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The Boys Are Back in Town

(Probably Time To Flee)


Playing both sides of the scale, episode nine leads into the middle of the season with a loud shock, or something quiet but equally captivating. Sometimes clear, but often confusing, the elements introduced here usually click into place by the end of the season – but it doesn’t make the initial impact any less powerful.

Season: 1 “Home”

MarysorryLocal de Hunt: Lawrence, Kansas Featured Creature: Poltergeist

REVEAL/TWIST? Mary’s Apology


Season: 2 “Croatoan”

CarvingontreeLocal de Hunt: Rivergrove, Oregon Featured Creature: Yellow-Eyed Demon

REVEAL/TWIST? Dean has a secret to tell Sam.


Season: 3 “Malleus Maleficarum”

ForgettingwhoyouareLocal de Hunt: Stubridge, Massachustts Featured Creature: Witches, Demons

REVEAL/TWIST? Ruby remembers being human – she’s a good demon!


Season: 4 “I Know What You Did Last Summer”

vlcsnap 00009Local de Hunt: Unspecified Featured Creature: Demons

REVEAL/TWIST? Anna must die. Sam owes Ruby his life.


Season: 5 “The Real Ghostbusters”

SPN 1177Local de Hunt: Vermillion, Ohio Featured Creature: Ghosts

REVEAL/TWIST? A lead on the colt.


Season: 6 “Clap Your Hands If You Believe”

CYH002Local de Hunt: Elwood, Indiana Featured Creature: Fairies, Crowley

REVEAL/TWIST? Sam is a callous interviewer and Dean’s got a new perspective on abductees.


Season: 7 “How to Win Friends and Influence Monsters”

HWF029Local de Hunt: Wharton State Forest; Hammonton, New Jersey Featured Creature: Leviathan

REVEAL/TWIST? The grave costs of hunting.


Season: 8 “Citizen Fang”

80922Local de Hunt: Carencro, Louisiana Featured Creature: Vampires

REVEAL/TWIST? Martin is dead. Sam is angry.


Season: 9 “Holy Terror”

GadreelKillingKevinCropLocal de Hunt: Caribou, Wyoming Featured Creature: Angels

REVEAL/TWIST? The eviction notice goes wrong – leaving Kevin dead.


Season: 10 “The Things We Left Behind”

Sam Holding Dean 2619Local de Hunt: Pontiac, Illinois Featured Creature: N/A

REVEAL/TWIST? Dean’s control is slipping - with devastating effects.


Season: 11 “O Brother Where Art Thou?”

O brother where art thou 549Local de Hunt: Hell Featured Creature: Lucifer

REVEAL/TWIST? Sam is trapped in the cage.


Season: 12 “First Blood”

12.09 1635 Billies deathLocal de Hunt: Site 94; Indianapolis, Indiana; Lebanon, Kansas Featured Creature: Vampires, Billie

REVEAL/TWIST? Cosmic consequences be damned.


Season: 13 “The Bad Place”

13.9 2000 pawprintLocal de Hunt: Apocalypse Universe; Minnesota; South Dakota; Kansas; Georgia, The Bad Place Featured Creature: Angels

REVEAL/TWIST? Dinosaurs?


Yup, lots of heart-clenching moments mixed into the drama, death and debauchery of those episode nines. Not all are grandiose either – some are about the quiet struggle we see in the character. Then again, some are shocking and overwhelming. For me, one of the most emotional moments is Sam holding Dean at the end of “Things We Left Behind” – this is heartbreaking on every level. What is your most memorable Episode Nine exchange? How about a silent but striking scene that says it all?

Reflect, reminisce and share below! Catch up on episodes 1-8 with links on my author's page