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Okay, I'm giving this episode benefit of the doubt.  First, it's written by Sera Gamble, who never disappoints. 

Second, Chad Everett!!!  Freaking Chad Everett!  Anyone who watched TV in the 1970's knows who he is.  Dr. Joe Gannon from Medical Center!  He was on all those iconic old TV shows like Route 66 (which in part was inspiration for Supernatural), Maverick, 77 Sunset Strip, The Man From U.N.C.L.E, Ironside, and the one show all 70's TV stars did at one time or another, The Love Boat.  He is the ultimate journeyman of television, but given his later credits in Murder She Wrote, Diagnosis Murder, Touched By An Angel, and The Love Boat The Next Wave, youth oriented Sci-Fi is definitely something new to him.  It's quite an interesting acting credit for his filmography.  I think it's awesome.  Judging by the previews for him as Older Dean, it looks promising.   

Anyway, what did you think?  I trust everyone to be on your best behavior.  I really do.  Happy episode everyone!


# elenaM 2009-10-29 22:22
Loved it! Really cool ep, amazing performances--w hich means I'm back to sniffling through Supernatural with a tissue box. I was so hoping that Sam would score a few years for Bobby, too, but that would've been going too easy on us, right?

I did snigger a little at the Weekly World News headline--the Apocalypse is here! (*looking around*) Really? Where? (Along those lines, found a cartoon posted on Sera Gamble's blog, Very Hot Jews, that's giving me no end of giggles...) And the preview for next week looks wicked awesome--can't wait!!!
# MyMADWorld 2009-10-29 22:31
Wow Alice - we're aging ourselves - I remember Chad Everett from all of those TV shows! He was an awesome old Dean!!
Not a bad ep - little predictable - of course Sam was going to win and we all know how well Sam can 'fake it'. Loved the Ironside nickname! They definitely should hunt that hewitch down & kill him though - why let him go but try to kill the trickster or those lady witches? I guess they were just glad to get out alive (& young). Sam & the clap - lol!
Dean's happy dance!! Dean playing the bigger man in the Bobby/Dean conflict! What a guy!
# Alice 2009-10-29 22:45
Wow, that was nice and unique. In a good way! That's unlike any other episode I've seen on this show. I kind of liked the fact that Sam won the game fair and square and the tricks by the "grumpy old men" didn't work. The ending though, man did that get me. Jim and Jensen always have great scenes together, but that was easily one of their best.

Ironside. Hee! That's one of Chad Everett's acting credits. He was indeed an awesome Old Dean, and he and Jim were fantastic together!

Need to rewatch. I'm sure there's a few details I missed. There already are.
# Alice 2009-10-29 22:47
Oh yes, the weekly world news headline was great! It's too bad that paper doesn't exist anymore. I knew from the second the jokes started going this was a Sera Gamble episode. Sam making a "gooey" joke instead of Dean? The clap? Dean coming across as a dirty old man? So Sera.
# elle 2009-10-29 22:53
I really, really liked this episode. It had laughs along with some warm and fuzzies at the end.
And, was I the only one panting at the lovely Irish "he-witch"? Accents just make me melt - especially with those cheek bones! I had to look up where I'd seen him before - he was in the later years of Dawson's Creek as a film director, Todd. I thought I'd share that since it drives me nuts when I can't place an actor, and I think I've heard mention of other DC views floating around here before.
# Andrea 2009-10-29 22:58
You can always trust Sera Gamble to treat Sam like an important character. I loved Sammy here. Thank her for that. :-)
Much as I love Bobby and his interaction with the boys, I was expecting more brother moments though. But I guess things are getting better between them.
# Ellen 2009-10-29 22:58
Chad Everett was great...he had the moves down, the smirks, he even crammed food into his mouth like Jensen! It was a riot!

Best parts? Tie between Dean getting tough with Bobby (Dean is totally into these "chick flick" moments lately! HA!) and Sam bluffing! I knew Sammy could do it!!
# Sablegreen 2009-10-29 23:24
Good episode. Ironsides...lov e it! Dean and his labels. That one is VERY appropriate though. Didn’t get the he-witch label however. Aren’t male witches called warlocks?

