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This week’s episode was written by Bob Berens and focuses on Lucifer’s return. The show begins “one week ago” with a séance by two young men who are conjuring Lucifer.

It’s a joke that goes horribly wrong when Lucifer Springfield shows up. The two young would be Satanists lucked out because they had a stone that called the devil to them. They didn’t luck out so much when he killed them. Lucifer uses the stone to rejuvenate his vessel and before killing the one teenager, he finds out that his vessel, Vince Vincente, is a rock star.

Back at the bunker we find Dean playing Words with Friends on the phone with Mary, which Sam says is unfair but after she wins a round, Dean questions that thought. They are interrupted by Castiel calling. Castiel tells them that he and Crowley are still working together. They all realize that Vincifer has returned when they see news that he’s gotten his band, Ladyheart, back together.

The boys head out to join Castiel and Crowley in Los Angeles. During their road trip, Dean tries to talk to Sam and there is a nice, comedic interplay where Sam claims to be listening to a history podcast but Dean calls him out on it. In fact, Sam was listening to Vince Vincente, which seems to be a wound to Dean’s musical soul.

In Los Angeles, Crowley sees an old colleague, Russell (played by the awesome Kadeem Hardison), who is the music producer bringing Ladyheart back. He wants to find out what’s going on, but he gets nowhere with Russell. Back in the studio, Vince is hanging with the band and his groupie, Rosalina. Tommy wants to start playing music but Vincifer is like, 'nah, man, it's not about the music. it's about the ladieeeessss.' Of course, ladies here are the souls of all humanity, but you get my drift. Later, when Vincifer is alone with his groupie, he makes her hurt herself. She carves his name into her chest. 

While Sam, Dean, Crowley, and Castiel continue their investigations, Vincifer is setting up a secret concert with his promoter. Castiel contacts Tommy, the bandmate, again and tries to get him to cooperate with them, but Tommy chooses his fortune over helping. Vincifer tells his promoter that he’s done with the diehard fans. He wants new followers. It’s the age of celebrity and he wants to bring in new blood. The episode spends a lot of time on meditating about the nature of celebrity, social media, and Hollywood/Los Angeles culture.

Right before the concert, Vincifer is in a limo with his bandmate Tommy, Russell, and his promoter. Vincifer makes Russell kill himself with a gift he was given by Dre and both Tommy and the promoter are stunned. The promoter quits. Tommy follows him inside. Tommy does alert Castiel with the location of the concert though. The four member hunting team arrive at the bar.

Castiel and Crowley plan to distract Vincifer while Sam and Dean get the people out of the concert.

Vincifer kills his bandmates, including Tommy, as he fights off Castiel and Crowley. Sam and Dean successfully pull the fire alarm but Vincifer stops the exodus by playing music over the sound. He leaves a beaten Crowley and Castiel to take the stage. He starts to tell the audience he’s going to change their lives when Dean fires a shot in the air and the bar begins to empty. Vincifer tries to close the doors but Sam holds them open for everyone to escape. Castiel appears, and in a nod to "Swan Song", calls Lucifer assbutt as he attacks, but Vincifer fends off the attack easily.

Vincifer’s body begins to deteriorate as he rages against God leaving him again. He says he has no plans. It’s all for fun now. In an incredible performance by Rick Springfield, Lucifer finally lets his vessel fall away as he escapes into the air.

The final act sees the four of them trying to figure out what to do next, where Lucifer might go now. Sam seems defeated but Dean assures him that they’ll get him because that’s what they do.

Kudos to Rick Springfield on an amazing outing as Lucifer. Well done, sir!

Thoughts, Specs, Etc.

1. What did you think of the Los Angeles setting?

2. Were you affected by the discussions of celebrity, social media, and Hollywood? What are your thoughts?

3. Where do you think Lucifer will end up? Can he sustain this rage?

4. Share other thoughts below!