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The Boys Are Back in Town

(Probably Time To Flee)


While true of many episodes of Supernatural, in particular episode ten (often a hiatus episode) likes to ride the emotions rollercoaster. Over the years this has been the episode to twist the knife on some seriously heart wrenching storylines – be it through resolution or devastation - or something in between:

Season: 1 “Asylum”

AsylumSamshootsLocal de Hunt: Rockford, Illinois Featured Creature: Ghost

REVEAL/TWIST? John calls the boys.

Season: 2 “Hunted”

BrothersfightLocal de Hunt: Lafayette, Indiana; Peoria, Illinois Featured Creature: Gordon Walker

REVEAL/TWIST? John’s final ask of Dean: to kill Sam.

Season: 3 “Dream a Little Dream of Me”

BobbywakesLocal de Hunt: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Featured Creature: Dreamwalker

REVEAL/TWIST? Dean’s worst nightmare is becoming a demon

Season: 4 “Heaven and Hell”

vlcsnap 00204Local de Hunt: Sioux Falls, South Dakota Featured Creature: Angels and Demons

REVEAL/TWIST? Dean’s heartbroken confession of his sins in Hell

Season: 5 “Abandon All Hope”

SPN 0968Local de Hunt: Carthage & Springfield Missouri Featured Creature: Lucifer

REVEAL/TWIST? Jo and Ellen say goodbye.

Season: 6 “Caged Heat”

SPN 0290Local de Hunt: Unspecific Featured Creature: Crowley

REVEAL/TWIST? Sam has no vested interest in getting his soul back.

Season: 7 “Death’s Door”

BeingadadLocal de Hunt: Hammonton, New Jersey Featured Creature: Leviathans, Reaper

REVEAL/TWIST? Bobby makes a choice.

Season: 8 “Torn and Frayed”

DeanLeavesLocal de Hunt: Warsaw, Missouri; Geneva, Nebraska; Whitefish, Montana Featured Creature: Demons/Crowley

REVEAL/TWIST? The brothers choose each other.

Season: 9 “Road Trip”

SamCastsGadreelOutLocal de Hunt: Lebanon, Kansas Featured Creature: Gadreel

REVEAL/TWIST? Poughkeepsie.

Season: 10 “The Hunter Games”

HorrifiedClaireLocal de Hunt: Fall River, Massachusetts Featured Creature: Rowena, Metatron

REVEAL/TWIST? Cas answers a prayer & Claire learns to forgive.

Season: 11 “The Devil in the Details”

s11e10 195 Cemetery Luci SamLocal de Hunt: Hell; Kenesaw Nebraska; Kermit, Texas Featured Creature: Lucifer, Amara

REVEAL/TWIST? Castiel says yes.

Season: 12 “Lily Sunder Has Some Regrets”

12.10 1681 angel powerLocal de Hunt: Lebanon, Kansas Featured Creature: Ishim

REVEAL/TWIST? Not everything is black and white.

Season: 13 “Wayward Sisters”

talking around camp supernatural s13e10Local de Hunt: Iowa; Sioux Falls; The Bad Place Featured Creature: Canids; The Kaiju

REVEAL/TWIST? New group of heroes in town – and they kick it in the ass. Hard.

Many times the comeback from a mid-hiatus; episode ten is traditionally an episode that warrants revival and processing of what just happened; if not at least an exclamation of “what!? Don’t leave me there!” Most devastating – and still standout after all these years – in my mind? Dean’s confessions of Hell. Of course, the end of “Death’s Door” is a pretty close rival. How about you?

Reflect, reminisce and share below!

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