I always loved Chad Everett. He was always a favorite of mine. I did have a hard time accepting him as old Dean though. Maybe it's just because I can't stop seeing him as Joe Gannon!

Sam beating the he-witch at his own game. Neat! Given how much he wanted to help Dean though..…was it JUST luck? I keep feeling maybe something else was at work. Sure want those powers to appear soon. No question though, Sam had his number. Some GREAT Sam faces in there. Hope we see them in Alice’s recap

Glad we got to see Bobby and how he is doing. I just thought the boys had helped Bobby through more of the psychological issues before now. After all, they are the only family he has too. Bobby needed to hear how needed he is! I don't think Dean should have done it alone though. Sam should have been there too. Course we all KNOW Sam feels the same, but the boys should do these kinds of things together. On a different note: Some great WToD profiles there.

Glad Dean gave up the burgers! Just can't get my head wraped around him eating salads! Sam is going to FREAK!

Did catch the awkward moment when Sam said he'd see them later, and when asked where he was going, he said “no where”. Shades of Ruby! Any way, glad Sam answered.

Side note: didn’t understand Bobby’s reasoning for playing the he-witch. He thought he could walk again if he was younger? But being younger would only resolve old age problems. Bobby’s injury was from trauma not old age. I would have thought that he would still have been paralyzed, just now younger…and paralyzed. Maybe I missed something and I get it the second time through.
# elle 2009-10-29 23:36
Regarding the term "he-witch" versuse "warlock" - it depends which mythology you're going with. In some cases, an evil witch, regardless of their gender is refered to as a warlock where as a good witch is called a witch. In other cases, a warlock is a completely other creature, different from a witch; or a sorcerer, which is something different all together. I suspect that he-witch may have just been the "layman" term that the boys were using to refer to the dude.
# Tigershire 2009-10-30 01:14
Sablegreen - I think what happens is the clock is wound back - 25 years ago Bobby could walk, so if he won....

So, yea, Jensen finally got is episode "off" as it were. After doing two mostly without Jared, it was his turn for a break - LAUGH.

As for the whole witch, warlock thing. A friend of mine has done quite a bit of research in this area and warlock is many times used for something evil or bad as opposed to being a male witch. Wizard is actually a closer choice but really, witch, wizard, warlock and sorcerer are all different and I believe you can have males and females of each.

However, as Elle says, it depends on the mythology - what I have stated is a generalization and I'm sure there are examples out there to prove me wrong. GRIN

Dean giving up cheeseburgers - not sure I believe it. They are his comfort food.

Sam really had me going, I was panicking along with him - even tho his was an act.

Bobby - not only is he family to Sam and Dean, he's also an amazing resource even if he can't walk. He's got to know that means he's important and buckets more than just useful. I don't doubt he's frustrated at his current state but, Bobby, please don't give in to the depression.

And, I noticed we got a beautiful Profile of Depression from Mr. Singer as well. Hee hee

I am looking forward to watching this one again.
# Karen 2009-10-30 01:49
I thoroughly enjoyed this episode.
I thought Chad Everett’s portrayal of an older Dean was dead on.
Jim and Chad were great together. I loved watching their ‘Grumpy Old Men’ routine.
Dean’s happy dance had me laughing, I love his little boy moments.
I'm glad Dean put Bobby straight, that he is family and that he is needed and loved.
I was so happy that Sam was able to win on his own, without tricks or spells.
And Sam’s puppy expressions, just melts me every time.
It was also nice to see him enjoying the banter between Dean and Bobby. I love his smile.
And lastly Elle, I wouldn’t say I was panting over our Irish ‘he-witch’. But I definitely had to rewind a couple of his scenes a few times(5-6), just to hear him speak.
# Randal 2009-10-30 08:16
Everett was spot on, the end of the clap-on/clap-of f when Sam starts squirming and Old Dean flashes that jackass smirk.

