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This week’s episode was written by Andrew Dabb and directed by Bob Singer. The episode begins with a recap of the previous episodes and then shows us Mary at a diner in Lawrence, Kansas, sipping her coffee. She gets a call from Castiel, and he asks her to meet him at the bunker. The episode shifts to Sam and Dean being taken to prison as a federal agent reviews their list of crimes, dating back to the early seasons of the show.

The two federal agents argue about what to do with the Winchesters. The younger agent wants to kill the boys while the older, anti-terrorism agent says they might be working with terrorist groups. The older agent goes into Dean’s cell and starts the interrogation. The episode then shows Sam and we see agent threatening both of them with solitary confinement. Sam and Dean remain silent and stoic through his monologue. He leaves the cells, leaving them in the dark.

The episode shifts to Mick, typing on an old typewriter. He’s trying to recruit a hunter to the British Men of Letters, a guy named Wally. He tells the hunter that in return for their assistance, the hunters just have to do what they’re told. The hunter dismisses "Mike" because he’s not a real hunter. Mick continues typing up his report about his recruitment strategies on the typewriter.

Back at the bunker, Mary is upset about the boys. She asks how she and Cas let this happen. In his cell, Dean starts to put a mark on the wall. The episode shows both brothers eating horrible meals as Dean marks the passing days. The meals are delivered again and again. The episode shifts to Castiel asking Crowley for help. Crowley doesn’t care about the Winchesters being in captivity. Mary, back at the bunker, gets a call from Asa’s kids (the girl and guy from the funeral ep) and they need help hunting a werewolf pack. Mary asks where they are.

Back in the cell, Dean and Sam pass time.

Mary meets up with Castiel at a bar. They are checking in on each other’s information but they don’t have anything to go on. Castiel ruminates on some case he failed at. They commiserate while back at the cell, the agents find both boys “dead” on the floor.

The agents stand over the bodies in the morgue and argue about what they should’ve done. After they leave, Sam and Dean wake up and they capture a technician. They find a way out and realize they are in some secret prison in Colorado. Dean calls Castiel and tells them where they are.

Meanwhile the feds figure out that the Winchesters escaped and go on the hunt for them.

Cas and Mary meet up and try to figure out a way to help the guys. Castiel calls in the British Men of Letters, much to Mary’s dismay. She’s skeptical but they forge a partnership to find the brothers.

The brothers come across one agent and knock him unconscious. The revenge agent and Dean have a war of words via handheld radio.

Sam and Dean find an abandoned cabin and set traps around it. The agents find the cabin and move on it. They go inside and find it empty. The cabin is booby trapped. They take out the agents and find the two lead agents. They tell them that the President was possessed by the devil and they saved him. They warn the agents away from coming after them. One agent calls out, “Who are you?” And in a legendary response Sam says, “We’re the guys who saved the world.” The entire tagline for the show.

The final act involves finding out how Sam and Dean played dead. They made a deal with Billie. As they are driving away the car stops, dies, on the road. All four get out and Billie the Reaper shows up. She killed them and gave them to midnight. But at midnight, a Winchester had to die. Mary steps forward and offers herself. She is about to blow her brains out but Castiel kills Billie with his angel blade. He then says that he won’t let any of them die and that he broke a bad deal they made.

The episode ends with Mick doing his British Men of Letters spiel to another hunter. The camera pans out and shows that he’s talking to Mary. She leans forward and says she’s listening.

After a long hiatus for its fans, please welcome back Supernatural!

Thoughts, Specs, Etc.

1. What did you think of the storyline?

2. Now that Billie is dead, who will reap souls? What do you think this will lead to?

3. Is this the end of the federal pursuit or will there be more?

4. What do you think Ketch’s angle truly is? Is he being authentic?

5. Share your thoughts and feelings below!