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In Supernatural 15.08, “Our Father Who Aren’t in Heaven,” Sam once again had to bravely face the massive trauma he suffered in The Cage. Though he never faltered, you could tell... it must have been hard on him.

It Must Be Hard Being Sam Winchester

It must be hard to know  

The key to possible salvation

Lies under the tremendous pain of your past.

15 08 Sam 1

It must be hard to have to go

Back to the place that

Was nothing but anguish.


It must be hard to face

The one you had to kill to save the world,


And here she is saving you, yet again.

15 08 Sam 2

It must be hard to see

The ones you pulled to Hell with you,

The enemy wrapped in family.

15 08 Sam 3

It must be hard to hear

About that time you suffered,

About how you were tortured as they watched,

And did not help.

15 08 Sam 4

15 08 Michael cage

It must be hard to think about,

So it’s easier to shove it down,

Say it doesn’t matter,

And focus instead on saving the world, once again.

15 08 Sam Doesnt Matter

But those memories won’t stay buried forever,

And maybe, just maybe, there will be a day the world isn’t about to end,

And when that time comes…

15 08 Sam 6

It must be hard to be Sam Winchester.

*The End*

I'd love to hear your thoughts about Sam! What do you think about how he is being portrayed in season 15 (by itself or compared to other seasons)? Do you think there "will be a day the world isn’t about to end" for him? "Please share below!

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