Bucket list, dirty old man, loads of funny stuff. I was glad to see Sam (presumably) win fair and square. Sure, Patrick had a hundreds-year-o ld head start on playing the game, but Sam did learn from two pretty good players, and, being a skilled reader of others, used that to his advantage. Playing ten times, maybe this is the only win, but it happens.

Loved the Ironsides line, but every time Dean throws out some old-school pop culture thing, it always makes me cringe about one writerly flub that has bugged me forever, Dean (in the Xmas ep) not knowing who the hell Dick Van Dyke was. Of course he would. When you're on the road in funky hotels, you're watching tons of TV Land, right?

@Tigershire, I'm sure Dean will be eating a bacon cheeseburger soon enough once he remembers there's an apocalypse.
vana naine
# vana naine 2009-10-30 09:01
Oh, it was awesome!
Loved it.

I had same kind of feelings after last year's douchebag-episo de - joy, relief, some sadness and overall: lots and lots of understanding that goes to every possible direction. Dean, Sam, old guys, unnaturally young guys, this time also Bobby and the unnaturally young woman and elder woman, who pretty much lost her husband to the youth... I understand them all and feel for them all.

And Elle - no, you were not the only one. He's accent made me melt and oh, he was pretty! His loved one leaving him, because living over her time is unnatural and emotionally painful... was sad and just in the same time.
Men are often slower to let go. I wonder, when will this guy be able to let go his life and good looks?
I'm glad he was able to let go his woman at least. You know, I think he IS a nice guy, in his wicked way. Well, I think the Trickster is nice guy too =)

btw, there are lots of other food in the world than cheeseburgers and salad :D
# Evelyn 2009-10-30 11:51
I enjoyed this episode and I thought Chad Everett's interpretation of Dean was pretty good. Especially the little things, him hanging his head when Sam looks at him about why he played the poker game or his smile when he told Sam the he-witch gave him the clap. Those little nuances that Jensen interjects all the time - Chad was spot on with. I was glad that Sam won the poker game on his own; however I was hoping that Dean would still take the wine glass (the he-witches DNA) and still finish their spell on the witch, thus ending his run of aging people.

I, too am one of those people that remember Chad Everett from Medical Center (sadly). I LOVED that show and thought he was sexy as all get up.
# Kelly 2009-10-30 13:00
I'm glad I'm not the only one old enough to remember Chad Everett from the 70s. I had to explain who he was to my daughter. It was a nice performance. And it was nice to see Sam in a more positive tricks or special powers. Jim Beaver gave a great performance of a man near to breaking. Those last scenes with Dean were very touching.
# Amelia 2009-10-30 13:26
I thought Chad Everett did a great job! He really studied Jensen to get the mannerisms down, and I could sink into his performance more easily than some of the previous Deans.

I did love the Dean-Bobby bickering, and I think Bobby did, too. The boys treat him with such unfailing respect and care that they sometimes forget that he likes to fight, and he just ends up crabbing at people who aren't willing to talk back to him. With Dean being about his age, he finally got some of the bickering he enjoys. The graveyard scene was awesome.

Did anyone else think Sam was using the Lucifer voice toward the end of the game with the witch? It makes me wonder about what exactly he did while Dean was away in The End. And the clap bit was hilarious!

I was really impressed with the final Dean-Bobby scene. Dean's really good at that sort of thing, isn't he? He apologized for snapping at Bobby, he expressed respect for Bobby's situation, he told him how much he was valued, and he gave him encouragement. He hit upon every key point that someone in Bobby's situation needs to hear, and he did in a way that was respectful, loving, and yet still very firm. He's really becoming an excellent leader.

I thought the plot of the episode was shallow, but the pieces of the story that were meant to resonate (ie, Bobby's difficulties and the boys' attempts to help him) were very good. So, an uneven episode, and I'm excited to get back to the mytharc, but I did like it fairly well.
# Bevie 2009-10-30 13:32
I just adored old Dean! I didn't even realize that it was Chad Everett until today. Yes, unfortunately I too remember him from Medican Center.

Old Dean was completely Dean with all of his quirks and habits and was just delightful complaining of his aches and pains and acid-reflux! LOL!

