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Scenes From Season 1, Part 3 " by Elle2
It's the final third of the inaugural season of Supernatural.  We've learned how the Winchester's grew up, what drives them, Sam has revenge on the mind and anger issues with John, Dean is a good soldier yet hides his own inner fears, Mary is sorry " for what we've yet to learn, Sam has additional˜abilities' and is not alone, Dean has a special job that is not finished and demons are trying to trap John who has finally reunited with his sons only to leave again for safety's sake. The final part of the season starts off with some riotous humor before moving on to some further development of Sam and Dean and the final three episodes drive us hard and fast to the smashing [yeah, I know] finale.
Let's get started:
Hell House:
How to choose one scene from an episode filled with pranks and humor and some absolutely nutty characters whose arrival is quite polarizing; in much of the Supernatural fandom you either love them or hate them, there are very few in between. I for one love them and hope they make an appearance in Season 6.
In choosing this scene I went for the nuttiness of the soon-to-be Ghostfacers after their first encounter with a paranormal event and the sneakiness of the Winchesters to get them to help them stop the Tulpa. It is a scene indicative of their relationship going forward:
HARRY: No, no, no. No, forget it. Forget it, I'm not going back in there again.
ED: Harry, look at me. Right here, okay? You are a ghost hunter, okay?
HARRY: I know, but, Ed, I've never actually seen a real ghost before, like a real ghost, it's like an apparition!
ED: This stuff right here...this is our ticket to the big time. Fame, money, sex. With girls, okay? Be brave. Okay, WWBD. What would Buffy do? Huh?
HARRY: What would Buffy do? I don't know, but, Ed, she's stronger than me.
ED: It's okay. (There is a loud knocking on the door of the trailer.)
HARRY: Who is it?
DEAN: (OS) Come on out here, guys, we hear you in there.
ED: It's them. (They open the door and see SAM and DEAN.)
DEAN: Oh, look at that. Action figures in their original packaging. What a shocker.
SAM: Guys, we need to talk.
ED: Yeah, um, sorry, guys. We're, uh...we're a little bit busy right now.
DEAN: Okay, well, we'll make it quick. We need you to shut down your website
ED: (to HARRY) Man, you know, these guys get us busted last night, we spend the night in a holding cell.
HARRY: I had to pee in that cell urinal in front of people. And I get stage fright.
ED: Why should we trust you guys?
SAM: Look, guys, we all know what we saw last night, what's in the house. But now, thanks to your website, there are thousands of people hearin' about Mordechai.
DEAN: That's right, which means people are gonna keep showin' up at the Hell House, runnin' into him in person...somebody could get hurt.
ED: Yeah.
HARRY: Ed, maybe he's got a point.
ED: No, no.
HARRY: Nope.
ED: Okay, we have an obligation to our fans, to the truth.
DEAN: Well, I have an obligation to kick both your little asses right now...
SAM: Dean, Dean, hey, hey. Forget it, all right? These guys...I could probably bitch-slap them both. I could probably even tell "em that thing about Mordechai " (ED and HARRY suddenly look very interested.) " but they're still not gonna help us. So, let's just go.
DEAN: Yeah, you're right. (They walk away. ED and HARRY start following them.)
ED: Whoa, whoa, whoa. What did you say about...? Hold on a second here.
HARRY: Wait, wait. Yeah, what thing about Mordechai, you guys?
DEAN: Don't tell "em, Sam.
SAM: But if they agree to shut their website down, Dean...
DEAN: They're not gonna do it. You said so yourself.
ED: No, wait, wait. Don't listen to him, okay? We'll do it
We'll do it.
DEAN: It's a secret, Sam.
SAM: Look, it is a pretty big deal, all right? And it wasn't easy to dig up. So, only if we have your word that you'll shut everything down.
ED: Totally.
SAM: All right. (DEAN takes a piece of paper out of his pocket and hands it to them.) It's a death certificate from the thirties. We got it at the library. Now, according to the coroner, the actual cause of death was a self-inflicted gunshot wound.
DEAN: That's right, he didn't hang or cut himself.
HARRY: He shot himself?
SAM: Yup. With a .45 pistol. To this day, they say he's terrified of "em.
DEAN: Yeah, as a matter of fact, they say if you shoot him with a .45, loaded with these special wrought-iron rounds, you could kill the son of a bitch. (ED and HARRY smile. HARRY runs back to the trailer while ED walks behind him.)

