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Supernatural in the news this week.

Catching up with Current and Former Cast Members

Leslie Odom Jr. (Guy, the demon in 'Season Seven, Time For A Wedding') is in talks to join the remake of Murder on the Orient Express.

Our favorite Lucifer has a new job as “Supernatural” Actor Mark Pellegrino Joins Netflix Series “13 Reasons Why” From Producer Selena Gomez (EXCLUSIVE).

If you want to see Lisa Berry's (Billie the Reaper) new play, but haven't had a chance, you're in luck

This was written about the play Where is Freedom, Really?.

Kathryn Newton took part in Variety's "Power of Young Hollywood" event this week.

Lisa Berry posted this picture of Kathryn.

Amy Gumenick (Young Mary) will be on the Arrow trading cards as Cupid.

Sterling K. Brown (Gordon) told Variety ‘It’s Nice to Be Called By Your Name.

Louden Swain is making a move in the recording world

There's more information in the press release.

The latest edition of Will You  Accept This Rose, with Rob Benedict has been posted.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan finally got a Twitter account. He started off with a bang.

We have a new Jim Beaver interview.

Adam Glass may have moved on to Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders, but he hasn't forgotten the great actors from Supernatural

Jared Padalecki and Mark Pellegrino both showed up at an Attitudes in Reverse Fundraiser. The picture gallery of the event is here. Thanks for the tip to Kylie@RabbitHole_BB.

PopSugar compiled Jensen Ackles's Best Pictures From the Supernatural Set.

Jared, Jensen and Misha sent out this message

Coming to a Convention Near You! Non Creation Conventions

German fans can look forward to seeing Matt Cohen, Ruth Connell, Richard Speight, Jr, Briana Buckmaster and Kim Rhodes at Purgatory 3 Convention May 27-28, 2017.

Ty Olsson will be going to Frankfort, Germany June 2-4, 2017 for Polaris Con which celebrates The 100.

Closer to home, you can see Amy Gumenick next weekend!

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Catching up with Current and Former Cast and Crew

KSite sat down with Jeremy Carver at the TCA: Jeremy Carver Previews Frequency.

From ComicBookResources Thompson Twists Time & Space for "Doctor Strange & the Sorcerers Supreme". While Newsarama reports SUPERNATURAL Writer Channels Magic Knowledge In DOCTOR STRANGE & THE SORCERERS SUPREME. Also Robbie Thompson's Space Knight Venom #11 will be released August 24. Comicosity previews it here. and Comic Vine previews it here.

Todd Aronauer (former produce in charge of post production) had this happy announcement

The American Theater posted  Lean on Me: Actors Share Experiences Playing the Same Role. The role in an the play Blackberry Winter written by one of our new writers Steven Yockley. More about his work with the American Theater here.

Meghan Fitzmartin (Showrunner's Assistant) has posted another episode of Wine and Comics.

Adam Glass is not only working on Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders, he is still continuing to work in comics.

Brik #2 was reviewed by Graphicpolicy, Comic Crusaders and Readingwithafightring.  The Brik series will continue

In even better news

Sera Gamble's series Aquarius will return August 27

Show Tidbits

It's finally happened A 'Supernatural' Coloring Book Is Here At Last, And It's Full Of Monster-Hunting Goodness. Nerdist tells us to Use Crayons to Save People and Hunt Things in the SUPERNATURAL Coloring Book and shows us sample pages.

PopSugar told us 27 Quotes From Supernatural's Crowley That You'll Definitely Need in Your 20s.

Zap2It lists Castiel’s funniest ‘Supernatural’ moments.

Make your voice heard in the Spoiler TV USD POLL : What is the Scariest Supernatural Episode ? .

TV Fanatic lists season six as one of the 11 TV Time Jumps That Saved a Show.

Take the Sporcle Supernatural Character Quiz.

NerdyGirlExpress had an Interview With @WinchesterBros.

Fangasm reported Supernatural Minncon 2016! Friday and Saturday.