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Happy 13th year of the Winchesters and all the weird, chaotic, dramatic - often emotionally overwhelming adventures that we have had together! As we go forward into what undoubtedly promises to be new and as yet unexplored territory with Sam and Dean - alternate worlds and what-if universes - I thought it would be fun to look back at just how far we've come over these 13 years. 

To truly appreciate the long and winding road our brothers and Baby have travelled, I'm excited to introduce you to my new article series, "The Boys are Back in Town"! Each piece in this series will peer into the past at where we were during corresponding episodes of each season of Supernatural , so episode 1 of every season, episode 2 of every season, etc.: what hunt, what state, what discovery the boys made oh so many moons ago. Some things were so shocking once upon a time, weren't they?

Without further ado, let's get started with episode 1 and look at the what, where and who of each season opener over the last 12 (!) years...

 For clarity sake, since our boys have certainly had grandiose adventures over the decade, here the Featured Creature is the primary focus of Winchester attention/time during the episode - not necessarily an ultimate evil - even if there may be another hunt or an over arching seasonal plot happening in the episode as well. This will apply to the Location as well - Sam and Dean are movers! When it comes to the Reveal/Twist, not every episode leaves with a shock/gasp moment - though alot do - so these will be more fluid in definition depending on the season, the big storyline and what was stunning, heartwrenching or attention catching at the time.

Season: 1, “Pilot”

Local de Hunt: Jericho, Californa Featured Creature: Woman in White


SPN 1071

Season: 2 “In My Time of Dying”


Local de Hunt: Sioux Falls, South Dakota Featured Creature: Reaper

REVEAL/TWIST? John Makes a Deal with YED & unknowingly continues a tragic family tradition


Season: 3 “The Magnificent Seven”

Local de Hunt: Oak Park, Illinois Featured Creature: 7 Deadly Sins (Demons)


REVEAL/TWIST? Mysterious woman with demon-killing blade saves the day

Season: 4 “Lazarus Rising”


Local de Hunt: Pontiac, Illinois Featured Creature: Castiel

REVEAL/TWIST? Angels Exist – and God has plans for Dean

Season: 5 “Sympathy for the Devil”


Local de Hunt: Buffalo, New York Featured Creature: Angels & Demons

REVEAL/TWIST? Bobby is paralyzed, the brothers trust is deeply damaged

Season: 6 “Exile on Main St.”


Local de Hunt: Cicero, Indiana Featured Creature: Djinn


REVEAL/TWIST? Sam has been back a while, and so are the Campbells

Season: 7 “Meet the New Boss”


Local de Hunt: Sioux Falls, South Dakota Featured Creature: Godstiel

REVEAL/TWIST? Leviathans overtake Castiel – so begins the maddness

Season: 8 “We Need to Talk About Kevin”

Local de Hunt: Centerville, Michigan Featured Creature: Crowley

SPN 1200

REVEAL/TWIST? Crowley kills Channing

Season: 9 “I Think I’m Going To Like It Here”


Local de Hunt: Randolph, New York Featured Creature: Angels

spn901 EZEK

REVEAL/TWIST? Taking advantage of desperation, Ezekiel possesses Sam, unbeknownst to his host

Season: 10 “Black”

Local de Hunt: Lebanon, Kansas Featured Creature: Demons, Angels & Deanmon


REVEAL/TWIST? Cole kidnaps Sam – Dean doesn’t care

Season: 11 “Out of the Darkness, Into the Fire”

normal spn1101 2096

Local de Hunt: Superior, North Dakota Featured Creature: The Darkness; Infected People

REVEAL/TWIST? Baby Amara has the MoC birthmark – just like the Darkness Woman

Season: 12 “Keep Calm & Carry On”

SPN 1839 lt

Local de Hunt: Lebanon, Kansas Featured Creature: Toni Bevell

REVEAL/TWIST? Sam’s torture and fake suicide, Toni’s not dead yet

Season: 13 “Lost and Found”

13.01 0850 smiling jack

Local de Hunt: North Cove, Washington Featured Creature: Angels

REVEAL/TWIST? Jack is a badass.

So there we have it! Every starting point (in a manner of speaking, depending where the previous season left us!) for the last twelve plus years. Hard to believe it's that long since some of these adventures were kickstarted! Look out for the next installment, featuring second episodes of the years gone by and let me know what you think of the series. Share your thoughts and leave your favourite Firsts below: first featured creatures, locales, first character introduction quotes - anything from an opening episode that you loved and stands as a classic today!


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