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This week’s episode, “Lily Sunder Has Some Regrets,” was written by Steve Yockey and centers on an unknown, until now, angel mission in Castiel’s story. The so far credits review Castiel’s early story on the show and the current nephilim story, which gives us a heads up to the episode’s theme.

The episode begins in a bar with an angel named Benjamin, in the body of a beautiful woman, playing an old arcade game. A woman shows up and interrupts the game. The woman, played by Alicia Witt, is wearing an eye patch and she intimates that she knows the angel. Benjamin tries to use some angel juice on the woman but it doesn’t work. As the woman tries to kill the angel, Benjamin chants enochian and three angels, including Castiel, are called. The woman then kills Benjamin.

In the bunker, Dean is still mad at Castiel for killing Billie because of ramifications. Sam is trying to play mediator. Castiel says he’s going on a mission and he says it’s personal. Sam volunteers to go with him and Dean agrees. In the car, Castiel tells about the background of the angels he fought with. TFW shows up at the bar and gets the information on Benjamin. In a hotel room somewhere, the woman chants and Castiel feels something and tells them they have to leave.

Castiel meets up with the other two angels and they all have issues with each other. Sam and Dean interrupt while Mirabel steps out. She gets killed by the woman. Castiel, Sam, Dean, and the pretty resentful angel whose name I didn’t catch, leave to go to a safe house but the woman with the eyepatch shows up and hell breaks loose. She gets away though.

Ishim, finally got his name!, and the rest of them are discussing why the woman is after them. Castiel tells them the story of the woman, Lily Sunder, who was in love with an angel. They were sent to kill the nephilim and they killed her family. She is seeking revenge. Sam insists she can be reasoned with. Cas and Ishim resist but the brothers say they are going to try. In a room somewhere, Lily heals herself with what looks like angel powers.

Castiel heals Ishim as the other angel warns that humans are dangerous to angels. Sam and Dean go to see Lily. They find out that the story about the nephilim is untrue. Ishim was obsessed with Lily and Arobel was protecting her. In fact, the nephilim wasn’t real. Her daughter was human. Dean goes to get Castiel while Sam stays with Lily. She explains how she is using angel power to get revenge and that the power is burning her soul away. She warns Sam that Ishim will kill Dean because he has too much to lose in heaven. Dean finds a weakened Castiel and says he wishes Cas had not healed Ishim because he thinks Ishim is playing Castiel. Ishim appears.

Castiel confronts Ishim about Lily and her daughter. Ishim admits to the daughter being human. They fight. Dean is thrown to the side. Ishim says he’ll cure Castiel of his human weakness. Dean is going to use a sigil to banish Ishim but that would endanger Castiel. Lily and Sam show up at that point. Lily and Ishim fight as Sam goes to Dean. They are trying to get out while Lily and Ishim fight. Lily takes her eye patch off and seems to have an angel eye? It is not powerful enough to hold Ishim and just as he is about to kill her, Castiel kills Ishim. He tells her that she’s been holding Ishim long enough.

Lily leaves but with Castiel promising that if she can’t forgive him, he’ll be waiting. Back at the bunker, the three discuss what will happen when they find Kelly and the nephilim. The episode ends as the three drink and ponder what is coming next.

Thoughts, Spec, etc.

1. What were your thoughts on Lily’s story and background?

2. Do you think this storyline is setting up the ethical problems with the nephilim story, i.e. letting it survive, etc.?

3. What were your thoughts on if Lily will be back? Was this a set up, like Asa, to have more humans in the world who can hunt, etc.?

4. Where do you think this leaves Castiel in terms of his relationship to heaven and his own history? 

4. Leave other thoughts, feelings below!