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Supernatural in the news this week!
Catching Up With Current and Former Cast Members
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Interview with actor and comedian David Haydn-Jones, aka ‘Mr. Ketch’
THE SAAD TRUTH 377 - My Chat With Prolific Hollywood Actor Mark Pellegrino - Warning! Autoplay.
Samantha Smith was interviewed in several outlets this week
Former Cast in Other Projects
See the cast from Tim Omundson's (Cain) new pilot Household Name.
 Adam Rose's (Aaron Bass) pilot Budding Prospects continues to come together.
We can help this become more than just a pilot and help it become a new series on Amazon
 Lauren Tom (Linda Tran) has a new series
 Lauren Tom
Chad Lindberg's (Ash) series Haunted Hollywood returned as a podcast this week You can catch it here weekly.
 Miscellaneous Cast Items
Julian Richings (Death) is the subject of an art exhibit which will open April 1, 2017
 Misha Collins has a request
Jensen's new brewery is getting well deserved reviews.
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