Something Wicked:
I remember back in middle school or perhaps high school watching a film called Something Wicked This Way Comes…don't remember much about it other than I was enjoying it (don't think I ever got to see the end of it either) so I like the title of this episode purely from that childhood/teenage memory. This is a monster of the week type episode and it does quite well what the writers have said they try to do, figure out what their monster is and how it affects the boys, then write the story. This is the one that got away, a fact that amazes Sam because apparently John never let anything get away, but for Dean it's a lot more than that and for once Dean opens up and shares a bit of his inner pain with Sam. 
The scene I've chosen is Dean telling Sam that after the shtriga almost killed Sam dad looked at him [Dean] different. What I like most about this scene is that when it starts, Sam is across the room from Dean as Dean flashes back to seventeen years prior but that when we come back to the present Sam is sitting on the bed right next to Dean as if his presence can provide much needed comfort. It's these little directorial and blocking moments that add so much:
DEAN: Dad did not send me here to walk away.
SAM: Send you here? He didn't send you here, he sent us here.
DEAN: This isn't about you, Sam! (He turns away.) All right, I'm the one that screwed up. It's my fault. There's no tellin' how many kids have gotten hurt because of me.
SAM: What are you saying, Dean? How is it your fault? (DEAN is silent. SAM sighs.) Dean, you've been hiding something from the get-go. Since when does Dad bail on a hunt? Since when does he let something get away? (DEAN sits down.) Now, talk to me, man. Tell me what's goin' on. (DEAN does not speak for a moment.)
DEAN: Fort Douglas, Wisconsin.
(CUT TO: Flashback. Motel Room. YOUNG DEAN is watching TV.)
DEAN: (VO) It was the third night in this crap room, and I was climbin' the walls, man. I needed to get some air. (YOUNG DEAN shuts off the television and heads for the door. He takes one last glance at YOUNG SAM, who is asleep in the bedroom. DEAN leaves the room and heads across the street.)
(CUT TO: Arcade. YOUNG DEAN is playing a game when the shopkeeper enters.)
SHOPKEEPER: Kid. (DEAN turns to look at him.) We're closin' up. (He leaves.)
(CUT TO: Street. YOUNG DEAN is walking back to the motel.)
(CUT TO: INT. " Motel Room. YOUNG DEAN enters and turns around. He freezes when he sees a white light coming from the bedroom. He cautiously enters the room. The shtriga is hovering over SAM, sucking out his life force. DEAN quietly grabs the rifle by the doorway and aims it at the shtriga. He cocks the gun, and the shtriga turns to him. A second later, JOHN enters the motel room.)
JOHN: Get out of the way! (He shoots at the shtriga with his own gun, but the shtriga gets away and escapes out the bedroom window. JOHN rushes over to SAM, who wakes up.) Sammy. Sammy. Sammy! Are you okay?
YOUNG SAM: Dad, what's goin' on?
JOHN: You all right? (He hugs SAM tightly. DEAN enters the room.) What happened?
YOUNG DEAN: I-I just went out. (JOHN looks horrified.)
JOHN: What?
YOUNG DEAN: J-just for a second. I'm sorry.
JOHN: I told you not to leave this room. I told you not to let him out of your sight! (He holds SAM close, tearfully, as DEAN watches sadly.)
(FADE TO: Present. Motel Room. DEAN reminisces, with tears in his eyes. SAM is now sitting next to him.)
DEAN: Dad just grabbed us and booked...dropped us off at Pastor Jim's about three hours away. By the time we got back to Fort Douglas, the shtriga disappeared. It was just gone. It never resurfaced until now. Dad never spoke about it again. I didn't ask. But he, uh...he looked at me different, you know...which was worse. Not that I blame him. He gave me an order, and I didn't listen. I almost got you killed.
SAM: You were just a kid.
DEAN: Don't...don't. Dad knew this was unfinished business for me. And he sent me here to finish it. (They are silent for a few seconds.)

