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The Boys Are Back in Town

(Probably Time To Flee)


The fourth step in a long journey through a season: not about creating new dramas or leaving us breathless with anxiety about what’s coming up. Instead, episode four has been oddly insightful through the years; not to mention the foreshadowing.

If you missed Episode 3, catch up Here!  

Season: 1 “Phantom Traveler”


Local de Hunt: Airplane Featured Creature: Demon

REVEAL/TWIST? John’s cellphone is active again with a new voicemail message.


Season: 2 “Children Shouldn’t Play With Dead Things”


Local de Hunt: Greenville, Illinois Featured Creature: Zombie

REVEAL/TWIST? What’s dead should stay dead.


Season: 3 “Sin City”


Local de Hunt: Elizabethville, Ohio Featured Creature: Demons

REVEAL/TWIST? Humans are humans – and they make choices.


Season: 4 “Metamorphosis”


Local de Hunt: Carthage, Missouri Featured Creature: Rugaru

REVEAL/TWIST? Sam pledges to stop using his powers.


Season: 5 “The End”


Local de Hunt: Kansas City, Missouri (2014) Featured Creature: Lucifer

REVEAL/TWIST? Sam said yes. The brothers keep each other human.


Season: 6 “Weekend at Bobby’s”


Local de Hunt: Sioux Falls, South Dakota Featured Creature: Crowley

REVEAL/TWIST? Bobby is amazing…and a little gratitude goes a long way.


Season: 7 “Defending Your Life”


Local de Hunt: Dearborn, Michigan Featured Creature: Osiris

REVEAL/TWIST? Sam’s made peace with his guilt. Dean has not.


Season: 8 “Bitten”

8x04 2

Local de Hunt: Washtenaw County, Michigan Featured Creature: Werewolves

REVEAL/TWIST? Not all creatures need to be hunted.


Season: 9 “Slumber Party”


Local de Hunt: Lebanon, Kansas Featured Creature: Abaddon



Season: 10 “Paper Moon”


Local de Hunt: Durham, Washinton Featured Creature: Werewolves

REVEAL/TWIST? After so many losses, the boys need a win.


Season: 11 “Baby”

11.04 204

Local de Hunt: Quaker Valley, Oregon; Lebanon, Kansas Featured Creature: Nachzehrer (Werepire)

REVEAL/TWIST? Someone sends Sam another message – but still doesn’t sign the card.


Season: 12 “American Nightmare”

SPN 1647

Local de Hunt: Mason City, Iowa; Pleasant Valley, Missouri Featured Creature: Gail Peterson; Ketch

REVEAL/TWIST? BMOL subscribe to a different moral philosophy than the Winchesters.


Season: 13 “The Big Empty”

Cas vs Cas

Local de Hunt: Madison, Wisconsin Featured Creature: Shapeshifter, Unknown Entity

REVEAL/TWIST? Cas is back, Sam needs to keep faith for two


Matter of facts, revelations and declarations about who the Winchesters are, what they stand for and the overall attitudes of the season: the episode four themes. As a whole, the fourth episode is not one of dramatic twists or cliff-hanger moments; rather it’s an episode of catharsis for Sam or Dean or a tip of the hat to the audience, letting us know a mindset that’s key. So – what was the most revealing? Which played the biggest role later on? Any from the early days that you find ironic given where we’re at now?

Walk through memory lane and share below!