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Welcome to  a Special Memorable Moments! In honour of the Holidays, I have done a  Memorable Moments on Season Three's ' A Very Supernatural Christmas'. Once again I have put together a list of what I felt were the best and most memorable moments from this episode.  This of course was very hard as every moment of this episode was memorable.  I scaled it down as best as I could! I hope you enjoy it and please share what your picks would be. 

  Best Broment


The Gift Giving....  

vlcsnap 00176

Cheering with the Eggnog....

SPN 1199

Both reflecting while ......

SPN 1200

.....drinking the eggnog.

SPN 1215

Sam suggests putting on the game.....


While they sit back and watch....every so often glancing at each other. 

Best Sam Moment

vlcsnap 00162

Giving Dean his last Christmas...

SPN 1155

With all the trimmings, a Christmas Tree, decorations and apparently a very spiked eggnog.

Best Dean Moment

SPN 1068

A young Dean giving Sammy a Christmas - with presents and a Christmas Tree.

Best Bitch-Face


Dean putting Sam in an embarrassing situation at the Christmas Shop.

Best 'If Looks Could Kill' Moment

vlcsnap 00130

The look Dean gives Madge before saying 'You fudgin touch me again, I'll fudging kill ya'

Best Guest Actor(s)

5 christmas

Ridge Canipe (Young Dean) and Colin Ford(Young Sam) did a fantastic portrayal of the brothers. 

Best Bad Guy/Gal Moment

SPN 0858

Madge (Merrilyn Gann) and Edward (Spencer Garrett) Carrigan portraying an Ozzie and Harriet  image as they torture our boys.

Best Bad Ass Moment

vlcsnap 00151

Sam impaling Madge with the Christmas Tree branch.....

vlcsnap 00152

....and Dean impaling Ed.

Grossest Moment

vlcsnap 00104

The Carrigan's basement with all their victims' remains.

Most "I Can't Watch This!" Moment

vlcsnap 00138

Sam getting his fingernail removed with pliers by Ed Carrigan.....EWWWWW!

Creepiest Moment

vlcsnap 00036

The Santa Village Santa Claus. I would never have allowed my child on that man's lap.

Most Chilling Moment

vlcsnap 00008

Little Stevie watching Santa (Grandad) get pulled up the chimney and seeing only a blood covered boot. 

vlcsnap 00052

And a mortified little Jimmy Caldwell watching a blood covered Santa appear out of the fireplace, go upstairs and come back down with a moving body in his big red sack... Only to reach for a Christmas cookie before leaving.

Yeah, I believe these two are scarred for life.

Most Nostalgic Moment

SPN 0183

Seeing one of the old Santa Claus movies. I thought it was 'Santa Claus is Coming to Town' but IMBD listed that it was 'The Year Without Santa Claus'. Either way, it's brought back so many good memories.

Saddest Moment

vlcsnap 00079

Sam admitting he can't celebrate Christmas because it's Dean's last.

Sam: Why are you so Bing Crosby all of a sudden?

Dean: Why are you so against it? Were your childhood memories that traumatic? I mean this is my last year.

Sam: That's exactly the point. I can't sit around drinking eggnog, pretending everything's all right when I know this time next year, you'll be dead....I just can't.

Funniest Moment

vlcsnap 00047

Santa's Helper is sitting watching TV while drinking whiskey from the bottle and supporting a large bong, when Sam and Dean bust in on him thinking there was trouble...

vlcsnap 00049

....only to discover they were wrong. To cover up they start singing a questionable version of Silent Night.

vlcsnap 00143

I also have to go with, when Ed is just about to pull out one of Dean's teeth when the doorbell rings. With the pliers still in his mouth Dean mumbles out....

 'Is somebody gonna get that? (bell rings again) You should get that.' 

Most Touching Moment


A young Sammy confronts a young Dean about their Dad's journal and whether monsters are real. 

vlcsnap 00088

Dean tries to reassure the frightened Sammy.

spn308 0612

Sammy decides he's tired and needs to sleep....

vlcsnap 00089

He lays down and silently cries himself to sleep.

Best CGI/VFX scene

vlcsnap 00112

Getting a quick glimpse of the true image of Madge Carrigan and ...

vlcsnap 00113

Ed Carrigan.   

Best Set Design

vlcsnap 00116

The Carrigan home both inside and outside

vlcsnap 00023

The rundown Santa's Village.

Biggest Reveal

vlcsnap 00157

Sammy was the one who gave Dean.....  

vlcsnap 00158

..... the Amulet.

Sweetest Moment


Starting with a young Sammy giving Dean the amulet.

SPN 1121

Then showing a contented Sammy, happy that he gave the amulet to Dean instead of this Dad.

SPN 1122

We then see the adult Sam reflecting on that moment. Leading into......

Best Musical Cue

vlcsnap 00161

Then we have a close up of the amulet as Dean enters the motel room to Rosemary Clooney's "Have Yourself a Very Merry Christmas".

Best Yummy Moment

SPN 0783 1

Christmas pastries and .....

SPN 0412

..... Christmas cookies

Best Camera Shot

vlcsnap 00183

The outside view of the motel, with a window shot of the brothers sitting, watching TV. As the Impala/Baby guards over her boys, the falling snow starts to cover her and the Christmas lights reflect off of her.

I hope you enjoyed this special "Memorable Moments" review! Please share what your picks would be for these categories, or offer categories of your own!

Here's wishing you all Very Happy Holidays!