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The Boys Are Back in Town

(Probably Time To Flee)


Episode eight is a unique place in the episode line up: over the years it has marked a mini-hiatus and as a result been a heck of a cliff-hanger. At the same time, it has lined up the following episodes to lead into a mid-season finale by soft-balling information and not being too intense, but just the right blend of comedic and dramatic. And then…well, and then there was “Bugs” – and what can we say about that one that hasn’t already been said?

Season: 1 “Bugs”

bugsleaveLocal de Hunt: Oasis Plains, Oklahoma Featured Creature: Curse



Season: 2 “Crossroad Blues”

CrossroadsLocal de Hunt: Greenwood, Mississippi Featured Creature: Crossroad Demon

REVEAL/TWIST? John’s deal causes suffering…what wouldn’t you do for family though?


Season: 3 “A Very Supernatural Christmas”

DeanWearingAmuletCropLocal de Hunt: Ypsilanti, Michigan Featured Creature: Demi-Gods (aka Mr and Mrs Christmas)

REVEAL/TWIST? Dean’s amulet’s origin story.


Season: 4 “Wishful Thinking”

vlcsnap 00021Local de Hunt: Concrete, Washington Featured Creature: Cursed Object

REVEAL/TWIST? Dean remembers – but let’s not talk about it.


Season: 5 “Changing Channels”

vlcsnap 00035Local de Hunt:Tvland Featured Creature: The Trickster a.k.a Gabriel

REVEAL/TWIST? He’s an arch-angel!


Season: 6 “All Dogs Go To Heaven”

AD111Local de Hunt: Buffalo, NY Featured Creature: Shifters

REVEAL/TWIST? It’s time to recover Sam’s soul – without it, he’s just not Sam.


Season: 7 “Season 7, Time for a Wedding”

TW196Local de Hunt: Pike Creek, Delaware Featured Creature: Crossroads Demon

REVEAL/TWIST? A marriage annulled and a demonic partnership born.


Season: 8 “Hunter Heroici”

SamAndCasInCartoonLandLocal de Hunt: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Featured Creature: Humans

REVEAL/TWIST? Castiel and Naomi work out details of their relationship.


Season: 9 “Rock and a Hard Place”

spn908 1051Local de Hunt: Lebanon, Kansas; Hartford, South Dakota Featured Creature: Vesta

REVEAL/TWIST? Sam might be getting too curious and Dean is committing further to his lie.


Season: 10 “Hibbing 911”

DonnaWatchingLocal de Hunt: Hibbing, Minnesota Featured Creature: Vampires

REVEAL/TWIST? Sherriff Hanscum learns the truth.


Season: 11 “Just My Imagination”

normal Just my iImagination 293Local de Hunt: Menomonie, Wisconsin Featured Creature: Human

REVEAL/TWIST? Sam’s passions were ignited in friendship with the supernatural.


Season: 12 “LOTUS”

12.08 1550Local de Hunt: St. Louis, Missouri; Boca Raton, Florida; Indianapolis, Indiana Featured Creature: Lucifer

REVEAL/TWIST? Sam and Dean in federal custody and the Nephilim carrier has escaped.


Season: 13 “The Scorpion and the Frog”

SF4Local de Hunt: Cambridge, England Featured Creature: Barthamus

REVEAL/TWIST? Once burned, always skeptical of a demon offering a deal.


Regardless of its goal for the season, episode eight has had some great episodes in the Supernatural line up: “A Very Supernatural Christmas” is of course a classic, and “Hunter Heroici” is another great, original concept. Which was the most memorable episode eight moment for you? The giant bear committing suicide? Or the sparkling unicorn blood? What about your favourite one-liner?

Reflect, reminisce and share below!