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"Your heart desire will come, but when it comes, you desire for another, and when it comes again, you still aspire for another, that shows your level of ingratitude.” ― Michael Bassey Johnson

Welcome to the SPECIAL edition of Fan Video of the Week! Because Supernatural hit the milestone of its 300th episode I decided to do something a little different. Fans were so excited about the episode that we got social media buzz going and Supernatural hit number six on the social media popularity chart for the week! Also, fans created many different projects that would be ready before and during the episode. The excitement and happiness were real and great, and being just one part of it was… something special. Maybe even a heart's desire?

So, in this article I have the best of the BEST fan videos that were made with the 300th in mind (that I have seen). Make no mistake. All these videos are great so this top 3 and the bonus extras are in this order by how they made me feel, the music and scenes they used, the story and idea that were presented - for me. It can be little things or it can be something huge but it doesn’t matter in the end. 

I want to congratulate all who made these videos and hopefully you make many more!


Golden Shot

it was a good one. [14x13] by: jυѕтcαllмeмιcнelle

The music already set the tone for the whole video. It was like a memory that I was remembering and seeing like a film canvas in front of my eyes. That the video included Amara was a special treat because I really liked the character. I loved the black and white past scenes that were connected to the present. The whole video included both Mary and John a lot, and the boys - the whole Winchester family which bound the emotions together. Even Henry Winchester was included to bring  depth to the story. It made me miss him a lot. The video had happiness, sadness and even some fights but that is life - truly marvelous video. Like John said. “It was a good one.” Here are some words from the creator:

I cried twice while making this.


Silver Bullet

John, Sam & Dean | Sense of home [14x13] by: Alina0405video

Alina’s videos always have great editing. The gold video was an emotional roller coaster that kept the emotions going. This video builds up emotions. I liked the song a lot that was used, which was Sense of Home by Harrison Storm. I got the sense of Family Business right from the start and at the start it felt very businesslike. Also, our resurrected Mary was not present that much on the video which the creator explains in the comments. I have liked Mary myself and understood her choices and what she is. You could say “John made her human.” She was very warm and different when she got him back. Also I like the voice overs that sometimes are heard over the scenes. They fit well with the story. In the end, the video feels very hopeful. Here are some words from the creator: 

As for the video, it was pretty tricky for me (do I always say so?)
1) this is such a complicated story and there are so many layers to it that it's really hard to combine somewhat full picture of this family
2) I guess the reason why I've started make less "voice over videos" because I'm bad at them. I just don't know how people make them in big quantity, but head starts to explode when I try to build the story line of the video. I think where should I start, how it should end, which quote should lead to the next one ect. ect. and it's just a giant mess.
3) again it's so damn hard to combine in one video stories of these three people. Like John has his troubles, Sam has his own very difficult relationship with John and with hunter's life and other things, Dean, this precious human being, also has this I love you all so much, but you hurt me so much thing, so yeah... tricky it's one word for it. I guess this video would be like dozens very much alike ones, because 300th episode will probably inspire lots of people to use pretty similar scenes, but that's okay. I just needed to make something. The thing is, a bit like Dean, I have daddy issues. I think Dean and John's relationship was one of the reasons why I was so connected to the show. So when papa Winchester makes a visit I can't miss.


Bronze Casing

Sam, Dean, John, Mary • I will find my way back. [14x13] by: heavenlyfire

Emotion, emotions everywhere! I like the old school Supernatural coloring of the video. I also love, love, LOVE the song used. Cody Fry’s Find My Way Back gives you strength and it gives you a happy feeling. Smiles and sadness are connected but happiness seems to win. Really love the editing also with this one - whole family together and focused - the story of one happy last family dinner.

...they got your back, even when it hurts...