I hope though he doesn't give up his beloved cheeseburgers as he has little enough right now that makes him happy.

Sam did a great job winning that game and I hope he didn't need his special powers. I wonder if they will show up in the future when he is really in need.

Bobby makes me want to cry as I love him so and hate to see him in his present state of mind. Love Dean for showing him how important he is to them and that he is family.

Sam with the clap was hilarious, as was Dean puffing his way up those stairs. I can relate!
# AreaMan 2009-10-30 14:24
Chad Everett, kicked ass.

I watch the series and usually enjoy it.
Technically the show is nearly flawless. Everything from the noir lighting and mood to the writing and acting are spot on and VERY effective.

Although the theology of the entire series is completely screwy, i.e. doesn't even bother to square up to historic/orthod ox Christianity at all, the writing and acting are fantastic.

The only disappointment from the "Curious Case" show was how helpless the Winchesters and Bobby seemed against the he-witch and his getting away at the end.
# joelsteinlover 2009-10-30 15:42
Dean's leprechaun leap and Bobby's exasperated face just about made my life.

But what broke my heart this episode wasn't either of the brothers, it was poor Patrick and his girlfriend. I was definitely tearing up for that. WHERE do they find such good guest actors?
# Petranda 2009-10-30 16:38
There was a lot to love about this episode once I got a handle on my Dean withdrawel symptoms.

The He-Witch was so gorgeous. Everytime he opened his mouth I swooned.

Chad really did his homework and did a loveable Jensen impression.

Sam was "old Sam" during the poker game, falling apart at the threat of Dean dying (sigh) I loved Sam so much during the poker game. He was at times sweet innocent, heartbeaking, sexy, smart.. aaah just Sam at his best.

About the Bacon Cheeseburger? I think he put it aside cause it was hours old and yucky. The apocalypse is no time for healty eating!
# Dany 2009-10-30 20:16
Chad Everett playing old Dean rocks! He really made his homework, better only if the makeup/special effects worked on Jensen to get him look older.

Loved old Dean and Bobby bickering, loved Sam smile while ear/see them bickering, loved the acid reflux, loved the waitress saying old Dean was just like her grandfather and that he was adorable the look on old Dean face was priceless :D , loved to see Sam wining that poker game and loved Dean happy dance and Bobby calling him idjit!

Patrick (oh yes Elle I'm with you! gorgeous and that accent...) accepting the game with his girlfriend and letting her go was so moving.

Dean talk with Bobby got me to tears (it wouldn't be a Sera Gamble ep if I didn't cry, would it?), and I've got to say that for someone that's always complaining about chick flick moments, Dean is getting pretty good at it! And I'm so not complaining about it, I love when Dean do chick flick moments :-)
I'm just not very convinced that he's actually given up the cheeseburgers.
# Faellie 2009-10-30 21:45
I nearly had a heart attack when Dean lost all those years. But apart from that, loved it all, for all the reasons given above.

And after working double time lately, Jensen got a light workload. When did that last happen?
# staceycp 2009-10-31 00:05
lol it took me awhile to watch this episode (me being a new zealander had to find other means to watch it) so finally i can post my thoughts on it. wow! this was a great episode! chad everet was incredible as old dean. and I really liked the villain of the episode-he was verry original and likeable. he kinda reminded me of the trickster-like a anti-trickster so to speak.

I felt everything about this episode worked. it had a great flow to it naratively. all the dialoge was slick and hillarious and better yet sera gambles script caused jim beaver to go real deep and go all out and show the depths of bobbys pain.

the scenes when bobby gets upset and the one at the end between jim beaver and jensen ackles was a real powerhouse performance between both actors. and the last scene reminded me alot of the final scene in 'heaven and hell' when dean tells sam about his experiences in hell. cause i havent seen dean get this emotional since that scene.

lol and the scenes between old dean and bobby- so many good quotes! 'I see you have met john mcaine here' for a standalone episode I give it 9 out of 10. for the character growth as usual 10 out of 10
# amazed 2009-10-31 04:15
I watched this episode after reading 8 pages of predominantly negative comments on another board episode thread. You might ask, why bother, why put myself through such negative energy week after week? Simple answer, purely to amuse myself! When I first discovered Supernatural sites I was initially horrified at some of the content of the discussions and I sometimes thought people must have been watching a different episode to the one I had seen, then I thought maybe it's a different show and finally I realised something, it actually makes some people happy to be unhappy about everything, be it the lighting, the direction, the acting, the script, the standalones, the mytharc, or whatever they have chosen to take offence to on any particular episode. I even went through a period of feeling terribly sorry for those particular people, not because I wanted them to see the show from my point of view, but because they were unable to ENJOY the show like I did.