Another monster of the week episode but this time the focus is on Sam and his lingering grief and guilt over Jessica's death. There is a lot of fun things in this episode, the awesome motel room [one of my all-time favorites], Dean teasing Sam about Sarah, Sam on a date pretending to read the wine menu and Sarah is an awesome woman [akin to Jamie in Monster Movie] as she shows Sam that it is possible to mix hunting with real life and that sometimes people will understand and won't run screaming for the hills.
SARAH: So, what exactly is your brother doing in there?
SAM: Searching county death certificates, trying to find out what happened to Isaiah's body.
SARAH: How'd he even get in the door?
SAM: Lying and subterfuge, mostly. (They laugh.) You have a, have an eyelash on your...(She touches her eye.) No, uh, no. (They laugh again.) Do you mind if I...?
SAM: Okay. (He removes the eyelash from her eye and holds it out on his finger.) Make a wish. (She smiles and blows the eyelash off his finger.)
SARAH: Sam, can I ask you something?
SAM: Yeah, sure.
SARAH: I don't mean to be forward, but a girl can wait here forever. (They laugh.) Is there something here, between us, or am I delusional?
SAM: You're not delusional.
SARAH: But, there's a "but" coming.
SAM: But….I don't think this would be a good idea.
SARAH: Can I ask why?
SAM: "Cause I like you. (She shakes her head.)
SARAH: Wait….you lost me. (She laughs.)
SAM: Look it's hard to's just that when people are around me...I don't know, they get hurt.
SARAH: What do you mean?
SAM: I mean, like, physically hurt. With what my brother and I do, it's...(He stops, seeming to have trouble with the words.)...Sarah….I had a girlfriend. (She nods.) And she died. And my mom died, too. I don't know, it's like….it's like I'm cursed or death just follows me around. Look, I'm not scared of much, but if I let myself have feelings for anybody...
SARAH: You're scared they'd get hurt, too. (SAM nods.) That's very sweet. And very archaic.
SAM: Sorry?
SARAH: Look, I'm a big girl, Sam. It's not your job to make decisions for me. There's always a chance of getting hurt.
SAM: I'm not talkin' about a broken heart and a tub of Haagen-Dazs. I'm talkin' about life and death.
SARAH: And tomorrow, I could get hit by a bus. That's what life is. Look, I know losing somebody you's terrible. You shut yourself off, believe me, I know. But when you shut out pain, you shut out everything else, too.
SAM: Look, Sarah, you don't understand. The pain that I went through...I can't go through it again. I can't. (They share a long look, soon interrupted by DEAN.)
DEAN: Am I interrupting something?
SAM: No.
SARAH: Not at all.
DEAN: Apparently. 


# Karen 2010-07-05 08:43
Hi Elle2
Looks like we matched up for Dead Mans Blood and Devils Trap.
As for Hell House it was the pranks with the spoon and the crazy gluing of the beer bottle. And I love the comment about the Nair in the shampoo.
Something wicked – Dean’s flashback of fixing dinner for Sam from watching Michael doing the same for his little brother.
Provenance – Sam and Dean scaling the Museums fence. Purely a shameful fangirl moment for me.
Salvation – The end scene when Sam is angry and upset that Dean didn’t let him go back into the house to kill the demon. With Deans plea ’It’s just the three of us, its all we have, its all I have.’
Thanks Elle2 this was fun.
# Elle2 2010-07-05 10:00

You picked some goodies to be sure. So much in Hell House was fun to watch and think about.

Something Wicked was so mournful in so many ways but I love the touches of Dean taking care of Sam and giving in to Sam's wish for Lucky Charms but Sam then offering the toy to Dean...sniff (big time)

I laughed at your Provenance moment!!!! (I think it's on the blooper reel too, or that's Asylum) often in fanfic I read that Dean doesn't open up but he often did in Season 1 with his apology to Sam in Scarecrow and his relative ease of letting Sam draw his relationship with Cassie out of him to Shadow where he admits he wants them to be a family together to Home where he says he never wanted to go back to Salvation as you say where Dean confesses "It's all I have." Plus then in Devil's Trap he tells Sam what's bothering him is how far he'll go to save Dad or Sam...I need to rewatch all of Season 1 again!
# Jasminka 2010-07-05 15:10
Elle2, you have been busy, girl!!! I loved all your parts, just commenting on this one for economical reasons :shock:
Lovely picks and heartbreaking ones, funny ones, just the usual good stuff!!!
Thanks a lot, cheers, Jas
# elle2 2010-07-05 16:34
Hi, Jas,

I knew you were away so I had to keep things busy!!! Nah, not really. this idea struck me and Alice and Jenna were game to do all the hard work behind the scenes so I sent it to them and they got right on it! Hope they don't get tired 'cause now I'm pretty stoked to do the next season.