Number 4

Sam & John • I Never Got To Say Goodbye {+14x13} by: MysticSwan

Calm guitar music guides the scenes and story forward - the characters driving it forward. I liked the tiny effect that sometimes was seen on the video. Also,  the dialogue and scenes are connected together perfectly. It was also nice to see a video focused on Sam and John. Here are some words from the creato:

“I think about how I never got to say goodbye.” I can’t believe the 300th episode aired already!!! Time really does fly by!!! I really enjoyed this episode even though it was very emotional! I’m glad that we got that scene with Sam and John, where Sam was able to tell John his feelings. That end though when they were saying goodbye to John, I lost it. When Sam wipes away his tears, my tears started rolling down my face! Jared needs to stop making us cry!!! Haha XD Although I’m not the biggest fan of John, I think it was great that they brought him back for this episode so the boys can get a proper goodbye!


Number 5

Sam, Dean & John Winchester [+14×13] || "I'm So Proud Of You Boys" by: Marce 11

This was another sad video with a beautiful song. The idea and story felt like a goodbye from start to finish. It is weird how music can set the tone and feeling. I guess sadness followed my mood when I watched this. The coloring made me think of those sun worn and burned old photos. It is only just a memory now - a very great video among many.

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SUPERNATURAL Series s14.13 RSF 1

Special Mentions - Brother Feelings!

sam & dean | brother [+14.12] (for 300 episodes) by: LovedSammy

Fan videos with NeedToBreathe’s Brother are always a win. Yes, I will fight you on this. ; Oh yes and “FEELINGS!” Like Crowley would say. :)

“I know. Everyone and their brother (heh) has edited with this song. But with how beautiful 14.12 was, and with ep 300 premiering tonight, idk how I couldn't [use it]. This song is the epitome of Sam and Dean, period. I've been working on it half-assedly for the past year or so, not sure if I was going to complete it or not. Luckily, this episode gave me the incentive to do so, and I'm quite happy with it.”

"Brother, let me be your shelter. Never leave you all alone. I can be the one you call, when you're low. Brother, let me be your fortress, when the night winds are driving on. Be the one to light the way, bring you home...."

sam & dean || we always do. by: Mia Winchester

"you two... take care of each other"
"we always do"

“I think it's the first time I don't know what to write in a DB :') I mean, my brain still hasn't 100% processed the fact that Supernatural reached 300 episodes. It's insane. While I liked 14x12 more than 14x13, the episode was still AMAZING, and such a wonderful tribute to the show. I love the way they handled John's return. And the scene with Sam was beautiful. I'm so happy they gave him the chance to confront his father. And if I find the time next week, I'm definitely making a video just about Sam. The kids talking about the brothers were amazing. And the scene with Sam and Dean washing the dishes was one of the best in the whole episode.”


John: So, you saved the world?
Dean: More than once.
John: Then it's all true. God, the Devil, you boys smack in the middle. Now you live in a secret bunker with an angel and Lucifer's kid.
John: All right. Near as I can tell, we have two choices. All right, we can think about what's coming. Or we can be grateful for this time that we have together. Now, me I choose grateful. So, to whatever brought us together, we owe you one. Amen.

Trivia and Minutiae 

Jared and Jensen are the only actors to appear in all 300 episodes of Supernatural. However, Jensen only appears as Dean in 299 episodes.
One of the early reported ideas for the 300th episode at Comic-Con 2018 was for it to be done from the perspective of the town's people of Lebanon, Kansas, and see their perceptions of Sam and Dean in the town. An element of this idea was retained with the teenager Eliot talking about Sam and Dean's mysterious nature, as well as the Winchester's interactions with the local bartender, Jackson, and the mail woman, Martha.
In Lebanon, the Winchesters are well known in the town and go by the aliases Sam and Dean Campbell. Campbell is Mary's family name. Also, in 7.07 The Mentalists The Campbell brothers, seen in a photograph, also existed and specialized in paintings and writings said to be produced by spirits. They were Allen Campbell and Charles Shrouds and were actually a gay couple who posed as brothers.
The fight between John, Dean, and Sam in the dark recalls the fight in the dark between Sam and Dean in Sam's apartment in 1.01 Pilot



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