It also made me realise why I normally only read forum boards and not actively participate because I find it incredibly difficult to not enjoy my favourite show. I choose to always look for the good in life and even in episodes others deem to be weak or subpar I have found many hours of enjoyment and always manage to pick up things I missed on the first viewing. Just as well I have no desire to be a TV critic!

This latest episode "The Curious Case of Dean Winchester", was deeply moving for me and yes I did have tears in my eyes during those final scenes, broken of course by laughter with Sam uncomfortably confessing where he was going. I loved seeing some insights into how Bobby is coping with his loss and find it an incredibly realistic portrayal.

When I watch an episode I look forward to whatever is going to be presented for my enjoyment. I have no preconceived idea of what I want to happen, because I'm a passenger on this trip, I chose to be a passenger and I have no desire to be the driver. If at any time I no longer wish to be a passenger, I can simply get off the bus. Funny thing is, I can't imagine getting off anytime soon. :P

Alice, thank you for your great site which has been bookmarked by me for quite some time, and, as to that other matter from last week, it probably goes a long way to explaining why I prefer to call myself a devoted viewer instead of a fan.
# Supernarttu 2009-10-31 11:14
Oh, this was great, I loved this.

Old Dean was great, Chad E. had quite a bit of Jensens Deans behaviour and little quirks down.
The only thing that bugged me was the whole age thing... He was supposed to be 80??! I think 70 would've been more real, the guy didn't look 80 to me...Or then I've seen a bunch of 80 year-olds who just look a lot older... :-)

And YAY for Sammy for winning. I was kinda worried there for a while but I gotta say that Sammy knows hit methods, we all know that. He looked so...certain (for the lack of a better word) and graceful. I've missed this Sam.
Deans little happy dance was *love*, I gotta find me a clip just for that. Btw, am I wrong but did he die??? Again??? My god, their dying is REALLY a running joke :-) I can't take their dying seriosly anymore... *watches AHBL and NRFTW* --> *sniff* I was wrong.

And Patrick.
O.My.God. He was so hot!! :-) And the actor was SO good, so sad and lonely. And the accent, holy moly Batman... Is it hot in here? lol My fave guest in a long time. Glad they didn't kill him, hope and pray and pray and pray some more that we might see him again some day.

Next, the Trickster ep. YAY!!!! Can't wait. Esp. since I read Alices great sneakys sneak that got me all tingly :-)
Glad to se you back and at it again Alice, waiting for the reviews. But what a great ep.
# Jasminka 2009-10-31 11:42
Need to wail and lament a little bit, folks... this is the place to do it (hardly anyone who doesn't like the show will understand) - couldn't watch the episode,yet, due to server problems... :cry::

Perhaps I'm lucky tonight... Can't wait to see the next episode (without even having watched this one)... Trickster-Heave n... oh boy, oh boy, oh boy....
Best wishes to you all, Jas
# Faellie 2009-10-31 13:49
Jasminka, like you I'm in a country where Season 5 isn't being shown, and I'm dependent on downloads. At the best of times I get a Friday viewing, but I've had a couple of weeks recently when work has taken me away from the technology and I've had an involuntary hiatus of my own. I feel your pain.

