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Misha Collins GISHWHES will start on July 30, 2016.

If you are participating have fun! Here is a roundup of articles about the Greatest International Scavenger Hunt the World Has Ever Seen 2016.

From Geeks of Doom GISHWHES Interview: Supernatural’s Misha Collins’ International Scavenger Hunt!. They asked the really important question.

GoD: Well first off, how do you pronounce it? That’s my first question.

Misha Collins: I wanna know how YOU pronounce it.

GoD: Well… I wanna say gish-wess, but that sounds awkward.

Collins: That is pretty spot on. So what you’re saying actually is that the appropriate pronunciation of my enterprise just sounds weird. And I think that that’s correct. It’s an accurate assessment of the situation. I was just doing some radio interviews this morning, and spelling it over the air to people who are listening presumably driving in their cars, and thinking there’s no way that anyone who is listening is going to be able to remember this. It’s a nonsense word, and has a consonant cluster that is 4 letters long. It’s just a non-starter from a marketing standpoint. But yeah, it’s different. You nailed it.

WhoSay tells us Why 'Supernatural' Star Misha Collins Wants You to Join the Grandest Scavenger Hunt Ever Created.

As WhoSay learned when we covered the New Jersey Supernatural Convention, the show's fandom is extremely giving and constantly supports various charities. Collins has always had a strong hand in this awe-inspiring phenomenon. So it comes at no surprise that GISHWHES was born from his desire to make his fans proud.

Zap2It posted  Misha Collins: Get ready for ‘creative mayhem’ with GISHWHES.

Hidden Remote had a Q&A [with]: Misha Collins On Gishwhes, World Records, & Making a Mark in the World.

Q. When you look at the different images that come in from the hunts, is there a certain type of image that you have the most fun looking at? 

Collins: There are different categories that we do for Gishwhes every year. There is a category that gets people to do things that might seem a little bit scary or push them out of their comfort zone. For instance, dress up as The Flash and get a tour of a particle accelerator. You know, it’s a little bit challenging to do for a lot of people. It’s like, “Alright, I’m going to dress up like a superhero and them I’m going to go to the university to see if they’ll let me tour the particle accelerator.

(See picture above)

Hitfix reported ‘Supernatural’ actor Misha Collins gears up to lead his wacky worldwide scavenger hunt for the 6th time.

If Pokémon GO has got you in a hunting and scavenging mood but wishing you could discover some treasures IRL and not just on your phone screen, then Misha Collins has just the thing for you. The Supernatural actor is bringing back GISHWHES — the Greatest International Scavenger Hunt the World Has Ever Seen.

Mental Floss told us 8 Tips for Creating a Great Scavenger Hunt.


GISHWHES’s items can often require the cooperation of third parties to complete: their 2015 hunt invoked police officers, newscasters, and permission to act like a maniac on private property. While Collins believes “bribery and coercion work best,” those of you short on cash can probably get by just being effusive. “Generally speaking, I'd recommend just being friendly and enthusiastic," he says. "It's incredible to see how often people from all walks of life are willing to help you if you're excited and having fun.”

The Guardian
reported Rejoice! Misha Collins' Greatest International Scavenger Hunt the World Has Ever Seen is back.

Lauren DeAngelus built a dinosaur sculpture using Maxi Pads. Her husband, CJ, went to the school where he teaches dressed as a Cyberman, a robot from Doctor Who. And Jonathan Reilly, along with two friends, donned tutus and tiaras, grabbed a magic wand, and went trick-or-treating … in August.

profiled one of the participants in this year's GISHWHES in Local woman competing in scavenger hunt.

Robertson said the contest started five years ago by actor Misha Collins with about 300 participants. This year, she said, 35,000 are expected to take part.

This will be her fourth year of competition.

“The winning team of 15 gets to go on a trip with Misha Collins,” she said. “This year, I believe it’s to Iceland. It’s incredibly fun. This is our Christmas.”

For all the fun of this event, the most important part is what it accomplishes building a school in Nicaragua.

Thank you Misha for bringing fun and joy into our lives. Thank you for using this fun and joy to help others. Have a GREAT GISHWHES everyone!SaveSaveSaveSave