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 Catching Up With Current and Former Cast Members
MovieTVTechGeeks News interviewed our guest stars
Lee Shorten talks 'Supernatural' and remaining Crowley's demon 2016 images
kara royster supernatural asa fox movie tv tech geeks interview
 Julian Richings (Death) took part in a Christmas celebration
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Dec 15-17, 2016, 8PM
In the second edition of our alternative to the standard Christmas concert fare, we’ve assembled a program that charms and delights, no matter which holiday you celebrate.
 Tahmoh Pennikett will be part of season 2 of Nathan Fillion's Con Man. He briefly appears in the new trailer
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 Story also reported here.
The trailer for Ty Olsson's  (Eli- Bloodlust, Benny Lafitte) movie War For The Planet Of the Apes has been released
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Colin Lawrence (Dr. Gregory Marion, Keep Calm and Carry On / Reggie Hull, Free To Be You and Me / Jason, Faith) shared the trailer for his new movie 50 Shades Darker
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Canadians will be able to see Tyler Johnston's (Matt - Bugs, Samandriel) series Shut Eye.
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 Felicia Day (Charlie Bradbury) has a role in the December 18 episode of  The Librarians
We are getting closer to seeing Kathryn Newton's (Claire Novak) new project
 Matt Cohen (Young John Winchester) is about to make his first appearance on Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders.
 Two of our former stars, DJ Qualls (Garth) and Sebastian Roche (Balthazar) are starring in season 2 of The Man From The High Castle, now available on Netflix.
DJ was interviewed by The Collider
 Jared and Jensen were included in MovieTechMovieGeek News' Top 10 Hottest Male Celebrity Santas: 2016 Holiday Season.
Creation Stands extended the deadline on Jared, Jensen and Misha's SPN Family Values campaign
 Kings of Con News
 Louden Swain and Station Breaks
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