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Supernatural in the news this week
Catching Up With Current and Former Cast Members
Tyler Johnston talks 'Supernatural,' Jared Padalecki's pranks and how he could return 2016 images
amber benson angel
 Samantha Ferris is promoting the Vancouver Food Bank Drive
 Gabe Tigerman (Andy) has a new project.
Interview: Colin Lawrence talks 'Supernatural' premiere 2016 images
 Jason Manns is working on a Kickstarter for a new album
 Sterling K. Brown (Gordon) is keeping busy. He has been cast in Jay Z's latest project.
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Osric also informs us about his newest project
 CelebMix continues to feature Supernatural actors in their Actors 101 series.  This week the covered
Actor 101: Kathryn Newton 1
Actor 101: Rob Benedict 1
DJ Qualls appeared at the New York Comic Con to promote his series
Jim Beaver has been busy
Ruth is also promoting her new movie
Jeffrey Dean Morgan's new film Desierto is getting attention
Jeff tells Comic Book Resources that he has a new role he would like to play. Jeffrey Dean Morgan Is All About Playing Flashpoint Batman
Misha Collins has news about an old role
 Dakota60 alerted us to this UK Trailer for Phantom Boy, which will be released in the UK on October 21. Jared Padalecki does voice work in the film.
Catching Up With Current and Former Behind the Scenes Personnel
Nerds and Beyond published an Interview with Robbie Thompson About Supernatural, Comics & More!. Robbie's next Silk comic will be out Oct 19.
Meghan Fitzmartin lets us know
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