# Elissa 2010-07-06 05:05
I have also always loved the title of the episode "Something Wicked." I thought it was awesome that the title of a Supernatural episode was taken from Macbeth -- "By the pricking of my thumbs, something wicked this way comes." At least I assume that line from Macbeth is what inspired the title. However, I’ve also always thought about the movie "Something Wicked This Way Comes" every time I watch this episode. I’ve always wondered if the writer of this episode, or maybe Kripke, or maybe both, were fans of that 1983 movie, which was based on the Ray Bradbury book with the same title. The book/movie is about two young boys from a small Midwestern town who are as close as brothers. When a carnival comes to town, the boys encounter supernatural forces, to include being hunted by the demonic proprietor of the carnival. Also, both boys have major father issues. I still enjoy the movie immensely every time I watch it, and I’ve probably seen it at least a dozen times.
# Elle2 2010-07-06 10:14

Thank you so much for filling in the blanks on that movie! I'd forgotten so much about it but your summary makes it very realistic that between this and Macbeth that both were likely inspirations for the title.

It's nice to know that others think of that movie when they watch that eppie...perhaps this did inspire Mr. Kripke as he would very likely have seen it as well in his younger years.

Thanks for writing, Elissa
# Bevie 2010-07-06 12:34
Elle2, it's amazing how much I agree with you and your fave scenes.

Hell House - I do love everything about this one. Ed and Harry and the pranks. I liked the scene where Dean and Sam are having lunch or dinner and Dean keeps pulling the string to make the fisherman on the wall keep laughing. Sam says do it again and I'll kill you and of course Dean pulls it again. Then the beer bottle stuck to his hand.

Something Wicked - Poor little Dean, for once doing something he wanted to do, and feeling dad's disapproval
and never being able to forget it. I felt so hurt for the little guy. And no wonder after that he took such great care of Sammy while neglecting his own wants. The boy who played Michael was so very good. Where do they get such good kid actors anyway? Are they all up here in Canada? ;-)

Provenance - I absolutely adored Sarah. What an admirable and plucky lady. And gorgeous also! Sam would have a hard time finding anyone better. And she is still alive and I hope stays that way. One part I enjoy particularly is Dean in the gallery scoffing down food and completely pissing off Sarah's dad. By the look on his face he knew just what kind of impression he was making and didn't give a damn. :D

Dead Man's Blood - I liked the way Dean got in the middle of Sam and dad's big fight, trying to make peace between them. Then his dad berates him for not taking care of the car and letting it get rusty.

Salvation - right on with this scene. Good to see Dean stand up to his dad and let him know how hurt he was when dad never returned his desperate call about going home, or when he was dying and dad never acknowledged Sam's call. And even though his dad said he deserved it, he still didn't care for Dean's new tone!! I could have kicked his butt right there! :o

Devil's Trap - Right there it was so sad that the way Dean knew it was not his dad was because he was getting praised instead of berated. And then I loved it when Sam quickly stood with Dean against his dad, and also when Dean and dad were both down on the floor and bleeding Sam practically stepped over dad to get to Dean first.

I loved the relationship of the brothers during the first season and I do wish that they could get some of that back eventually for the sixth. I do believe that season one is my personal favourite season for that reason.

You're going to do all 5 seasons Elle2? What an undertaking! Thanks a lot, I'll be here enjoying all of them.
# Elle2 2010-07-06 18:12
Hi, Bevie,

Love the scenes you added here. Doing these make me take out my DVDs and cue up some vids, one here, one there and just melt into the sheet enjoyment. I've enjoyed Roadkill, Heart and Nightshifter in the last three nights and plan on Houses of the Holy and Playthings tonight. I know, perhaps an odd pairing but they're eps I haven't watched in a while.

As for the undertaking of doing all five seasons, I credit much of the 'grunt' work to Alice and Jenna for they pore through their DVDs and add the screen caps. I got the go ahead to keep going, they don't mind the effort so I'm a third of the way through Season 2.

Got my Season 5 wrap up all done which will likely come out next, needs no additions.

We're eleven and a half weeks away and despite what appears to be a looong wait ahead of us (and a scorcher of a heat wave right now where I live in the Northeast) September 24th will be here before we know it.

Take heart, Season 2 premiered this late in September so it's not a first.

Thanks for getting into the fun and lending your moments