we got. I didn’t think we’d even get that, to be honest. It kinda confirms that that storyline isn’t dead. I also liked that Sam’s ‘incident’ in the last episode was mentioned.

Did the first scene in the ep bring back memories for you? Campfire stories? Camping?
Oh God, yes. Well, without the alcohol. Crisps and Fanta Orange the whole way, baby! You wouldn’t even need a tent. There were times we’d go out with a sleeping bag and a big black refuse sack to sit under in case it rained. Man, they were great days. Jeez, if I thought my nieces or nephew were going camping these days I’d be sitting in the car (at a safe distance) the whole night keeping an eye on them.

My favorite scenes were discussions about Bobby. Were you spoiled beforehand? If not, how surprised and excited were you to see Jim/Bobby in this ep, as I was?
I accidentally spoilered myself that morning. Damnit. I’d say it would have come as a fair shock had I not been spoilered.

What did you think of the Shojo as a MOTW? Did it remind you of any other monsters we've had on the show?
A monster you can’t see unless you’re drunk? That puts teetotallers at a real disadvantage! What did it remind me of? Bloody Mary, I guess (though that was mainly because of the hair). The Rakshasa (spelling?) in Everybody Loves A Clown. He was invisible too, right?

What rating do you give this ep from 1-10?
Taking out the shocker at the ending, maybe a 6? It was grand but nothing really special.

Thanks Robin.