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The Boys Are Back in Town

(Probably Time To Flee)


By and large, Supernatural's sixth episode each season has been a dramatic and humourous blend as well as a tipping point in the main plot – sometimes more subtle than others. Major memorable moments have been born of episode six over the years – which is your top?

Season: 1 “Skin”


Local de Hunt: St. Louis, Missouri Featured Creature: Shapeshifter

REVEAL/TWIST? So begins the FBI radar.


Season: 2 “No Exit”


Local de Hunt: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Featured Creature: Ghost

REVEAL/TWIST? The history (and tragedy) between the Harvelles and the Winchesters is revealed.


Season: 3 “Red Sky at Morning”

vlcsnap 00059

Local de Hunt: Sea Pines, Massachusetts Featured Creature: Spirits/Death Omen

REVEAL/TWIST? Sam and Dean come to a head about his deal and what they want from the other.


Season: 4 “Yellow Fever”

vlcsnap 00102

Local de Hunt: Rock Ridge, Colorodo Featured Creature: Buruburu

REVEAL/TWIST? Dean was infected for a reason – 40 years of reasons. And nobody does “Eye of the Tiger” like Jensen!


Season: 5 “I Believe the Children Are Our Future”


Local de Hunt: Alliance & Elk Creek, Nebraska Featured Creature: Anti-Christ

REVEAL/TWIST? Potential for evil doesn’t always manifest.


Season: 6 “You Can’t Handle the Truth”


Local de Hunt: Calumet City, Illinois Featured Creature: Veritas

REVEAL/TWIST? Sam has no emotions and Dean expresses his own, hard.


Season: 7 “Slash Fiction”


Local de Hunt: Whitefish, Montana Featured Creature: Leviathan

REVEAL/TWIST? Baby goes into hiding, Sodium Borate is the latest weapon and Sam leaves Dean after learning the truth about Amy.


Season: 8 “Southern Comfort”

SPN 1175

Local de Hunt: Kearney, Missouri Featured Creature: Spectre

REVEAL/TWIST? Sam and Dean confront their issues with betrayals and learn to move forward.


Season: 9 “Heaven Can’t Wait”


Local de Hunt: Rexburg, Idaho; Lebanon, Kansas Featured Creature: Rit Zien

REVEAL/TWIST? Castiel has a new job, Hell has a new ruler and Crowley has a new habit.


Season: 10 “Ask Jeeves”


Local de Hunt: New Canaan, Connecticut Featured Creature: Shapeshifter

REVEAL/TWIST? Dean maybe a little too eager in his killing.


Season: 11 “Our Little World”

Our little world 334

Local de Hunt: Fall River, Massachusetts Featured Creature: Amara, Demons

REVEAL/TWIST? Amara is powerful – and entrancing to at least one Winchester.


Season: 12 “Celebrating the Life of Asa Fox”

12.06 533 hunters funeral

Local de Hunt: Emerson, Manitoba Featured Creature: Jael

REVEAL/TWIST? Billie extends a standing offer to all Winchesters, Mary isn’t ready to return home.


Season: 13 “Tombstone”


Local de Hunt: Dodge City, Kansas Featured Creature: Ghoul

REVEAL/TWIST? Jack learns about casualties the hard way and leaves the bunker despite protests.

Looking back at these sixth episode installments – it’s curious to see how these moments (almost every one) play into the overall plot in one form or another by the end of the season. Well played, writers, well played. Which was the most subtle, but on reflection – most “of course!” for you? Which was the biggest shock? Your favourite? Finally – which was the most fun of the episode six collection? For me, it’s a tight race, but I have a special place in my heart for “Ask Jeeves” because it’s just so much fun to watch – especially the ladies fawning over Sam.

Reflect, reminisce and share below!

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