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The Boys Are Back in Town

(Probably Time To Flee)


A message, a motto, hope renewed, passions reignited and missions reinforced: episode eighteen traditionally is about inspiring our boys in some way or another, be it small or grand. It’s not always a successful endeavour – but often they achieve something here – and even when they fail, something is still there to keep the flame of hope flickering for that final mission.

Season: 1 “Something Wicked”

StrigaResearchLocal de Hunt: Wisconsin Featured Creature: Shtriga

REVEAL/TWIST? Dean makes amends and little brothers are kept safe.

Season: 2 “Hollywood Babylon”

HBSamandDeanLocal de Hunt: Los Angeles, California Featured Creature: Vengeful Spirit

REVEAL/TWIST? Dean gets a happy ending and boys walk into the sunset.

Season: 4 “The Monster At the End of the This Book”

vlcsnap 00010Local de Hunt: Kripke’s Hollow  Featured Creature: Lilith

REVEAL/TWIST? Chuck sees something ominous – time to write it down.

Season: 5 “Point of No Return”

vlcsnap 00353Local de Hunt: Sioux Falls, South Dakota; Van Nuys, Californa Featured Creature: Zachariah

REVEAL/TWIST? Zachariah pays the price for screwing with a Winchester.

Season: 6 “Frontierland”

FL190Local de Hunt: Sioux Falls, South Dakota; Sunrise, Wyoming Featured Creature: Phoenix

REVEAL/TWIST? Special delivery.

Season: 7 “Party On, Garth”

GarthHugLocal de Hunt: Junction City, Kansas Featured Creature: Shojo


Season: 8 “Freaks & Geeks”

deanandkrissyend3Local de Hunt: Conway Springs, Kansas Featured Creature: Vampire; Humans

REVEAL/TWIST? Closing the gates of Hell can save more than just future generations.

Season: 9 “Meta Fiction”

GadreelCaughtLocal de Hunt: Utah; Kansas Featured Creature: Metatron, Gadreel


Season: 10 “Book of the Damned”

BOD 20Local de Hunt: Des Moines, Iowa; Blaine, Missouri Featured Creature: Jacob Styne, Metatron

REVEAL/TWIST? The team welcomes Redheads to the fight against the Mark.

Season: 11 “Hell’s Angel”

sup1118 3187Local de Hunt: Heaven; Hell; St. Louis, Missouri; Saudi Arabia Featured Creature: Lucifer, Amara

REVEAL/TWIST? Lucifer can be useful to Amara – to his detriment.

Season: 12 “The Memory Remains”

MR15Local de Hunt: Tomahawk, Wisconsin; Lebanon, Kansas Featured Creature: Moloch

REVEAL/TWIST? Sam and Dean leave their mark on the bunker.

Season: 13 “Bring ‘Em Back Alive”

SN1318C 0216bcLocal de Hunt: Apocalypse World; Heaven, Fall River, Massachusetts Featured Creature: Asmodeus, Angels

REVEAL/TWIST? The closer they get to mom, the farther away she seems to be.

We’ve closed out episode eighteen on some sweet and memorable images: pizza parties, sunsets and of course  - initials in the bunker. Which is the most heart-warming in your mind? What was the most bad ass ending? For me, I never get tired of Dean’s backward spin on Zachariah’s deal. Yes, the closer we get to those finales, the more memorable scenes, snarky lines and powerful exchanges get!

Reflect, reminisce and share below!

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