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Supernatural in the news this week.
Catching Up With Current and Former Cast Members
 Charisma Carpenter [Maggie Stark] appeared in the Fox show Lucifer.
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We can see some of Gabriel Tigerman's work. He compiled some of his scenes from Masters of Sex
 We also have his new commercial. He does a great product toss.
We have a trailer for Julian Richings new project, Seraphim.
 Samantha Ferris is shooting another movie for the Hallmark Channel
This Is Us, This Is Us cast, Randall, Sterling K. Brown, Who plays Randall
They're Watching, a movie starring Carrie Genzel (Linda Berman - Just My Imagination/ Lynda Bloome - Bugs) and Brigid Brannagh (Rita Johnson -Plush), is now available on DVD.
Interview: Briana Buckmaster talks 'Supernatural' and Sheriff Donna Hanscum 2016 images
 Osric Chau reminds us
 Ruth Connell was busy this week
Nerds and Beyond also reported that Ruth Connell has launched a new campaign for her My Hope Chest charity “Rowena’s Coven Couture” Campaign!.
Rockwood Events retweeted this performance by Tim Omundson from their Offenbach concert.
 Misha Collins is running for charity this weekend
Speaking of charities, Jared Padalecki and Steven Amell have teamed up.
 Jensen Ackles was mentioned in Smallville Turns 15: 30 Guest Stars You Might Have Forgotten About.

 As this year's election grows closer some of our stars are making their views on the candidates public.
Misha is working hard to get out the vote
Finally this tweet from Rachel Miner was featured in a Huffington Post article on the last debate
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