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This week’s episode was written by the duo and focused on Lucifer’s rise and fall to political power. The episode begins with a news report of a billionaire’s death as we journey through the halls of a church.

A priest is working in his office, listening to the reports, when a bishop (cardinal?) shows up and says they have the Lord’s work to do and then leaves. As he walks away, we see his eyes glow.

We find Sam and Dean on an investigation into the death of said billionaire when they run into Cas and Crowley. They see the body has burnt-out eyes and guess Lucifer. They go to the church to investigate and find the priests and nuns killed. One priest is still alive and tells them that the bishop was not himself. They eventually guess they were trying to exorcize Lucifer.

In a non-descript room, we see a man agree to take Lucifer in and afterward, during a mirror monologue, we find out it’s the President of the United States. He then proceeds to kill his secret service agent, who walks in on him talking to himself, saying he needs to convince everyone he’s the president.

Afterward, the head of the secret service says it’s a natural death after President Lucifer says he just found the guy dead. President Lucifer leads a prayer for the man, and as he is holding the Bible his hand burns. A young woman takes the Bible and tells him he always knows what to say.  

Back at the bunker, Cas is searching the pictures of the church murders and notes the violence. The episode turns to a debriefing with the president, who after hearing about problems in Belarus, suggest the US nuke ‘em. They all stop and then laugh it off. We then see the advisor take the president aside, which leads to bedroom action and we find out that the president was having an affair with her.  Pillow talk includes her saying that she wants more. She wants the whole thing – marriage, kids, etc. President Lucifer smiles.

The episode shifts to Crowley, who has contacted the secret service woman who declared the other agent dead. She’s on Crowley’s payroll and says that the death was not natural.

Back at the bunker, they are waiting for Crowley, whom Sam complains about. The king eventually shows and tells them that President Jeff Rooney is Lucifer. Meanwhile, Jeff tells his secret service that Sam and Dean are trying to assassinate him and orders Rick, the head of his detail, to investigate and take them out, basically. We see him later in bed with Kelly, his advisor. And something happens….

Back at the bunker, the four of them discuss how to get to President Lucifer and start to make plans. In a seemingly Floridian like home, Rowena is seen fighting with her latest fiancée. Crowley interrupts and kills the fiancée, who was a fraud just like Rowena. Rowena says it’s the nicest thing Crowley’s ever done for her.  Meanwhile, we see Castiel carrying two cups of coffee when he is blasted by a bunch of noise. He drops the cups and the brothers run to see how he is. He announces that angel radio is loud because there has been a large discharge of celestial energy (and yes I just wrote that sentence). A nephilim has been conceived.

The brothers and Castiel hurry to Indianapolis, where President Lucifer is staying, but on their way they are stopped by secret service. They are about to be arrested when another car pulls up. A guy gets out and takes out the agents. He introduces himself – he’s the British Men of Letters’s Mr. Ketch.

In a meadow between twilight and night, Ketch explains that he wants to help them. He shows them his demon fighting toys, which includes an egg that is all powerful. They take some toys and go to plan.  

As they plan their attack, they realize they need someone to get into the compound. Crowley goes and teleports Kelly, the one carrying the unholy child, to a safe space where they can talk to her. They all explain to her about Lucifer, the baby, who they are. She is skeptical until Castiel makes her put her hand on a bible. Her hand burns its cover.

Eventually President Lucifer is lured to the room and Sam uses the egg to force him back while Rowena casts a spell to send him back to hell. They succeed. Castiel rushes Kelly out. Sam and Dean are stoked that they got Lucifer. They stay to tend to the real president but are caught and arrested for attempted assassination.

The episode ends with the boys being carted away in an armored truck while Castiel takes Kelly to a diner. She slips away from his custody and calls him to tell him that she can’t get rid of the baby, that it’s hers. He tells her that the baby is not a baby. She hangs up on him as the taxi drives her away from the diner.

This episode marks the show’s midseason finale and it will return in late January.

Thoughts, Specs, Etc.

1. Do you think Lucifer is gone for good?

2. What will happen to the boys now that they are in government custody?

3. How does Mr. Ketch fit in now?

4. Share other thoughts below!