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Supernatural in the news this week!
Catching Up With Current and Former Cast Members
Theo Devaney on his 'Supernatural' father Crowley and Gavin MacLeod 2017 images
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 Other Projects
The announcement led to TV Fanatic listing 17 Reasons We Adore Katie Cassidy.
Katie Cassidy
The week after Richard and Rob appear on CM:BB Matt Cohen (Young John Winchester) steps up to the plate
We have a trailer for Ty Olsson's (Benny) new film War For The Planet Of The Apes
 Mark Sheppard tweeted
Jim Beaver Returns as George Darling in "The New Adventures of Peter and Wendy"
 Emily Swallow's film Games That We Play is coming to Albuquerque
 All Things Misha Collins
Misha responded to Congress voting to allow broadband and other telecommunication services to sell information about their customers
 Misha also delivered a social media marketing lecture at Western Washington University
Endure 4 Kindness 2017 is April 1-2! Misha is doing his part by taking a biking adventure tour to raise mone
 Finally, Misha is starting on GISHWHES as he is holding contests to select the mascot for the 2017 campaign. Rounds one and two are over and those winners will compete for the honor of becoming mascot!
Miscellaneous Cast News
Briana Buckmaster (Sheriff Donna) is running a new Creation Stands campaign to help A New Leash on Life
 Felicia Day's Book Club has hit a big anniversary
 Dark Horse Comics is also releasing a collection of comics based on Felicia's web series The Guild and it's getting quite a nice cover FELICIA DAY'S 'THE GUILD' GETS DELUXE HARDCOVER
 In addition to his exciting baby news, Jared Padalecki was covered in other media this week.
Celebrity Baby Scoop told us how Jensen also shared this sweet picture of his kids.

Love!!! ❤❤❤#bigsister #somuchbabygearinhere

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