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Supernatural in the news this week!
Catching Up With Current and Former Cast Members
Actress Gillian Barber of 'Supernatural'
Interview with Lindsey McKeon (Tessa the Reaper)
 Chad Lindberg (Ash) talks about The Day an Actor Becomes Famous
 Image result for david haydn-jones
 DJ Qualls
Mark Pellegrino
 Matt Cohen (Young John Winchester) and Jared Padalecki talk about Family Don't End With Blood
 If you don't yet have your copy of the book, simply hit the button at the top of any WFB page (links you directly to Amazon).
 Other Projects
Afterbuzz TV had Amy Gumenick (Young Mary Winchester) on their coverage of episodes one and two of her show Turn.
 amy gumenick mary winchester supernatural
 The Hollywood Reporter published My Wild Summer With Tom Cruise: Women, Sean Penn and the Making of 'Risky Business' an excerpt from Curtis Armstrong's (Metatron) new book, Revenge of the Nerd
 Armstrong&rsquo;s memoir <em>Revenge of the Nerd</em>.
 Lauren Tom (Linda Tran) took part in a live read performance of Futurama
Lauren tom
 Lauren was also featured in ‘That’s My Family’: ‘Andi Mack’ Actors Find ‘Authentic’ Roles in Disney Show an article about her new show.
Lauren is also raising money for the Homeboy Industry 5K run.
It's that time of year again...when the awesome SPNFamily--a fandom of extraordinarily generous, badass, wayward sons and daughters come together to help other extraordinarily brave, hard-working, badass wayward sons and daughters put their lives on the right track, and in the process, everyone wins. Won't you join our team and be a part of this inspiring, fun experience? If you can't be here physically, you can join us virtually and run/walk the 5k where you live, or you can make a donation here. Every dollar counts, give what you can! Together we really can make a difference!
 The campaign supports A New Leash on Life and continues here.
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 Catching Up With Current and Former BTS Personnel
 Eric Kripke is adapting YA Gothic Mystery House with a Clock for film.
Adam Glass's comic Brik received more accolades
Adam also took part in a discussion of his new series Normals
 Show Tidbits
 Buddy TV listed
 Conventions, Cast Appearances and Fandom
 Upcoming Appearances
You can see photos of Louden Swain at their concert at ‘The Study’
Jason Manns will be joined by a former CW star on his tour in Germany
We have dates when you can catch Mark Sheppard on his tour with Robyn Hitchcock
Rick Springfield continues his tour
  • Morgantown, West Virginia - September 9, 2017 at WVU Creative Arts Center
  • Jim Thorpe, Pennsylvania - Sep 21, 2017 at Penn's Peak
  • Montclair, New Jersey - Sep 22, 2017 at Wellmont Theater
  • Dallas, Texas - Oct 5, 2017 at Majestic Theater
Polish Fans will get to see Osric Chau on July 1, 2017
Chad Lindberg is helping the Lost Limbs Foundation
Chad will also be appearing at the Ashmore Estates in October
Fans in Great Britain will have a great convention in May of 2018 (Thanks to SpnUK for the heads up)
 Guests include
Keith Szarabajka (Donatello Redfield)
Ty Olsson (Benny Lafitte)
DJ Qualls (Garth)
Ruth Connell (Rowena)
Emily Swallow (Amara/The Darkness)
Australian fans will get to see DJ Qualls next weekend
 San Diego Comic Con
San Diego Comic Con is just around the corner. Here's what we know about the Supernatural Swag for this year.
The Mary Sue shows other Funko figures that will be at SDCC.
Other Fandom News