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Catching with Current and Former Behind the Scenes Folk

We have more news on the next issues of Robbie Thompson's and Adam Glass' comics.

Show Tidbits

Supernatural was included when Entertainment Monthly said Happy 10th Birthday The CW! A Look at Ten of Its Greatest Series.

Jane the Virgin, Arrow, One Tree Hill, The Vampire Diaries, Supernatural, and Gossip Girl. Photo Credit: The CW

Entertainment Weekly also included us in their celebration of the 10th anniversary of the CW  in The 10 Best CW Shows of All Time.

Hidden Remote listed 5 ‘Supernatural’ Season 11 Episodes to Watch When It Comes to Netflix.

Movietvtechgeeks has suggestions for ‘Supernatural’: How to end that 300th episode.

EW shows us 38 things you see on the set of Supernatural. WARNING! CONTAINS PROP SPOILERS.

Convention News and Reports

Fans in Phoenix are in luck. Arthur Darvil, Tahmoh Penikett, Jake "The Snake" Roberts Coming to Phoenix Comicon Fan Fest 2016.

Fangasm covered Supernatural Con Anniversary at Chicon!.