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Supernatural around the web this week.

Cast and Crew

Coming off his Tony win for Hamilton, Leslie Odom Jr. joins ‘Hamilton’ mass exodus & hints at possible movie. He will Deliver [His] Last Hamilton Performance On July 9 .

Madison McLaughlin (Krissy Chambers) has a recurring role when  ‘Arrow’ Adds Artemis for Season 5.

Leviathan Dick Roman has a new job as  ‘General Hospital’ casts James Patrick Stuart as the mysterious Theo .

Meghan Fitzmartin, who tweeted the BTS picture from the writers' room this week, is receiving recognition for her writing.

Robert Berens confirmed

Jim Beaver is playing Big Daddy in Cat On a Hot Tin Roof. John Gray, from the Troy Record interviewed him in Beaver on a hot tin roof.

Rob Benedict was on hand for Episode 19: Will You Accept This Rose? Bonus Episode with Christian Bishop!, The Nerdist's, podcast about the ABC show The Bachelor.

CinemaBlend included Jensen Ackles as one of 3 Perfect Actors Who Could Play Nathan Drake In The Upcoming Uncharted Movie.

Show Tidbits

Nerds and Beyond lists 26 Superheroes the Supernatural Cast Could Play.

TVLine reports Supernatural Stars Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles Drop Ominous Season 12 Scoop: 'Sam Gets [Spoiler]' The spoiler is really very minor, one most of us had guessed, but the spoiler phobic should beware.

Jared also gave TVLine his view of how he thinks Sam will react to Mary's return.

TV Guide included John Winchester in their list: 14 of the Worst TV Dads of All Time.

BuddyTV gives us The Ultimate 'Supernatural' Drinking Game with Demon-inspired Cocktails .

Jim Michaels clarified the status of Supernatural and season 13.

Here's this week's Get The Salt Podcast

The Supernatural cast helped publicize the Canadian $5.00 bill.