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What are your thoughts on the following episodes?
Is it a scene, a moment, a line or song?
 Is it just your favourite or is it the emotional impact it has on you?
Maybe it simply makes you laugh or hide under the covers.

Family Remains 


With this episode I have two moments that stand out for me. One is when the feral girl chomps down on the rat. The second is when the sister is in bed and she thinks it's her dog licking her hand but it's the feral girl. Eww!.

Sympathy For The Devil 

Now this was one hell of an opening episode.

Sam and Dean being teleported from Lucifer's grip onto a plane that soon takes a nose dive.

Sam getting hit in the head with a plunger reeling Chuck. Chuck having a very stressful day after seeing Cas exploding like a water balloon full of chunky soup and then finding a molar in his hair. 'This sucks ass'

A 'Badass' Cas returning and saving our brothers with his order to Zack 'Now put these boys back together and go. I won't ask twice'

The return of Meg and Zach, both in full force evilness.

Meeting of a Love Crazed Sam Girl(Becky) who doesn't hesitate to feel Sam's 'firm' pec's.

Lucifer conniving his way into a vessel of a man who has suffered a horrific loss.

And Bobby getting possessed and then stabbing himself from killing Dean, only to become paralyzed from his heroic actions.

However there are three moments for me that I always think of first.

The first is when Sam tosses Dean the hex bags that he made to prevent both angels and demons from finding them. Dean asks 'where'd you get it?' Sam replies with that 'looking for approval face' that he made it. Dean then asks the inevitable 'how?' Sam face drops as he hesitates not sure how to tell his brother that he learned it from Ruby.


The second is when Sam confesses to Bobby that he started the apocalypse. The look of total heartbreak when Bobby chastises him and tells him 'if by some miracle, we pull this off, I want you to lose my number. You understand me?'

The third is at the end when Dean finally lets Sam know what he's feeling.

Sam: Is there something you want to say to me?
Dean: I tried Sammy. Man, I really tried. But I just can't keep pretending that everything's alright. Because it's not, and it's never going to be. You chose a demon over your own brother and look what happened.
Sam: I would give anything, anything to take it all back.
Dean: I know you would. And I know how sorry you are I do, but man, you were the one I depended on the most and you let me down in ways that I can't even...I'm just, I'm having a hard time forgiving and forgetting here, you know?
Sam: What can I do?
Dean: Honestly, nothing. I just don't, I don't think we can ever be what we were, you know. I just don't think I can trust you.

Two And A Half Men


With this episode I love the grocery store scene, when Sam and Dean are getting supplies for the baby.

Dean: Alright I'm pretty sure there's some kind of jelly you're supposed to put on their butt.
Sam: Like uh? Like that?
Dean: Yeah. Grab that.
Sam: So how do you know all this?
Dean: Uh Lisa's got a baby niece. So I've been on a few milk runs.
Sam: Huh.
Dean: Shut it.
Sam: I just said, 'huh'.
Dean: I just said 'shut it'

The baby starts whining. The baby looks over to Dean and Dean gets startled.

Dean: All right, we gotta get moving. We got the waterworks in T-minus-10.

Sam races the grocery cart and baby to the checkout while Dean grabs a few more baby supplies.

At the Checkout the baby is now whaling.

Dean: Shh, shh. Come on, hang in there buddy. Hang in there man.
Sam: Dean make it stop.
Dean: How?
Sam: Everyone's staring at us like we're child abusers. Feed it.
Dean: We fed it.
Sam: Then what?
Dean: I don't know. Do you think I speak baby? Maybe he needs a diaper change.
Sam: Oh God I hope not.

Dean picks up the baby and holds him at arms lengths. He then starts turning the baby in different directions to see if he can see if he's wet.

Dean then faces the baby and starts mimicking his crying. People in the store keep looking over at them. This is when an elderly woman approaches them and offers her help.

Woman: Aww. What's the matter? What's his name?

At the same time Dean says Bobby and Sam says John.

Woman: Hi Bobby John. Aren't you handsome. May I? (gently takes the baby from Dean)
Dean: Oh ah (shrugs as he looks at Sam)
Woman: I see now, Bobby John's a little wet. (she cradles the baby and he stops crying)  No offense you two look exhausted. I don't mind. Lord knows I've changed a million diapers.
Dean: (chuckling) It's...(Dean notices the surveillance screens and sees the woman eyes are reflecting) That's a really nice offer, thank you, but um ahem I think we've got it.
Woman: Oh it's nothing, I'd be happy to help.
Dean: Give me the baby before I stab you in your neck.
Sam: Dean?! (Dean gestures Sam to look at the screens)

The woman runs off with the baby. They of course rescue Bobby-John and get away.

Out With The Old 

This had some pretty freaky and gross scenes. The Dancer dancing her feet off. The woman taking the steaming hot kettle of water and pouring down her throat. The gramophone talking the young boy and him about to stab his own mother. Them coming to Franks trailer to find it ransacked and covered in blood.  However the moments that stand out the most for me is after Sam and Dean rescue the young girl from the ballet shoes and Dean becoming getting obsessed after touching them.


Sam and Dean pull up to the 'Out With The Old' shop when Dean hesitantly looks in the back seat to see the ballet shoes.

Dean: Hey. Didn't we put those in the trunk?
Sam: How did they?
Dean: Cursed object Sam.
Sam: Do they look like they're your size?
Dean: Shut up.
Sam: Wait, are you?
Dean: Getting the urge to Prince Siegfried myself into oblivion? Yes.
Sam: You really did see Black Swan.

They then go into the shop. As Sam puts down the shoes and talks to the shop owner about them, Dean picks up the shoes and starts fondling them.

Sam then notices and yells at Dean and puts them back into the box that they originally came in.
Sam: You okay there, Baryshnikov?
Dean: Yeah, yeah. I'm pas de done.


# cheryl42 2014-12-15 18:15
Well you chose all of the good ones so I will go with Family Remains when the girl crawls out of the wall. We didn't know yet what she was, it was just creepy.
SFTD when God (Chuck) hits Sam over the head with a plunger for letting Lucifer out. That episode just had one gut punch after another. Sam really got pretty raked by everyone in that episode. Of course the only one who didn't forgive him in the end was the one he most needed forgiveness from. A really hard episode to watch. Two and a half Men the whole domestic Dean theme throughout was really hilarious. Out with the Old I refuse to believe that Frank is dead.
# dellamirandola 2014-12-16 12:07
Like Cheryl I refuse to believe that Frank is dead. In my head he faked his death to evade the Leviathans and is grumpily ensconced in a caravan in Norway. If the show ever chooses to bring him back I will be very happy.

Family Remains is one of my least favourite episodes - I hate the claustrophobic atmosphere and the whole storyline about the feral girl. But Out With The Old is one of my all-time favourites. I love the female Leviathan, channelling Anette Benning in American Beauty, and the nerdy Leviathan who throws his lot in with Sam and Dean. I love the cursed shoes. I love that Dean secretly watched Black Swan. When? Maybe with Lisa (the dates fit), though I like to think of Dean pretending he's going to go and do some macho thing involving beer or cars and nipping into the cinema to indulge his love of ballet. And I definitely prefer it when the MOTW involves canny detective work as here to where it is just about horror movie-style scary chases like Family Remains.

I don't think there are many shows that have such a great variety in tone and genre from episode to episode and I think that's one of the reasons why you often get fandom so polarised about episodes or developments, because we all prefer different aspects of the show.