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Catching Up With Current and Former BTS Personnel
Adam's Glass's comic Luke Cage was analyzed in Luke Cage, Stagolee, and the Importance of Myth
 Show Tidbits
At the summer TCA press tour this week, Mark Pedowitz announced, before he could even be asked, Supernatural Will Stay On the Air ‘As Long as The Boys Want To Do It’
Kim Rhodes (Sheriff Jody Mills), Samantha Smith (Mary Winchester), Cindy Sampson (Lisa Braeden) and Katherine Ramdeen (Alex Jones) all were interviewed about their auditions for Supernatural in CW stars look back to life-changing auditions
Spotted Ratings looked at how Thursday nights on the CW fared The Breakdown: CW Thursday in 2016-17 (Supernatural, Legends of Tomorrow, Riverdale)
Nerd Alert News is getting through Hellatus by holding a Supernatural’ season countdown to October
Want to hear more about Supernatural? We have two new podcasts.
Wayward Nerds is taking a look at all the episodes starting with the pilot. You can find them on ITunes or their website.
Wayward Nerds: A Supernatural Podcast    Wayward Nerds Cast
Hwy to Hell is also taking a look at the series starting with an introduction on Why You Should Watch Supernatural and continuing by examining each episode.  The podcast can be found on ITunes and the website.
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