Supernatural on a Thursday is not quite worth moving to the USA for, but even considering the issue shows the seriousness of the problem!
Amanda P.
# Amanda P. 2009-10-31 14:39
I loved the episode, while I didn't know of Chad Everett prior to his appearance in last Thursday's episode I felt that he played Dean wonderfully. Truly convincing, and he even did well with Jim. It was also great to see witches again, they brought it back to basics, no angels, no demons with some grand scheme of trying to end the world, just a witch who was stealing (and even giving) some years through a poker game. Loved it!
# PetraO 2009-11-01 13:34
I really enoyed the episode. Old Dean was very funny, especially with Bobby. It really was like grumpy old men!
Also, Sam is truly showing his brother that he has grown a lot. The way he bluffed his way through the poker game was really impressive.

Patrick the witch was awesome. Great acting all around! Love a guy with a sexy accent.

I can't wait for next week! Like Faellie and Jasminka I have to wait untill friday to see it. Here in Holland they just started broadcasting season two for the second time for reasons nobody understands. On sunday night, just before midnight. It's really not that strange that nobody watches it around here.
# Suze 2009-11-02 08:02
Hurrah! I've finally caught up!

Fabulous episode. I'm a total sucker for Poker Drama as I'm probably the worst card player in this or any other universe and I really liked all the crotchety old fart moments and Sam saving the day ... Dean giving Bobby a tearfull earfull was well overdue. He's been getting some serious touchy-feely emo stuff of late which is great, but I bet what you like that the cheeseburger spurning won't last long ...
# Chris 2009-11-02 11:08
Overall, I was rather disappointed by this episode. I am a big fan of Sera Gamble, but this episode fell flat for me. It felt as though they filmed a rough draft of the script or something. I did enjoy seeing Chad Everett again and I felt he did a good job as older Dean especially in his scenes with Jim Beaver. I also enjoyed Hal Ozsan as Patrick, but I would have liked his character to be fleshed out a little more. I think that would have helped to reach the emotional depth they were going for with his relationship with Lia, and it would have made her death that much more significant.

@ Amelia: “Did anyone else think Sam was using the Lucifer voice toward the end of the game with the witch? It makes me wonder about what exactly he did while Dean was away in The End.”

Yes, I noticed that as well, Amelia. And I would imagine that this was intentional? I have to say that the poker scenes between Patrick and Sam did not work for me in general. The pacing was odd, especially as Patrick tells Sam that Dean only has a few minutes left to live, and yet Sam draws his reveal out with his Lucifer-like conversation with Patrick and Lia. Sam knew he’d won the hand as soon as Patrick turned his cards. Why wouldn’t Sam turn his cards as soon as he knew this? But instead he continues the bluff, which serves absolutely no purpose at that point, except to drag out Dean’s death.

@ Amelia: “I was really impressed with the final Dean-Bobby scene. Dean's really good at that sort of thing, isn't he? He apologized for snapping at Bobby, he expressed respect for Bobby's situation, he told him how much he was valued, and he gave him encouragement. He hit upon every key point that someone in Bobby's situation needs to hear, and he did in a way that was respectful, loving, and yet still very firm. He's really becoming an excellent leader. “

Another excellent point, Amelia. And yes, I agree, Dean is really very good at his apologies and in dealing with Bobby in that scene. I agree that Dean is becoming an excellent leader. I do remember one of Sera’s interviews at Comic Con and she spoke about how excited she was that Dean was reaching a new level of maturity this season in taking on more of a leadership role. This final scene between Bobby and Dean was the best part of the episode for me.

I found this episode quite mediocre and what adds to the disappointment is that it was written by one of my favorite of the show’s writers. However, based on previews I've read, I am really looking forward to what the show has in store for us this Thursday!
# Seraphim 2009-11-02 21:05
Yay! I finally saw the episode (accidentally fell asleep last Thursday and totally missed it).

Adorable, all around. Definitely "A" material, though the subplot with the two witches fell just a little flat for me, so that part suffers a "B".

Still, this is a definite re-watch. On a side note, I'm still trying to get people to watch this show, but the only response I get is, "It's on the CW." Damn you, CW!!!! All those poor people are missing out on gems like this.

To Alice: I can't remember if it was on The Winchester Family Business, but isn't there a list of the premium episodes for the uninitiated to watch? I want to use those episodes to convert others. Thanks in advance.